Drakensang Walkthrough - First Trip to Ferdok - Finding Gladys and Forgrimm

Drakensang Walkthrough - First Trip to Ferdok - Finding Gladys and Forgrimm
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The Investigation

Our trip to Ferdok isn’t off to a good start. Travel through the town and then walk forward to Ardo’s house. It seems like you are a little bit too late though. Go ahead and talk to the guard to learn the circumstances of Ardo’s death and get your next big quest.

Murders in Ferdok

This one will actually take a long time to wrap up. It will be at least 2 more trips before we really get a complete resolution to it. We’re just along for the ride now though.

Your first task is to listen to Guard Hassler and talk to Barla Borkensmith. The guardhouse is marked on your map with a green question mark. Just move over to it. It’s down the ramp and past the sewers. Stick to the right and go to the large clearing with several guardsmen in it. Talk to her to get permission to join the investigation and avenge Ardo. Time for CSI: Ferdok. You can investigate any of these 3 scenes in any order. It’s really your call. You should go ahead and pick up Forgrimm and Gladys when you can though.

The Eyewitnesses


You can probably pick him up first. He’s inside The Silver Pitcher. This is the inn just past Ardo’s house and the Praios Temple. Just head inside and notice a very drunken Forgrimm having a bit of a dispute with the innkeeper. Talk to the innkeeper and make sure that you get the special potion. Give it Forgrimm to sober him up quickly. He won’t have much to add to the story, but he’s a useful party member.


Gladys is over in Wagoner’s Home inside the Serene Sow. It’s an inn the northeast corner by Holwick the Huckster. Go inside and ask Innkeeper, Soapstone, where she is. You’ll then get to talk to all the people in the bar for help. None of them will actually help though, so head outside.

Goldtooth will follow you for a little bit. Go ahead and talk to him. Then walk down the street. Once you get past the blacksmith, you should get stopped by Gladys herself. Seems that she’s convinced that you’re not a spy. Ask her a few questions and then get her to join your party.

Dragon’s Death

Drakensang - Dragon’s Crime Scene

It seems a popular sports star was murdered. You can investigate the crime scene by going to the harbor. The spot should be marked on your map. Go along the row of merchants and boats and then cut back to the spot. It’s in a little alley behind The Fleet-Footed Ferret. Just look for all the blood. Break open the only wooden barrel by the scene. There should be a large red jewel on the ground. Go ahead and pick up this talisman.

Once you have it, go ahead inside. Talk to Innkeeper Pebblebush and ask about Dragon. He’s not talking and no one else in the bar is feeling too talkative either. Give them all a shot and then walk out of the bar. The Bar Wench will stop you as you leave. It seems that she and Dragon were a couple. You can get a few answers from her now. The important bit is asking about how he got the nickname “Dragon.” She should mention the talisman. Now, if we had talked to her first, then we’d have to backtrack. Since we searched the scene first, we can just verify that this was his talisman and leave. That pretty much wraps up this thread.

Ardo’s Death

Ardo’s murder scene isn’t too hard to find. It’s actually close to Dragon’s crime scene. This is just the blood stained area by the docks. One guard is in place to protect the crime scene. He’ll stop you when you try to enter, but you can just show him your credentials from Borkensmith to gain access. There’s absolutely nothing new to find though.

The important information is head guardsman Tash’s location. You get that by talking to the guard. Walk down the road by the ocean toward the reported accident scene. It seems like Tash wasn’t too interested in the investigation of the accident. Interrupt his conversation with the hooker to realize that he’s being quite evasive about Ardo’s investigation. Seems a little suspicious. We’ll deal with this a little later.

Old Eelko’s Death

Walk into Wagoner’s Home and walk to the bloody crime scene in the center. You should see a little cat called Mimi run away. You can talk to the old woman who spawns by the door too. Make sure you learn about Mimi and the stand where Old Eelko used to buy his fish. You can also find out about another strange talisman that Eelko used to wear.

Drakensang - Just Follow Old Eelko’s Cat Mimi

Walk up to the fishmonger by going a bit past the anvil. She’s calling out her fresh catch of the day, so she’s easy to find. Look for the speech bubbles above her stand. Just ask her for some scraps for Mimi. You can get them for free.

Walk back to the spot of the murder and give Mimi the fish scraps. You can then just follow the cat around until she’ll lead you to the shiny talisman that Eelko apparently kept hidden. It seems like we’re getting a common thread.

The Wrapup

Once you’ve got both brooches, you need to talk to Barla Borkensmith again. Turn in your report to move the case along and get a lot of experience. The nearby guard should also report that a secret informant has stepped forward. You need to go over to the marked spot behind the other temple in Praios Square. It’s past the little fairground area.

Just introduce yourself and give her the password. She’ll give you the big reveal on the murdres and on the oddity of Ardo’s death. It seems like something else might be at work. We’ll get back to that a bit later though. For now, you need to go up and rescue the last heir. This will begin the combat portion of the quest. Just head up to the Serene Sow in Wagoner’s end to start the next leg.

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