Singularity Boss Guide - How to Defeat the Train Monster

Singularity Boss Guide - How to Defeat the Train Monster
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Singularity Video Game

Singularity is a fun new video game that is available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles as well as Windows PC. I played the PS3 version of the game and completed it, then went back and did the alternate endings just for fun. Overall, I thought it was a fun and entertaining game even though it was kind of short. In case you are having trouble getting past two of the toughest fights in this game, here is a Singularity boss battle guide to tell you how to defeat the two main bosses in the game. Neither one are terribly difficult so long as you find the right rhythm for attacking and defending.

Boss #1 - Barrel Tosser

The first main boss you encounter in Singularity comes about two or three hours into the game, depending on how much exploring you do before you get there. For this boss battle, you will be locked in a big room with him and there is no way out until he is defeated.

This boss phases in and out at regular intervals, and half the time he will appear and throw an explosive barrel at you. When you see the barrel coming your way, press the R3 button (click the thumbstick) to catch the barrel in mid-air, then hit R1 to throw it back at him. Once he’s been hit, run around behind him and shoot the glowing spots a few times for damage. I recommend using the shotgun at close range, but you’ll only get a couple of shots off before he disappears.

The key to winning this fight is to not be too close to the boss when he reappears. By keeping your distance, you can catch the barrels much more easily, but you should move in quickly to hit him from behind. Whenever he comes at you swinging his weapon, just run out of the way. I zig-zagged back and forth across the map and tried not to stay out in the open area so that I didn’t get cornered. Just keep catching the barrels and shooting him until he finally goes down.

Boss #2 - Giant Train Monster

Singularity Train Boss

The second boss you fight in Singularity is a really fun battle that goes on for quite a while. It’s a giant monster that attacks you on a train and there are three rounds you go through before finally defeating it. I really appreciated the scope of the battle and the original setting of being on a train that is stuck atop a bridge that’s about to collapse. It’s an epic battle.

During the first part of this battle, the monster will pound at you with long arms and you need to stay way back and out of their way. If you watch closely, you’ll see a rhythm to the creature’s attacks. When it starts making noise to intimidate you, this will open up several large orange liquid sacs along the monster’s body and head. You need to shoot each of those sacs until they explode. I suggest using the machine gun and focusing on each one so that you can take them out individually rather than randomly firing at all of them. The monster will constantly be moving, so it may take a while to get them all done. Also look out for chances to put some bullets down its throat whenever it screams at you.

Once you knocked out the orange things on the monster, you will then move forward and have to shoot him in the mouth some more to knock him back for a minute. You will eventually find your way to the front of the train, and there you will use the TMD to deal the finishing blows. Just keep the stream of electricity aimed at the creature’s head as it moves around, and after several seconds of continuous damage, you will finally put that nasty thing out of its misery.