Dungeons and Dragons Online Waterworks tips and hints

Dungeons and Dragons Online Waterworks tips and hints
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Gnashtooth’s Prison - Saving Arlos From The Kolbolds

This is the continuation of the Dungeons and Dragons Online Waterworks tips and hints guide. Keep reading to find out how to get through the optional quests and main quests.

Some of the optional quests in this particular dungeon include:

1. Rescue clan Gnashtooth’s other prisoners

  1. Slay Gnashtooth bloodletter
  2. Slay Chef Kraskuth
  3. Free the hidden prisoners
  4. Slay warden Arkik
  5. Destroy the zombie remnant

When you first enter the dungeon you will have to open a closed door that is blocking your way. When you enter the next room, make a left turn and kill all the monsters in the area, there will be a treasure chest here with some loot in it, after you take it you can move on. Be careful though before you open the door for the next area, the small patch of floor right in front of the door is trapped with spikes, you won’t be able to open the door without setting it off. Disarm the trap if possible, if not you will have to time it just right and turn the valve just after the spikes rise from the floor. If you do it correctly you will be able to open the door and run through without getting hurt, but the trap will remain. Keep this in mind though because you will have to come back this way.

The next area will have a platform that is over a pool of water that serves as a four way crossroad. But unlike the other crossroad, this time you will have to turn valves to raise or lower bridges to take you to one of the other paths. Turning one valve will lower the bridge for you, but it will also raise all the other bridges making them impossible to cross. In other words, you can only have one bridge down at a time.

Taking the east bridge

Venturing through the tunnels

If you lower the bridge to the east tunnel (According to the map) and head down the path you will come to another crossroad. There is a resting shrine on the left path of here. Taking the right path will lead to a hidden wall, search for it to open it up. There will be a second resting shrine area inside, this is useful for doing harder difficulty settings that limit you to one rest per shrine. Further down this tunnel will lead you to the optional quest to save the hidden prisoners. You will need a high amount of intelligence in order to open the prison cell door though. Bring either a wizard or rogue with you, or use a spell to boost up your stats enough to open the cell for them and complete the quest.

Now make your way back around to the northern tunnel. Taking this path will lead you to a large room full of monsters; the door behind you will lock and close to trap you inside. After you kill all the monsters there will be a lever to open the door back for you, and two treasure chests. After you leave the room there will be one more treasure chest nearby in a small alcove in the wall hidden behind some boxes, take it to gain some extra loot. Now make your way all the way back to the platform with the four way bridges.

Taking The Southern Bridge

Fighting off the Kobolds

When you make it back to the platform you may see a small amount of monsters waiting for you, it’s best to dispose of them all now because later on you will have to escort Arlos out the same way you came in, so make sure the path is clear of monsters. When you flip the valve and take the south bridge you will eventually come to the prison cell room. Before you enter there will be a switch on the left side of the wall, flip it to open all the bottom floor jail cells, which just so happens is where you will start off.

Be careful here because there will be monsters up stairs shooting things down at you and more monsters down below trying to fight you as well. Run through and kill all the monsters and free the prisoners on this floor.

Arlos is among the other prisoners in one of the cells, his position randomizes so you will have to look for him. But when you do find him, leave him in his cell for now. If you take Arlos now he may die while trying to follow you out the dungeon, and his death will end the quest. Your job is to escort him out to safety. So first go kill all the monsters and finish the optional quest, then come back for Arlos when you are done.

The optional quest “Slay warden Arkik” is located in this room. He is a kobold just like all the others, but he can be a bit tough if you are soloing this because he is guarding be a large amount of other kobolds all trying to fight you at once. If you happen to have a team with you though, they should be a piece of cake.

Come With Me If You Want To Live…

Clearing the way for the prisoners

On the second floor all the cell doors will be locked, in order to open them you will have to run all the way around the small path on the top floor until you find a closed gate, open it up and kill the monsters on the other side. On the right side of this tunnel there will be a small little area in the wall with the second lever, pull it to open all the top floor cells and save all the prisoners. There is also a treasure chest Right across from the switch in a hidden wall. There is one more chest on the top floor in one of the jail cells, so don’t forget to take it after you kill all the monsters. Once the coast is clear go back to get Arlos and lead him to safety.

In case there are a few monsters you missed, you can talk to him and tell him to either “Stay here, I’ll be back” to make him stay in place and wait for you, or you can choose “Come with me if you want to live,” to make him follow you again. The tunnel will take you all the way back around to the four way cross platform with the bridges.

Take Arlos back through the northern tunnel, past the trap and to the exit/entrance to complete the mission. Be sure that he doesn’t die in the trap though, just in case you never disabled it earlier. It would be a shame if he died after you came all this way, so be very careful when running past it. There is also one more optional quest here so if you want, tell him to stay where he is so you can go finish it.

That wraps up the second part of this guide. Be sure to check out more MMORPG walkthroughs and quest guides right here at Bright Hub.

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