Dungeons and Dragons Online The Pit Walkthrough

Dungeons and Dragons Online The Pit Walkthrough
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What You Will Need: A Few Tips For New Adventurers

This Dungeons and Dragons Online The Pit walkthrough covers the entirety of the quest saga known as…The Pit. Keep reading to get started and find out how to complete the quests.

Prepping for the pit

Optional quest check list in the dungeon:

  1. Destroy 25 eggs
  2. Slay high priest Shylssass
  3. Slay Chieftain Ryssyssal
  4. Slay Avatar of Juiblex

You can receive this quest from Vargus d’Denith of House Denith, located above the Anvilfire inn. After talking to Vargus and gaining the quest, enter the dungeon next to him to get started. This dungeon is extremely long and difficult, so make sure you have a balanced team that sticks together to help you out. Your main objective is to get “the pit” back up and running again. But this task is more difficult than it sounds.

It is recommended that you bring a feather fall item or spell with you because you will be going up and down these deadly ramps quite a bit and you will more than likely slip a few times. Having a few fire resistance potions with you will also be a good idea because there are fire elementals in the dungeon as well. In case your jumping skill isn’t very high you may also want to buy a jumping potion too. And for one small part you will need a lightning resistance potion or spell.

Learning Your Way Around Before Starting Out

Navigating the dungeon

Now another thing you should know before rushing in is that the dungeon’s map in the corner of the screen is pretty much completely useless, so we can’t use it to navigate.

The easiest way to direct you to where you need to go is to first describe how the dungeon is designed. There are north and south side shafts located in the pit and a small path that connects the two together. We will call the small path that connects the two shafts together the “Cross over” point. This is the only place to cross, so don’t forget where it is because you will be using it a lot. I will point it out to you when you get there.

There are also multiple floors with ramps that spiral up and down on both sides of these shafts. In order to successfully navigate the dungeon you will have to continuously run up and down the ramps and back and forth between the north and south side shafts to find the room you are looking for. To make things a bit easier for you I will point out which shaft the room is in and how high or low it is on the spiraled ramp.

Now that you know the basics, let’s get started.

Activating The Back Up Generator

Searching the dungeon

When you first enter the dungeon you will be near the top of the north shaft. Your first mission is to start up the back up generator located near the top of the pit in the south side shaft. Now before you do it, do not jump down the ramps to get to the bottom because you will only die from the fall.

So after leaving the starting area make a left turn and carefully go down the ramp until you come to the “Cross over” point, you can’t miss it. This path will lead you over to the south shaft. Once you are on the south side, head up to the top.

You will know you are in the right place when you come across an acid trap, don’t go any higher then this. Turn the valve next to it to disable it. There will be another path on the right side of the acid trap that will lead you to the back up generator room at the top of the platform.

For the generator room you will have to do a small puzzle to activate the generator, don’t worry though it is easy. The room has a few slime monsters and troglodytes, but they shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Inside the room there are nine levers, all in rows of three. The easiest way to solve the puzzle is to flip the four corner levers, and then flip the lever directly in the center of the room. After the five levers are all facing to the left, they will activate the generator and complete the puzzle. All the other levers don’t matter.

The “X” in the example below means to leave the lever alone. This is how the puzzle should look when you finish.


<- X <-

X <- X

<- X <-

Making Your Way To The Furnace Room


Now make your way back the way you came. Go down again past the acid trap and make your way to the lower level of the south shaft. You will come across an open door that leads to the furnace area. There are three furnace rooms, for the first time you are here you will have to take the left bridge that leads to the first furnace room. When you enter the room there will be some troglodytes blocking you dispatch them and move to the left side of the room and go up the ramp located there. There will be an acid trap blocking your path, you can run through it but it is wiser to just disable it. There will be a pipe near by with a valve on it, balance across it and turn the valve to disable the traps, and then continue to move up the ramp.

Up ahead there is another acid trap along with a steam trap. You will see another small pipe branching off to the right side that leads to another valve to disable them both. This valve is a bit tricky though because you have to jump across to another smaller pipe to turn it off. Once done, go across the thin pipe up ahead and follow it around until it brings you back to the ledge to keep walking up. Move slow and try to pay attention, if you look around a bit you can see how the pipes all connect and form a path for you to follow. Keep repeating the process of pipe jumping until you get to the top of the room and you see the fire elemental start shooting at you.

That wraps up the first part of this extended guide for The Pit. You can find more Dungeons & Dragons Online guides right here at Bright Hub.

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