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Diablo 2 Item Guide: Transmuting in the Horadric Cube

by: Kayar ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Item recipes that you can use to transmute items in a Horadric Cube in Diablo 2.

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    The Horadric Cube is found in a quest series that you will be able to keep, you can use it as extra storage or to transmute items found into different items. Here are some common recipes.

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    Transmuting Recipes

    3 El Runes becomes 1 Eld Rune

    3 Eld Runes becomes 1 Tir Rune

    3 Tir Runes becomes 1 Nef Rune

    3 Nef Runes becomes 1 Eth Rune

    3 Eth Runes becomes 1 Ith Rune

    3 Ith Runes becomes 1 Tal Rune

    3 Tal Runes becomes 1 Ral Rune

    3 Ral Runes becomes 1 Ort Rune

    3 Ort Runes becomes 1 Thul Rune

    3 Perfect Skulls, 1 Rare item, and a Stone of Jordan becomes an added socket to a rare item (to a zero socket item)

    1 Perfect Skull, 1 Rare item, and a Stone of Jordan becomes a High Quality new rare item of same type.

    6 Perfect Skulls and 1 Rare item becomes 1 random low quality rare item of same type

    4 Health potions, a ruby, and a magical sword becomes a Magical Sword of the Leech

    3 small rejuvenation potions become 1 full rejuvenation potion

    3 gems (same type and grade) become one higher grade gem of the same type

    2 quivers of bolts become 1 quiver of arrows

    2 quivers of arrows become 1 quiver of bolts

    3 Magic Rings become 1 random Magic Amulet

    3 Magic Amulets become 1 random Magic Ring

    1 spear and 1 quiver of arrows becomes 1 stack of javelins

    1 axe and 1 dagger become a throwing axe

    3 perfect gems and a Magic Item become 1 new random Magic Item of the same type

    strangling gas potion and healing potion become 1 antidote potion

    6 Perfect Gems (one of each type) and a Magic amulet becomes a Prismatic Amulet

    1 Magic Ring, 1 Antidote potion, and 1 Perfect Emerald become 1 Jade Ring

    1 Magic Ring, 1 exploding potion, and 1 Perfect Ruby become 1 Garnet Ring

    1 Magic Ring, 1 rejuvenation potion, and 1 Perfect Topaz become 1 Coral Ring

    1 Magic ring, 1 thawing potion, and 1 Perfect Sapphire become 1 Cobalt Ring

    1 Magic shield, 1 spiked club, and 2 skulls become a Magic Shield of Spikes

    Wirt's Leg and a tome of town portal become the portal to the secret cow level

    Diamond, staff, kris, and a belt become a savage polearm class weapon

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