Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok Side Quests - Joining The Thieves Guild

Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok Side Quests - Joining The Thieves Guild
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The Examination

Okay. If you’re following this guide, then you should have fulfilled the examination requirements back in Avestrue. This makes this part easy. Your clue is that it’s in Wagoner’s Home. It’s also by the Serene Sow (like half of the important things in Wagoner’s Home). Look for the outhouse looking building by the market stall right next to the Serene Sow. Open the door and head inside to the cellar vault. Talk to the guard down here and give him the password.

If you didn’t pass the tests in Avestrue, then you can find Runkel Bagthumper by a gate in Wagoner’s Home. He’ll give you the password for 15 ducats, or he at least should. This part is a little spotty. Hopefully you just did the test and read the notes at the end. That will count and give you the password, even if you didn’t figure it out.

Go down and talk to Cano. I suggest that you buy some actual lockpicks from him. They aren’t too expensive. You might also want to buy the ring of dexterity and a fingerblade to help with pick pocketing. The instructions for making lockpicks are also for sale in Cano’s inventory, so pick them up to save a little money in the future. You might as well make your own if you’ve got a blacksmith.

Thieves Guild Obstacle Course

Start this up by asking Cano about the fun and games that they offer. He’ll mention the Golden Thieves Guild Emblems that act as your first real test for the Thieves Guild. Start it out by picking the lock on the chest next to him. You should try to spare the good lockpicks and use hair pins first. Pick the first one to get the key for the actual course. Then use the key to unlock the barred door.

Go inside and pick the lock on the first chest. There’s a trap on it, but it’s a minor one. Disarm it if you want. There should be another chest by the torch in the corner, so pick it too Even Gladys can shake off the damage though. The next chest on the table doesn’t have anything in it. Pick it if you want to get a farthing. Go further along and stop when you see the next member. You have to pickpocket the Golden Thieves Guild Emblem off of him. Have either Gladys or Dranor sneak up to him and pickpocket him. You can always try again if you fail, so no pressure.

We’re not done with the room just yet. Go over to the supports and look for a wooden wall. Break it down to reveal another chest. Pick the lock to get your third emblem. Pick the barred door and go along the walkway. There are 2 trapped chests. Disarm them if you want, then pick the locks. The one on the left has the emblem. You can safely ignore the other if you don’t want some minor loot.

Go forward a bit further after you pick the barred door. Then walk over into this room with all of the crates. Break the big crate and work into the little section. Then break down the crate by the back wall to reveal another chest. Pick the lock to get the next emblem. Then break the crate by the supports to get another chest. Pick the lock again to get number 7. Unlock the door and head out. You can find another chest on a table. Pick the lock to get another emblem. It’s also trapped, but it still isn’t anything more than a nuisance. Then just pick one more door and open the chest in the middle of the little classroom/church area. Getting this final ninth emblem opens the back wall and puts you out at the beginning of the course. Give the emblems to Cano to complete the quest and get a thieves guild quest.

A Question of Honor

This is a quick little mission for the thieves guild. You need to pass their obstacle course and officially join before they offer it though. The competing guild, the dark eyes, managed to steal Count Growin’s hammer from the thieves during their last mission. So we need to get it back.

Drakensang - Infiltrating The Dark Eyes Hideout

You can only take one person with you. This means you have to send your combat people back and just hang on to either Gladys or Dranor. Go over to the marked hideout for the dark eyes. Talk to your old friend outside to start the mission. You should probably save just in case. It’s possible to fight your way out, but it’s really hard and not too good. We’ll do it the right way.

You don’t need stealth skill for this though. Just follow these instructions. Start sneaking and pick the locks on the chests by the door. You might as well get a few dollars while you’re at it. Then go up to the big chest in the shadows to the left. Sneak up just enough to trigger a cutscene that will make the drunk thief wander toward you. Don’t worry. He’s so drunk that he’ll always mistake you for a fellow member. When he walks past you, he’ll trigger the ladder.

Use the ladder to get to the upper level. You then have to break the wooden boards that make up the little bridge. That starts a distraction for the one sober lieutenant and the 2 men on the floor. Move over to the ladder and drop down. Make sure that you’re still in sneak. Pick the lock on the chest on the counter. You can then grab Growin’s Hammer. Then just go up the ladder and backtrack out of the hideout.

You’ll automatically turn it in for your reward.

The Wrapup

We’re done for this chapter. You can report back into Cano if you want a brief congratulation note. You also now have a steady supplier for equipment. If you want, you can also go around and pickpocket people randomly. Other than that, we’re done for the time being. You’ll get some more missions later.

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