Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok - Main Quest - Chasing the Murderers

Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok - Main Quest - Chasing the Murderers
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Finding Jessica

Your mission is to go up to the Serene Sow to find Jessica. It seems you’re a bit too late though. Just talk to the crowd and head into the sewers after the assassins.

This mission is mainly some drawn out running, so get ready. Go down the steps and see that the assassins work fast. Search her body for a list of victims. Go ahead and read it to see that Ardo isn’t one of theirs, and that our friend, Archivist Loisane, is next up.

The Chase

The rest of this part is simple. Follow the linear path through the sewers. There’s no actual time constraint and the chase parts are scripted. Feel free to stop and break barrels, pick locks, and use dwarfnose.

After the rockslide, just curve to the left and take the side route until you catch back up to them in the big room. After a little cutscene, one will be left behind to fight you. Move quickly, since he’ll use throwing daggers until you get into melee. Break out a few strong abilities from Rhulana and Forgrimm to take him down. Then push further into the sewers.

Your next path is past the weak wooden wall. Break it down and go after them. You’ll start running into wolf rats from this point onward. They shouldn’t matter though, since you won’t find any groups larger than about 4. Remember to go ahead and grab their tails. Keep going until you find another wooden wall. Break it down and look for dead wolf rats. The trail of dead bodies will led you toward the cultists. Go just a little bit further to find the big staircase and the exit.

The Showdown

Drakensang - Your Investigation Gets Complicated

Go out into the big library and find the cultists with Loisane. When the cutscene ends, properly deal with the 2 on the floor. There isn’t a rush, since Finn of Ferdok won’t kill her even if you’re slow. The 2 cultists seem to be a bit weaker than the first, so take them out and run up the stairs. Have your whole party attack Finn after your little conversation. He isn’t too strong and he’ll crumple quickly. If you’re having trouble, then have Forgrimm use his knockdown attack to buy you some time and free shots. Once he’s dead, you’ll get to meet a few more people. The Grand Inquisitioner will kick you off the case and scold you. Just head downstairs and report in to Barla Borkensmith to get your recognition and a trip to the count.

Just ride out the cutscenes after that. Count Growin will finally see you and give you a cool medal. You’ll also receive the posted earlier reward for catching the killers and receive Ardo’s house as your safehouse. Ducal Citadel is also now open on the map with a lot of merchant stalls to explore. You’ll also get the next part of the quest. Talk to Regent Darianna to get your next mission.

Investigations at the Harbor

This one is a huge quest that we’ll work on piecemeal for a little bit.

Stoerrebrandt and Neisbeck are the 2 competing trade houses on the docks. You need to join one and work your way up the ranks. It doesn’t really matter which one. Neisbeck are the bad guys and you tend to do more immoral stuff with them, but it doesn’t really matter. You’re not punished and no one really reacts to it. If you want to finish out as Stoerrebrandt, then you might actually want to start as Neisbeck. Halfway through this quest, the opposite side will approach you with a potentially huge bribe (about 100 ducats if you’re a good negotiator) and let you switch with no repercussions.

To sign up, just go to either of the marked men by the blockades. Neisbeck is by the boats and merchant tents. Stoerrebrandt is all the way up by the brewery. Just talk to either one and sign up for the errand.

First Task - A Beer Run

This one couldn’t be easier. It’s also basically the same for each side, so I’m not going to bother with split categories. Stoerrebrandt wants you to fill in for a sick worker. Neisbeck wants you to poach the order.

Go into Praios Square and back to the Silver Pitcher. There’s actually an entrance to it about one block away and it leads you right next to your house and the Silver Pitcher. Take this to shorten your trip up a bit. Just talk to the bartender and get your order from the innkeeper. Take it back to get a few coins.

Report back to Regent Dariana get the next part of the quest. Talk to Regent Darianna again to report in and seal it up for the time being. We’ll have some more work on the second trip.

Preparation for the Dragon Quest

You’ll get this after you talk to Muddlemush at your home once it all wraps up. Our old friend Rakorium requested that we help the Temple of Hesinde with their preparations for the Dragon Quest. Head on over to the temple. Then go up to the novice outside the temple and report for duty. Head inside to get the full details.

Talk to Dorion and get your next goal. You need to get the keys from the novice below before you can move on to the next stage. He’s wandering around in the right wing of the lower level. Just track him down. You can usually hear him talking, so pay attention while you walk around. Get the key from him and then talk to him again. Ask if you can help him to find out about a text that he needs. We’ll keep an eye out for this. Then go to the barred door in the left wing. Open it up and go down.

Okay. These amoebas are a royal pain. I suggest a full combat party. Rhulana and Forgrimm are must haves and Dranor tends to be a better choice for you thief companion. The problem is that these are really your first tough enemy. They have an attack that causes one member to be disabled with fear for a few seconds. They also have a borderline absurd healing rate. This means that fighting one is a pushover. Fighting 2 isn’t too bad. Fighting 3 is a challenge. 4 is probably suicide. If you’re facing a larger group, then you’ll need to make sure that each of your party focuses on one guy. If they split up, then they’ll never do enough damage to actually kill one of them. It should also go without saying that you need to use the special abilities.

That aside, go down and kill the first 2. Go ahead and loot them for some pretty good stuff. There’s another one on this level. You might as well kill him too for the XP and loot. When you’re ready, head downstairs to the crypts. If you’re lucky, then they’ll be separated. If not, then you’ll have to face 4 amoebas at once. Remember that you can always retreat if you want. They usually won’t follow you up the stairs, and dead party members will eventually revive. Also remember to save frequently.

The Crypt

Drakensang - The Amobes Guarding The Dragon Wings Are Tough Fighters

Curve over into the side room and get the left wing of the dragon statue. If the wing isn’t in the side room, then you went down a different staircase than I suggested and you’re on the other side. No big deal, but you’ll need to work your way over to the right.

The right wing of the statue is in a fairly larger room in the middle of the crypt. You should see a few amoebas there, but it won’t be much special.

With both wings in hand, you need to look for the large hole in the wall that leads down into the cave system. This is actually a refreshing break from the amoebas. The small emerald spiders down here are really easy to kill. You should be able to steamroll over all of them. Their fangs are also worth a good bit of money, so remember to pick them up. The cave itself is linear, so just go along the way until you see a little breakoff to the left. There’s an apparently normal sized emerald spider. This big guy is actually not too tough. Just get your whole party on him and hammer away. The only real danger is that it can poison well and knock a character unconscious for a brief bit.

Once it’s dead, walk past and look for the dead cultist called the Red Butcher at the back of the cave. Search his body to find the orders instructing him to spread the amoeba infestation. We just need to grab that golden rod beside him to get the final back piece for the statue.

We can then head back upstairs. If you didn’t see the novice’s book in your search, then search the upper left corner of the map. It’s usually on a podium in the upper left corner. Once you have that, go back upstairs and find the novice. He’ll reward you with a recipe for the cleverness elixir. You can also go up and give the priests the statue pieces. They’ll put it together and start the ceremony.

In a move that should surprise no RPG player, you are picked for the quest. This officially opens the quest for “The Addled Mind of Moorbridge”. We can start this up by heading out to Moorbridge. You can go home and use the map or just walk out the nearest gate to the Principality of Kosh.

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