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    • Drakensang Walkthrough of Avestrue: The Main Quest
      The main quest takes up a surprising amount of your time in Avestrue. If you want to get through all of the challenges that it presents, then you should check out this walkthrough. I'll guide you through both of the main quests and show you how to get both attestors.
    • Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok: Main Quest - The Investigation
      It seems like things aren't going as planned. Ardo's the victim of a serial killer and it's your job to track down just who did it. You need to work with the guards of Ferdok to track down the thread between all the murders. If you need any help with this non-action part, just look here.
    • Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Not As Great As It Could Be
      A translated table-top game from Germany that's been transformed for the PC, Drankensang has the usual fantasy elements, such as wizards, thieves, dwarves and elves. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything really new.
    • Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok: Side Quests - Thieves Guild Quests
      One of the Major Side Quests chains in Ferdok is your chance to join the thieves guild in Wagoner's Home and go on your first official mission. I'll give you the information you need to find them, join them, and steal Growin's hammer from the Dark Eyes to complete your first real mission.
    • Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok: First Trip - Table of Contents
      Your first trip to Ferdok is very important. You'll get to investigate a few murders, stop a cult, help the Dragon Quest, join the thieves guild, and pick up lots of little quests to fill the time. If you need any help, you can look here.
    • Drakensang Walkthrough - The Addled Mind of Moorbridge
      It's time to help our old friend Rakorium. He seems to be in a bit of trouble in the swamps of Moorbridge. We need to go out and solve a zombie infestation to help him with his research. If you need any help with this tricky challenge, then look here.
    • Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok: Side Quests - Little Missions
      There are lots of little missions to take on your first trip to Ferdok. You need to rescue Dranor, help a dwarf find his beard, rob a few thieves, and fix up a fountain. If you need any help doing these quests, then look here.
    • Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok: Main Quest - Getting to the Bottom of It
      It's time to track down and catch the cult that's behind all of the murders. I'll lead you to Jessica, help you chase the cultists to the library. I'll also give you the first step for the new questline "For a Handful of Ducats" and "Preparations for the Dragon Quest" to wrap up our trip.
    • Drakensang Walkthrough - Avestrue - Side Quest Guide
      There are a number of side quests in Drankensang. The starting area of Avestrue is no exception. It is also one of the areas that is locked after you leave, so you will definitely want to check out this guide to make sure that you do everything you can to level up early.