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Dungeons and Dragons Online Questing Guide
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The East Side Tunnel

All right, you’re nearing the end of this Dungeons and Dragons Online questing guide for the Waterworks, there’s just a few more things you need to finish up before hitting the end and that includes traversing the east side tunnel.

Now, from where you last left off in part 3 of the Waterworks guide, the signal crystal door on the floor is now open for you, but you aren’t going in just yet. You may have noticed that there is one more tunnel leading to the east side of the map. The door should be open for you now. When you climb up the ladder and go into the next room there will be a kobold ambush that activates around you. Most of the kobolds will spawn on the floor but a few will be up on the platforms along the wall throwing items or shooting magic at you, which makes them a bit difficult. Using ranged or magic attacks is the best way to take them out.

Inside the next room will be Krung the brutal, along with a few kobold goons for back up. He has a long bow and a kind of lunging attack that can do a lot of damage to low leveled players, especially on harder difficulty settings. If you’re not careful this boss can be a bit difficult, so come prepared. After he is killed there will be a treasure chest at the back of the room for you to take some loot. Now it’s time to go back to the signal crystal room one last time, but this time you’re going down in the door on the floor…

Inside The Signal Crystal Door

Heading to the upper ledges

When you go through the signal door, you will have to drop down a very high hole down to the bottom. Be careful because there are small ledges sticking out the side and if you don’t make a clean dive you can die from hitting one of these ledges. You can also use the same ledges to gradually jump down below. At the bottom of the door is a large pull of water, so if you dive correctly you shouldn’t get hurt from the fall. On the west side of the pool is a ladder, climb up and kill the monsters in the area. The only way out of this room is through the locked door on the other side of the room, the switch to open this door is on the middle platform across from you, but the army of monsters can make it a bit difficult to get to. I found that if you use feather fall and face south when falling through the door, you can land on the platform with the switch and skip the whole swimming part.

Preparing for an epic battle

Once the monsters are dead and the door is open go through to the next room. If you keep completely straight you will run into a funny looking wall, search the area for the hidden door. Inside the hidden room are a handful of monsters and a treasure chest.

If you turn south from this tunnel there will be another resting shrine area.

And heading north will lead you to a room with boss Jittik inside. The boss is also with a couple of other kobolds, but they are pretty easy to take out. Once they are dead there will be two treasure chests, one with Jittik’s password inside and the other with some loot. Flip the lever on the top of the platform and head inside to the next room, which will take you to Tunnelworm’s prison.

Part 4: Tunnelworm’s prison and Finding Venn

Rescuing Venn

The optional quests:

  1. Free tunnleworm’s other prisoners
  2. Kill the scorpions
  3. Kill tunnleworm’s grand shaman
  4. Slay Kruts the cruel
  5. Slay Haarg the harrowing

The dungeon itself isn’t very difficult, but it is full of lots of kobolds and a few ogres as well. Your main mission here is to find where Venn is located, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Venn is inside one of the many cells that line the dungeons walls, but to make things worse there are many other prisoners in the cells as well. Sadly because this dungeon is based on being randomized it makes finding Venn and freeing the prisoner’s a bit difficult because they are never in the same place twice when you run the dungeon. So take your time and search each cell carefully. The best way to do this is to just open any cell door you come across, that way you don’t miss one by mistake.

Escaping from the Waterworks

Your other main mission is to kill Venn’s interrogator, who is located within one of the rooms near the north east part of the dungeon (According to the map). As for the optional quest, they are pretty easy to find. Most of them are at the far ends of each tunnel. And because the map is pretty small, it’s easy to run from one side to the next.

There are also two resting shrines in this dungeon to help you out on harder difficulty settings. One shrine is located on the far south east tunnel, and the other one is on the far west middle tunnel.

Once the dungeon is complete, “finish out” and return back to Tember to finish off the series of quests. You can also gain an extra reward by talking to harbor master Zin one last time. Zin is standing just outside the waterworks entrance back in the harbor. Zin’s reward is a one time only reward, so choose wisely.

Congratulations, you have just completed the Waterworks chain quests! For more Dungeons and Dragons Online guides or MMORPG questing guides, feel free to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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