A Full Guide for Avestrue - Drakensang Walkthrough

A Full Guide for Avestrue - Drakensang Walkthrough
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Avestrue Overview

Avestrue is a large and fairly easy to navigate rural locale. There are three main areas to explore. A large fair has been set up for all the merchants waiting to get past the checkpoint. There are a number of farms and houses lining the road toward the Ferdok. A forest area also surrounds the town and offers plenty of opportunities for hunting.

This is one of the many areas that locks when you leave. You need to make sure that you accomplished everything before travelling on to the next city.


There aren’t too many enemies that you’ll run into in Avestrue

Firefly - These are pretty weak and you won’t even see them much here. They are only around one small area in the game. Just give them a few solid hits to kill them.

Wolves - A number of wolf packs move around the forest. They can occasionally cause high damage, so be aware. Always focus on taking out the packs one wolf at a time.

Wolf Rat - There are a few wolf rats living in the caves around Avestrue. They are even easier than wolves, so don’t worry.

Boars - These are basically just tough wolves. They inhabit the area around the bear cave. By the time you approach it, you should have more than enough skill and weaponry to take them out quickly.

Robbers - You may run into groups of robbers as you go through the bear cave or while doing the main quest. They aren’t usually too tough thanks to their poor weaponry. They aren’t much different from wolves.

White Fur - A particularly tough wolf that is part of a side quest.

Bear - There is just one bear in this area. Taking it out fulfills the associated quest.

General Tips and Trick

Don’t forget to get your party members quickly. You want to get them quickly. They won’t earn experience until you have them join your party. Go and talk to Rhulana at the tavern quickly. Then go and finish Queen Salina’s quest to get access to Dranor.

Having 2 party members really helps with the fighting in the forest.

The forest area is just full of plants. Put a few points in plant lore to collect enough herbs to supply you for awhile.

Make sure you talk to everyone. There are a number of NPCs who give experience just for listening to their backstory.

The Devotee of Peraine is a good healer. Go to him if you are poisoned or badly wounded.

Quests in Avestrue

The main quest makes up a large portion of this area. You need to advance into Ferdok by convincing two people to act as your attestors.

Main Quest

Convince Queen Salina to act as your attestor

Rescue Archmage Rakorium so he may act as your attestor

Side Quests

Kill the Bear of the Forest

Kill the White Fur

Get a Trophy for the Tavern

Find Oneberrys for Bendo

Pass the Examination for the Thieves’ Guild

Solve the Boundary Dispute

Find the Tasty Delicacy

All The Little Things

There are a number of tiny quests in Avestrue. I’ll list all of these little extras here.

Talking to Woodcutter Knebor and praising his muscles will result in a gift of 2 pieces of Elm Wood. Not bad for a few words.

Talking to Sir Prancelot and listening to his whole story grants you 15 experience points.

Talking to Brendo Bento and listening to his story nets you 15 experience points.

Talking to Sergeant Erland with an Etiquette above 3 lets you successfully hear his backstory, which nets you 5 experience points.

There’s also a secret treasure. Go to the Northeastern section of the map and look for a group of fireflies. Examine the nearby body for a key to a treasure chest. Go closer to the mountain and look for some firely eggs. Break them to reveal a chest with some decent loot.

Don’t worry about Edna Goodbeat. The code she requests is a fairly unique code sent to everyone who pre-ordered it. You can try to find yours inside the game’s code or just run through a list of known codes. All you get is a fairly simple mask that is more of an homage to the old paper and pencil game.

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