Dungeons and Dragons Online Korthos Island guide

Dungeons and Dragons Online Korthos Island guide
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Into a World of Dungeons and Dragons

This is a Dungeons and Dragons Online Korthos Island guide to help new players get through their quests while at Korthos Island. If you need any help in game, there will be an “exclamation mark” symbol on the right side of the screen. Clicking on these exclamation marks will give you tips and hints to help you learn how to play the game. If you get stuck some where, don’t be afraid to click on them for assistance.

When you start the game for the first time you will be on a beach next to a man named Jeets Shimis, talk with him to get started. You can either choose to skip the tutorial or to play through it. Whether you skip it or not you will still gain all of the items and experience (however you will miss out on the random gold and potion drops).

If you choose to play through it then your character will tell him that you lost all of your equipment, and he will offer to help you out. Follow him up the hill and talk with him again, this time he will offer you a weapon. Choose any weapon that you like, if you are not happy with the one that you choose you can talk to him again and choose another one. After you choose your weapon, talk with Jeets again and he will give you a quest asking you for a favor…

The Rogue, The Cleric and The Warforged

Meeting with Jeets

Jeets will ask you to go up the road to a cave and give his friend Cellimas a message. breaking all the boxes and crates in the area will give you a bit of extra gold and items. Find and enter the cave to get started. For now you can only choose the “solo” option, but later on you will have more to choose from. Inside the cave go talk to Cellimas who is standing by the door in front of you. Next follow her through to the next room, she will ask you to climb up a ladder located on the west side of the cave. Climb up and follow the path to open the door that was once blocking your path. The ladder will take you up on a ledge where you will have to drop down on the other side of the locked door. If you can’t find where to drop down, follow the strange markings along the wall and floor until you find the right area to drop down. Don’t worry, it won’t take any life.

There will be a Sahuagin blocking the switch that opens the door, kill it to move on. The battle should be short and quick since this will be your very first fight. Flip the switch that the monster was blocking to let Cellimas and the rest of the gang through the locked door. Follow them through the tunnel until you reach another locked door, Cellimas will ask you to open it for her. After listening to them talk, a short battle will take place. Kill all the monsters in the area to move on to your next task.

The Road to Korthos Village

Traveling through a dungeon

There will be a pool of water in the center of the room that you are standing in, jump in the water and start swimming to the bottom to find the key to get out of the room. Use the right mouse button to adjust the camera to help you see if you have a hard time swimming and seeing where you are going. There should be a ladder in the pool to help you get back out once you reach the top of the water.

When you get out of the pool, use the key to open the locked door that Jeets is standing near. There will be a resting point just beyond there. Click the moon statue and rest for a bit, then run ahead to catch up to Jeets. There will be a trapped door up ahead where he is standing, use the search skill to look around and disable the trap or you can talk to Jeets to have him do it for you.

The next room will have a treasure chest with some equipment in it, kill the monsters that block your path and take the items within the box, make sure to equip them all before moving ahead. Move on to the next room to find the hidden passage, use your search skill to locate and open the hidden door. Once through, speak with Cellimas to gain your reward. You may choose one item from the list, so pick carefully. Once you choose your weapon go through the door and enter into Korthos village.

A Note About Sunny Korthos

Learning the basics of D&D

After you complete the Misery peak quest (or skip the tutorial) you will gain “Sunny Korthos” and the option to use the boat to go to the city of Stormreach.

Once you go to “Sunny Korthos” you will no longer be able to team with people in “Snowy Korthos”, even though they are one and the same place. You may ask “why not, and what’s the difference?”

Snowy Korthos is for new players who are still going through the tutorial process and learning how to play the game. They can not leave the starting area and are jammed there until completing the “Misery’s peak” quest. This is to ensure that new players don’t venture out of town to an unknown area that they are not yet prepared for.

Sunny Korthos is for more advanced players that has already completed the “Misery’s peak” quest, and has freed the town from the ice dragon. Player’s who choose to skip the tutorial will still be considered as a hero that has “removed” the dragon, and will be free to go to Stormreach. It would be recommended though to still complete all the Korthos missions even if you skipped the tutorial, just to have a few extra levels before heading over to Stormreach. So if you are about to make a party, make sure to tell the other players which Korthos you are currently in.

This may seem a bit confusing at first because you can still chat with the “snowy side” people, but you just can’t see them or team up with them. Many players in game have no idea what the difference is, so it seemed like a good idea to point out the differences in this guide. Now that that is out of the way and you now know the difference between the two starting towns, let’s move on to the next quest…

Finding the Spirit binder

Spirit hand in the center of the room

When you first exit the cave there will be a man standing in the middle of the road named Randall, let’s first go talk with him to gain the quest to go talk with the spirit binder. The spirit binder is located in the pub near the bar counter. Talk with him and save your location to this town that way if you die you can always come back to Korthos village. There is one spirit binder for each town located within the current area’s pub. If you want to come back to a certain town or area, find the spirit binder and save your location there. Talking to the spirit binder will complete the quest.

In the pub there is a man named Sigmund Bauerson who is behind the bar counter, talk with him to gain the quest to point you in the direction of a quest giver. Now you can do any quest that you want at any time, but lets do the one with Kaja Bauerdatter first, then work our way around. That way it is easier to follow the guide.

Strange Sounds From Heyton’s Crypt

Venturing through the crypt

Kaja Bauerdatter is located outside the pub to your right and back up the hill not far from Randall. She will ask you to go look into the wailing sounds that are coming from the “Heyton family crypt”, because Lars Heyton may be alive but he has recently gone missing. The Crypt is not far from where she is standing, just turn to the left from where she is and walk a short ways to the entrance. For now just choose normal, later you can do it on a harder setting after completing the mission. When you first enter talk with the man by the gate to open it for you. Your main mission here is to destroy the three altars that are located within the Crypt. Don’t worry, they are not hard to find and this dungeon is easy enough to solo.

You will have to destroy the altars to gain a crest which drops when one of the altars break. In total there are three crests to open the locked door that leads to the “boss room”. You will need the crest of the snake, the crest of the rat, and the crest of the Octopus. After you gain all the crests use them to open the locked door by clicking on the icons on the wall next to the boss room. In the room you will see one Final altar that is surrounded by monsters, dispose of the monsters and destroy the last altar to receive your reward. At the top right of the screen click the “Finish” button to teleport back to town and gain your reward from Kaja.

TIP: You can gain an exp boost for destroying all the breakable objects in the dungeon.

That wraps up the first part of this Korthos Island guide. You can find more Dungeons and Dragons Online guides, as well as other MMORPG walkthroughs right here at Bright Hub.

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