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Shrines in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

by: AmyHill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Know what shrines in "Diablo II: Lord of Destruction" will do before you touch them -- that way, you can use them to your best advantage.

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    Shrine Basics

    Shrines in Diablo II are very different from shrines in Diablo, which could have either positive effects or negative effects, which were often permanent and sometimes random. In Diablo II, shrines always give helpful, predictable effects. There are no changes between shrines in Diablo II and shrines in the expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

    Shrines are randomly placed throughout the map. Some shrines will recharge, or respawn, after a certain time frame. There are times when you will want to wait to touch the shrine until you really need it rather than touch it when it's of little use. You can hover over the shrine to see what type it is before you touch it and it is used.

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    Types of Shrines -- Wells

    Wells are shrines with effects similar to potions. There are four types of well shrines in Diablo II:

    • Health shrines, which are red, restore your life.
    • Mana shrines, which are blue, restore your mana.
    • Refilling shrines restore both your life and mana.
    • Wells, which look like water wells, have two charges. They restore 50 percent of life, mana, and stamina for you and your minions, as well as curing poison and removing curses.

    Health shrines, mana shrines, and refilling shrines refill after 96 seconds. Wells take 30 seconds to refill each charge.

    Timing the use of wells, and luring enemies towards wells so you can refill your health and mana during a fight, is a good battle strategy.

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    Types of Shrines -- Buffs

    Some shrines provide a temporary buff to your stats or abilities. Again, timing the use of these shrines is very important.

    • Armor Shrines add 100 percent to defense for 96 seconds.
    • Combat Shrines increase Attack Rating and damage by 100 percent for 96 seconds, although the damage increase only considers the base equipment damage.
    • Mana Regeneration Shrines increase your rate of Mana Regeneration by 400 percent for 96 seconds -- a very signifiant boost for spellcasters.
    • Stamina Shrines refill your stamina instantly and prevent further stamina drain for 192 seconds, allowing you to run away more easily.
    • Increased Fire Resistance Shrines increase fire resistance by 75 percent for 144 seconds. Your fire resistance can only increase to the maximum amount allowed by your eqipment.
    • Increased Cold Resistance Shrines work like fire resistance shrines, but for cold resistance.
    • Increased Lightning Resistance Shrines are the same, as are
    • Increased Poison Resistance Shrines.
    • Experience Shrines boost your experience gain by 50 percent or 144 seconds. Experience Shrines don't regenerate, so it's especially important to time your use wisely to get the most out of the experience boost.
    • Skill Shrines boost all skills by 2 for 96 seconds. Take advantage of this skilll boost to summon minions, who will keep their level bonuses from being summoned at a higher skill level even after the buff runs out.

    Except for the Experience Shrine, the above shrines regenerate and can be used again after 240 seconds.

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    Types of Shrines -- Instant Effects

    The final category of shrines in Diablo II have instant effects and do not recharge.

    • Gem Shrines upgrade one random gem in your inventory. If you have no upgradable gems, the shrine creates a random chipped gem.
    • Portal Shrines create a Town Portal that will remain open for the duration of the game, regardless of how many times it is used.
    • Monster Shrines turn a nearby normal monster into a boss. Make sure there's a monster in range and you're prepared for a boss battle before you use the shrine.
    • Fire Shrines shoot out fireballs that take away 50 percent of the hit points of characters, monsters, and anything else in range. Use this shrine to help take out powerful boss monsters.
    • Exploding Shrines shoot out explosions that damage monsters and drop 5 to 10 exploding potions.
    • Poison Shrines are similar to Exploding Shrines, but they shoot poison gas and drop poison potions.

    Because these shrines don't recharge, it's especially important that you time your use wisely to get the effect you want.