Drakensang Quest Walkthroughs - The Addled Mind of Moorbridge

Drakensang Quest Walkthroughs - The Addled Mind of Moorbridge
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This one is pretty simple to actually start. If you ask around in The Muddy Boot, you can find out about Rakorium trip to the moors. You can also look out and see the giant lightening bubble that our friend has generated. One of the militiamen will point it out too as you leave town. We’ll naturally ignore the bridge guard’s warning and head out into the swamp.

Once you go a few steps into the swamp, you’ll get a cutscene showing the zombie of an old friend. It seems that Rufus wants our brains. He’s not very tough, but the undead mule with him is our real problem. He can do a good bit of damage. Take them both out to retrieve Rakorium’s spell book and advance the quest.

Finding Rakorium

We’re not too interested

in traveling through the swamp for now. Let’s focus on getting to Rakorium. We should probably think about a good zombie strategy though. We’ll be facing a lot of them very soon. They can usually give you a good case of slight gangrene, which knocks 3 points off strength. If you know how to treat poison, then good for you. If you don’t yet, then we’re in a for a little fun until we get our next party member. It’s not a huge problem, but it can be annoying. The key thing is to keep pounding them with special attacks. You have to do a lot of damage and then move on to the next. If you let them swarm you, then you’re in big trouble.

Move over to the right to get to Rakorium and Nottel in their little shield bubble. Once the cutscene is over, you need to kill the 3 zombies. Just focus on taking them out one at a time. Then heal up and talk to Rakorium again. Get a little more information and ask about the apparent source of this undead plague. He should mark a spot on the map by the old temple. When you say goodbye, another wave of undead will attack. Finish off these 4 and then get ready to attack the source.

An Old Necromancer

Move over and up to the old temple. Then get ready for a very big fight.

Rhulana and Forgrimm should be able to handle a zombie quickly by themselves. Anything you and Dranor/Gladys can do is icing on the cake. I wish I could give more advice, but this will either be easy or hard depending on how well you’re set up for combat. Fight your way past the first few zombies and then set up by the front. These 3 crypts will continue to spawn zombies at a fairly regular rate. You’ll get experience for each kill, so there’s no rush to move on until you’re sick of fighting or you’re getting too injured.

Drakensang - The Addled Mind of Moorbridge - The Necromancer

The only trick is keeping your party together and tag teaming the zombies. You need to thin them out quickly so you just have to take a few at a time. Once the front of the temple is cleared out enough, you should walk through the front door to find the necromancer and trigger the cutscene.

Just stay out front for a minute. Do not blindly charge into the temple and attack. Attack the 3 skeleton archers who should run out to fight you. Keep them at close range to neutralize them. Kill them while holding off the zombies with one of your warriors. Then get ready for the big push. Rush forward down the right side and just get to the necromancer. Then have the entire party attack him. Focus on him and have yourself or Forgrimm use knockdown attacks to prevent him from using his magic. Once you kill him, all of the zombies will die and the spell will be broken.

This officially ends the zombie plague itself, so that should open up a few more quests. Report back in to Rakorium to let him know that he’s in peace for the time being. He’ll start up a new quest though. You’ll need to handle “A Magician’s Worries” before you can officially advance this one.

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The town of Moorbridge is not a cheery place. The zombies from the swamps are picking people off one by one and there is a full coup going on by the militia. We need to help Rakorium’s research, find the Boron Deont, break a rogue’s curse, and find some treasure before we go.

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