Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok Side Quests - A Broken Fountain, Salina's Request, A False Beard, and Charitable Donation

Drakensang Walkthrough - Ferdok Side Quests - A Broken Fountain, Salina's Request, A False Beard, and Charitable Donation
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Salina’s Request

You should know that this one is coming from the first point when you enter the city. Dranor is in jail and you should probably free him. Once you finish up the investigation, you should be able to find Salina in the area outside the temple. Talk to her to start this quest.

Your mission is to rescue Dranor from the dungeon. Go over to the brewery and report in to Muddlemush and offer your aid. This is actually a separate quest, but we’re focusing on this one for now. Your goal is to go through the first level and kill a few wolf rats. You won’t fight more than 2 at a time. Once you get to the little meadow area with all of the fireflies, turn to the right. Do not go down to the second level. Follow the path to the right until you find the false wall. Open it and go through to the dungeon. Don’t worry about sneaking, since the guards will always attribute any noise to the rats. Walk to the end of the line to talk to Dranor and realize that he could have easily escaped. He doesn’t just want to be free, he wants to be found innocent. That’s our next task.

Go back out to Ducal Citadel and talk to the marked merchant. You need to go back and forth between Merchant Harpel and his daughter until he realizes that he is really confused and that Dranor really didn’t do it. You can then carry his rescind order to Barla over in the guard quarter. She’ll free Dranor and he’ll join the team. You can then run on over to Hamlok and confirm that Dranor is free to wrap up the quest.

The False Beard

Master Fluxosh is the best landmark I can think of for this one. You’ll also pass him during “Salina’s Request”. You need to find the talking bush. It seems like a dwarf lost his beard in a fight with a wild dog. Offer to get him a new one by killing the dog.

Just move over to the question mark. This wild dog is really easy to kill. Just take him out. You automatically get the thick fur beard once he dies. Run the beard back to our dwarf friend to wrap up the quest.

The Broken Fountain

This one’s an easy puzzle once you open up Ducal Citadel. Go to the fountain in the center of the market and the talk to the guardsman who’s cursing out a missing dwarf. Agree to help to go down and start a quick puzzle for some free EXP.

I don’t think there’s any trick to this one. It’s just trial and error for the most part. I’ll give you the quick solution though. Look straight at the levers. The one on the left is the first level and the one on the right is the fifth. That’s your point of reference. The first and fourth levels need to point up, so flip them appropriately. The second, third, and fifth all need to point down. Once you have the levers pointing the right way, pull the rope winch and succeed.

A Charitable Donation

Drakensang - My Master of Stealth

After the investigation in Ferdok, you should be able to start this quest. Go up to the Serene Sow and there should be a beggar outside. Offer him a farthing and talk to him again. He should ask for more. Go ahead and give him a ducat. He’ll thank you and pass along some valuable information about a few wrongdoers and a stash of loot.

You can approach the question mark from the bottom. This is the best way to do it. You don’t have to sneak or get rid of your party. Just don’t get too close to them. You don’t have too anyway. If they spot you a few times they’ll get nervous and leave. When you get fairly close to the little patch, you should be able to see their conversation. Stop before you get too close and wait for them to finish up and leave. Run back a little bit to the crates and just watch the 2 men until they get to the stairs. Then go into the little meadow they were just in. Wait for them to make it up the stairs and then rush up to the corner of the building. You can then watch them move up a bit more. Edge on up to the farrier and his anvil and just watch. You should see them load a crate onto the wagon. Once they do it, you’ll get an update and some XP.

Go up to the wagon and have Gladys or Dranor pick the lock. You’ll find several gold chains and rings that can be sold for a good price. You’ll also get some more XP for finishing up the quest.

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