Hunting and Stealing and Avestrue - A Walkthrough for the Side Quests in Drakensang's First Area

Hunting and Stealing and Avestrue - A Walkthrough for the Side Quests in Drakensang's First Area
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Hunter Owlstone’s Quests

A number of the quests in Avestrue are based around the forest.

You should first get a marker for Hunter Owlston by talking to Thalion at the Inn. He’s worried about the hunter and fears that he may be in trouble. He asks if you can check on him. This should happen when you pick up Rhulana too.

Go out to the forest and look for his marked hut. He’ll be fighting a lone wolf. Help him kill it and talk to him to get a few quests.

The White Fur

This is a standard quest to kill the tough wolf pack leader in the forest. It’s fairly simple and I was able to do it at the very beginning of my game. Fight through a few wolf packs to get to the marked rock. A cutscene should fire up showing the white wolf calling out to its pack.

Two wolves and the white fur will attack. Just have your character and Rhulana attack. Use Mighty Blow and any other combat talents you might have to kill the two normal wolfs. Then just hammer away at the White Fur to kill it. You’ll automatically take the pelt.

Report back to Owlstone for 2 Ducats.

The Bear

This bear is just a fairly tough animal that is terrorizing the forest. He’s located in the old mineshaft. This is also where you find Rakorium, so I suggest that you kill two birds with one stone.

Nothing particularly tough about this one. Just kill the wild boars outside. They shouldn’t be much tougher than the wolves. Then enter and take the left path to find Rakorium. Walk back to the entrance and go down the other path to find the bear and promptly defeat him thanks to Rakorium’s strong magic.

Report back to Owlstone for a 2.5 Ducat reward.

The Trophy

This occurs naturally after you kill the bear. Owlstone doesn’t want the head you brought back as proof. He’ll ask that you take it back to Thalion as a worthy trophy for his tavern.

Just take it to him. He’ll give you 2 Ducats as a reward.

The Examination

This is a fairly simple series of quests that will give you entrance to the Thieves' Guild later in Ferdok. The big reward is that you’ll be able to save 15 Ducats by doing these quests now.

Starting the Test

You’ll be able to start it by talking to Runkel Bagthumper. He should be standing by a rock at the fairgrounds. You’ll talk to him as part of Salina’s quest anyway. You can still complete this if you aren’t a thief character. Just beat Salina’s quest first and have Dranor join your party. He can easily beat all of the challenges.

The First Test

Just pick the lock on the chest at the nearby shrine. No one cares if you do it. Just have Dranor or your character use their pick lock talent. You’ll be fine and actually gain some good loot from it. Take the encrypted note back to Runkel to get the next test.

The Second Test

This one is a bit tougher.You have to get a key to the Guild from inside the Chicken Coop at the nearby farm. There is a guard dog watching it though. It’s pretty much impossible to sneak past him too.

You need to go inside the farm and talk to Binga Meadowbolt. You should be able to pass a basic speech check and get her to give you a bone for the dog. You can also just pick her pocket. Save first obviously. You can then use the bone to distract the dog. Then just walk inside and search the coop for the key and a note. Give it to Runkel to get the third test.

The Third Test

This one isn’t too tough. You just need to unlock a chest with your key. Go over to the old mill and enter the basement. It’s a marked location and there’s not much fighting. Just be careful about a few boars who might be outside. Once you enter the mill, you just have to and kill a few mole rats. The chest is trapped, but Rhulana should just be able to take the poisoning if you can’t disarm the trap.

You don’t have to even take the note back to Runkel since it isn’t encrypted. You might as well though.

A Boundary Dispute

This is a quick quest that you will stumble across.

Two farmers will be loudly arguing over who rightly owns an apple tree. Just join the conversation and convince them to share it properly. Most of the conversation paths will work. The path warning them of the potential for angering the gods will work quite well though.

You’ll get some experience points as a reward for your negotiation.

A Tasty Delicacy

This is one small quest that has the potential for a big payoff.

When you go to the tavern in Avestrue, then you should be able to see a conversation between a merchant and a messenger. Talk to the merchant to confirm that the messenger lost an important package on the road. You should offer to help find it.

Go down the road and look for a wagon on the road. The package is lying in the grass nearby. Just pick it up and go back. You have to make a decision though.

He only offers 4 Thalers at first. That’s terrible. Hold out and demand that you want more. If you receive to sell them to him, he’ll offer 2 Ducats when you talk to him again. This should happen even if you don’t beat any of the speech checks.

Pickpocketing him would reveal that the package, a package of Candied Kosh Bunting Tongues, is an expensive delicacy that is worth at least 10 Ducats. This is true. The problem is one of patience though.

You can sell the tongues to Bendo for 1 Ducat now if you want.

You can sell them to Bendo in a new town, called Moorbridge, for 5 Ducats later.

You can sell them to a merchant called Floris in the Ducal Citadel after you get back from Moorbridge.

You can sell them to a Cook in Blood Mountain for 10 Ducats.

You can sell them to a loud nobleman for 20 Ducats in Tallon. He’s the one who actually ordered them.

Finally, you can sell them to the Dwarven Quartermaster in Murolosh.

The gains in Ducats aren’t actually that good considering how long you’ll have to wait. You should really just sell them early for 2 Ducats and be done with it. You really won’t benefit from the extra money later in the game.

Berry Hunting

This little quest for Bendo is a good side quest to work on passively.while you are out hunting.

Drakensang - There Are Plenty of Oneberries for Bendo if You Go to the Lake

This one is fairly simple. Talk to Bredo Bendo and get his backstory. He’ll ask for 10 oneberries. There are a bunch of these lying around the fairgrounds in the barrels. You should also be able to pick a number of them from the area around the river and the lake. It’s a fairly recognizable plant once you see it.

Once you get 10 oneberries, take it back to Bendo for a reward of 2 Ducats. He should be around the fairgrounds still, but look for the marker. He’ll also add the oneberry paste to his inventory if you are interested in buying any.

Dual With The Mercenaries

The two mercenaries, Gondwin and Humbold have a little camp near the fairground. All you have to do is hurt one enough to draw “first blood”. This is hard for a non-combat character at first, since they are fairly tough mercenaries. They are willing to fight a 3-on-2 match though, so feel free to bring some friends and just focus on one of them for a quick victory.

You’ll get a special sword as a reward.

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