Drakensang Walkthrough - First Trip to Ferdok - Little Quests and Important People

Drakensang Walkthrough - First Trip to Ferdok - Little Quests and Important People
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There’s a lot to do in Ferdok on your first visit. There’s a murder mystery to solve, a cult to reveal, and a Dragon Quest to start. There are also lots of other little adventures to be had and two new party members to gain. If you want to get the most out of your first big trip to Ferdok, then just look here.

Don’t worry either, we’ll be back again after our next trip. If you miss something on the first go, you can always come back and catch it the second time.

Little Quests

There are a lot of little quests that pop up during your first trip in Ferdok. Completing them will give you some extra gold and XP, so it’s well worth it to know what’s out there.

Bar Brawl - If you go to the Serene Sow after you finish up the Investigation, you’ll find 2 guys fighting. You can intimidate them if you pass the check. This should net you a few extra points. If you fail, then you’ll have to fight them briefly to scare them off. You can also use a few other speech tricks to get them to leave. It’s up to you. It’s free XP though, so swing by the Serene Sow at some point.

Dwarf Triplets - Once you get to Ducal Citadel, you can find 3 dwarfs who look alike (more alike than dwarfs usually look - Ed). You can play their little game and pick the right one. I actually just guessed the first time. It seems like the one on the left is a definite win at least, although I think they let you win the first time regardless. The important thing is to try it again with Gladys in tow. They’ll scam you after the first victory. Her default human nature is enough to call them out for cheating and get your money back. So you’ll get a little money and some free XP.

The Cook - The cook in the Silver Pitcher will pay up to 4 farthings for wolf rat tails. Just step back into the kitchen area with at least one wolf rat tail in your inventory. He’ll stop you and offer 2 farthings a piece. You can negotiate up to 4, but it’s a little tricky. Save before you try. It’s easy money, especially since we’ll kill over a hundred of these things on the second trip here.

A Dwarf’s Debt - You’ll get a few experience points for paying off Forgrimm’s debt of 4 farthings in the bar. Just talk to the innkeeper sometime after you’ve recruited Forgrimm.

The Recipe for the Potion of Power - This one is actually a long quest that you won’t solve for awhile. You might as well get it now though. Talk to Auralia in Ducal Citadel to get the quest.

Useful People

Auralia - Another alchemist and mage. Talk to her to start the The Recipe for the Potion of Power quest.

Magistra Elysmine - She sells a few potions by the temple of Hesinde. You can also learn some spells from her if you want.

Rod Effner - He can teach you most of the combat arts for not too many points. You can find him by Barla Borkensmith in the guard quarters area before you finish the investigation. He’ll still be there, but she moves to the barracks afterwards.

Sergeant Erland - He’s in the barracks in Ducal Citadel. He also knows most of the combat abilities.

Healer - Our friendly disciple from Avestrue is now at Ducal Citadel. Just look for his green robes by his master’s herb stand. He can heal you for free and also remove “Rotten Stink” from you after you fight the amoebas.

Quest List - Main Quest Flow

The main quest flow is a little convoluted, so look here if you get stuck.

The Investigation - You need to conclude the entire investigation before Ducal Citadel opens up. This means looking into each of the 3 murders and catching the cultists.

Catching the Cultists - This separate mission will take you into the sewers of Ferdok on a chase after the murders. Once you hunt them down and catch them, you’ll really open up the city.

Aid The Dragon Quest - This one opens up after you go home for the first time and talk to your caretaker. You’ll have a message asking for help. This means a tough grind through a whole lot of amoeba in the crypt below the temple, so come well prepared.

Quest List - Side Quests

The Thieves Guild - This series will let you into the secret Thieves Guild in Wagoner’s Home. This covers how to find it, how to pass the entrance test, and how to steal Growin’s Hammer as your first task.

Salina’s Request - This is the way to rescue Dranor. It’s a quick quest with a bit of running involved.

The Broken Fountain - You just need to flip a few switches to fix the fountain in Ducal Citadel.

A Charitable Donation - Giving the beggar in Wagoner’s Home a gold coin will give you a very good tip for great loot.

Enemy List

There are not too many enemies inside Ferdok. There are a few common one’s you’ll have to watch out for though.

Wolf Rats - These are annoying little things that you’ll see in the sewers. The white verisions are absolute pushovers and the black ones are not much tougher. They are dangerous if they attack in a large enough group though, especially since they can poison and wound your heroes easily.

Drakensang - First Trip to Ferdok - Wolf Rats

Cultists - You’ll run into a few of these. Just focus on taking them out one at a time. Also try to close the distance quickly. They can throw daggers, so you need to close in and limit them to knife attacks only.

Amoeba - These are probably the toughest enemies in Ferdok for the time being. They are only in the crypt below the temple. You’ll have to fight them at the end of the main quest. They can heal at an absurd rate and are very good at frightening your heroes. You’ll need to focus your attacks to bring them down one at a time.

Spiders - There are also some spiders below the temple. These are real pushovers though. You’ll mainly face the small ones. There’s one “normal” sized one at the end. It’s a little tough, but it goes down after a few big hits. Remember to grab their fangs and poison glands. They’re worth a lot.


  • Get your full party as quickly as possible. Pick up Gladys and Forgrimm quickly. As soon as the investigation is over and Salina is waiting for you, head on over and free Dranor. The reason is that your party members will earn full XP as long as they are in your group. This includes the one’s back home. If you complete quests while Dranor is still locked up or Gladys and Forgrimm aren’t with you, then they’ll senselessly lose XP.
  • DO NOT DO THE BREWERY QUEST! Seriously, it’s not really meant for normal players to do on the first trip. You will not be able to kill the big rat at the bottom of the brewery. Just get Dranor and get out. If you have a super build of warriors, you might be able to pull it off. Otherwise, it will still be a challenge when you come back on the second trip. If you are trapped, then just load an earlier save. You’ll probably lose more time trying to kill the rat mother then you would from reloading.
  • Pickpocket everyone. Go ahead and have Gladys or Dranor try to pickpocket a lot of the random civilians. It’s a fun thing to do and you might get some extra money. A fair number of people in Ducal Citadel carry 10 Thalers or more.

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