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The Final Quest For Korthos

Looking for a Dungeons and Dragons Online free Misery Peak guide to help get through the “Misery’s peak” quest for Korthos village? Well, this guide will help point out a few tips and tricks along the way, and as you read on through the guide it will also point out any nearby optional quests to help give you a bit of extra experience and gold along the way. Alright, let’s get started.

After you complete almost all the missions in Korthos village, you will then gain the “Misery’s peak” quest. So it’s time to finish what Lars and the other town’s people asked you to do: free Korthos from the ice dragon that has been terrorizing the town.

The Long Road To Misery Peak

Battling up to Misery Peak

Leave the town to find and talk with Amalgam, who is standing near the dwarf merchant. In case you don’t know, the Dwarf merchant is out in the fields to the farthest eastern most part of the map. Talking with Amalgam will start your final mission.

Amalgam will ask you to go to Misery’s peak which is just up the path to the northeast. The cave is pretty hard so bring some friends along. When you first enter the cave you will see some familiar faces to help you on your quest. Lars will open two doors, but will ask you to take the path on the right side of the room. Follow the cave and kill all the monsters in your way. You will soon come to a locked door, step on the floor switches to open the locked door that is blocking your path. You will first have to kill all the monsters in the area before the magic barriers around the switches will be let down. So if the shield is still up look around for the last monster to take it down. In the next room there are some hidden Shadow monsters that run around, so be careful not to run too far ahead of your party, otherwise you may find your self surrounded by hidden enemies.

Opening The Signal Door

Battling a few mobs

Up ahead there will be a locked signal door that is blocking your path, run up the near by hill to open the door. Work your way to the very top of the cave and step on all the switches located on the floor. Remember that killing the monsters will take the magic shield down. The switches will open two doors near the top of the cave; both rooms are on the third floor to open the signal door.

On the very top floor, one of the floor switches will bring down the barrier for the secret spider boss room, enter the room and kill the spider to complete the optional quest and take the loot in the room. Sometimes the spider will run out of the room it spawns in, so run ahead until you find the treasure chest room.

After the final boss is dead and the two other doors are open, go inside both rooms and flip the switches to activate the signal crystals. Now go all the way back down to the bottom of the cave near where you started and go through the open signal door.

NOTE: Do not jump down to the bottom; you will only die from the fall. Instead use a feather cape/spell for a faster descent to the bottom. If you don’t have one, just run back the way you came to the bottom floor.

Opening The Second Signal Door

Treading through the ice cave

Fight your way through the cave until you find the “Dragon room”, don’t fight the dragon though, just let the NPCS fight the monster. You should keep moving around and past the dragon and go through to the next door on the other side of the room, it should open up on its own. After this room you will eventually run into a heavy door that is blocking your path, go up to the top of the ice hill that is near by and pull the lever to open the door to move on.

As you go farther into the cave you will bump into another signal crystal door that is blocking your path. Make your way to the top of the ice hill that is near by and battle your way through the monsters to flip the two levers on the right and left side of the area, they will open the signal door at the bottom just like the last signal door you had to open. Be careful in this part though because there are quite a few monsters around, this part can be very difficult to get through especially on harder difficulties, so take your time and stay together as a team. Once the area is clear and both switches are open, make your way back down and go through the opened signal door.

Slaying The Mind Flayer

Facing off against the ice dragon

In the next area you will have to fight an Ice flenser, it can be a bit hard but keep in mind it is an ice creature, fire is your best friend in this case. With a little bit of team work, or the aid of a slightly high level (level 3 should be good enough), you should be able to get passed the boss with ease. After the small boss fight keep battling your way through the cave until you come across some more floor switches, step on them all to open the “three switch door”. The next room after this is the final boss room, good thing for you though it is being a bit… distracted at the moment…

At the bottom of the cliff you will see the dragon battling the mind flayer for control. Leave them be and move on. Your main objective is to break the crystal that is nearby.

Once the crystal is destroyed the dragon will do the rest of the work for you. Now go find Lars in the next room and complete the quest. Return to town and talk with Rinar d’Thuranni to gain your reward.

Congratulations, you are now free to leave Korthos and go to Stormreach. You can find the Dungeons and Dragons Online Stormreach guides right here at Bright Hub along with other guides and walkthroughs for popular MMORPGs. And don’t forget to redo all the missions on elite to gain some extra favor.

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