Dungeons and Dragons Online Waterworks Guide

Dungeons and Dragons Online Waterworks Guide
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Starting Out In The Sewers

This is a Dungeons and Dragons Online Waterworks guide to help new players get through all of the “Waterworks” quests. This quest can be very hard to get through because there are four parts to it that must be completed in order to get to the end. Lucky for you, you have this guide to help get you there. So let’s get started.

To gain the first quest you will have to talk to Harbormaster Zin who is standing outside the waterworks entrance on the Southside of Stormreach. He will ask you to go talk to guard Jung near the wayward lobster pub to assist him with the growing kobold problem, but that quest is for another guide. After you finish that quest or if you have already completed the quest, go talk to Harbormaster Zin once more to gain the waterworks chain quests.

When you talk to Zin the second time he will tell you that Tember’s cousins have been taken by the evil kobold monsters, and it is up to you to save them and bring them back. Your mission is to first find Guard Tember who is down in the waterworks.

When you first enter the tunnel there will be two men standing guard, talk to the second man named Jake. Private Jake will tell you that Tember is up north in the tunnel above him, so make your way to the very top of the dungeon where you will find Tember resting. Tember will tell you that his two cousins, Arlos and Venn, were taken by Eechik, the Gnashtooth’s chief. Your mission is to go in and find both of them for Tember. Click the Gnashtooth’s lair which is directly next to Tember to enter and start the dungeon.

Finding the Gnashtooth’s Chief

Fighting kobolds

The optional quests in the dungeon:

  1. Slay 60 Kobolds
  2. Exterminate the spiders
  3. Slay the head guard Graskitch
  4. Slay the black widow Spite

Your main objective is to gain Gnashtooth’s guard key to free Arlos and Venn. When you first enter the lair there will be a valve on the left side of the locked door, turn it to open the door. But beware that the floor near the door is trapped. Either bring a rogue with you or use your search skill to find and disable the trap, if you can’t disable it just run through to get passed. There will also be a small ambush of kobolds that appear behind you when you approach the door, take them out before moving on.

The next area will have a crossroad with four paths to take. Beware it too is trapped with four flame throwers on each corner aimed towards the center of the path to kill anyone who crosses. Try to disable it if you can, but again if you can’t find the box you’ll just have to try your luck and run through. It’s best to take the east path first…

Finding The Keys To Eechik

Taking a breather

If you take the west path it will lead you to a locked door, you need a key to open it so skip this for now. The east path is the right path, it leads to a room with a treasure chest that has the key and will also lead to a resting area which will loop back around to the north tunnel path. The black widow Spite optional quest is also near this area in a storage room full of boxes, but like most optional bosses it doesn’t always spawn in the room.

There is another room south of the black widow that is full of kobolds, it’s recommended that you don’t rush in alone or you could find yourself overwhelmed by their numbers. Also the key to the locked door will slightly randomize between the black widow room and the room full of kobolds, but either way it’s still easy to find. After you gain the key take it back to the west path’s locked door and open it up.

Inside the west tunnel’s room, which is back near the crossroad, there will be another treasure chest with a key inside. Now go back to the crossroad and take the North tunnel, then make a left turn, it will take you to the second locked door. Use the second key to open the door and kill the small army of monsters inside. Chief Eechik will be standing in this room, talk to him and force him to tell you where the cousins are located. There is a crystal switch on the left side of the room, flip it to activate the first of the signal crystals. There is also another valve that will open a door on the right side of the room. Inside of this room is a treasure chest, but be careful because the room is trapped right inside the door.

Finding Arlos

Fighting mobs

Now go back and take the north path and follow it around until you come to the signal crystal door, you won’t be able to open it yet until you flip the second switch, so continue down the hall way until you come across a closed door and the resting shrine resting area next to it.

Inside the door there will be a strange looking room with a lot of pillars and a large platform in the middle of it. On the bottom of one of the pillars there will be the second crystal switch to open the door you passed earlier. Flip the switch to open the signal door and proceed to kill all the monsters in the room.

On the large platform in the middle of the room there is a treasure chest, climb the ladder on the back of the platform and take the loot. Warning though, the area is trapped so search the area thoroughly; disarm all traps before moving forward, harder difficulty settings have more traps. Once you are done head back the way you came to the signal crystal door you passed earlier and go inside.

You will soon come to a cross road, the west path will lead you to the optional quest “Exterminate the spiders”, they can be a bit difficult so be careful. Taking the east path will lead you to the Gnashtooth’s prison dungeon, and will complete the first part of this mission.

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