A Walkthrough of Chapter 5, Dead Space, Lethal Devotion

A Walkthrough of Chapter 5, Dead Space, Lethal Devotion
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Exit the tram. After listening to the message and - optionally - using the Store to your left, proceed through the corridor. Enter the Security Station. There is another Store and a Save Station, as well as a panel. Exit through the door to Imaging Diagnostics Wing. Proceed through the corridor until you reach a Stasis Recharge and a door. Go through it.

NOTE: If this level seems familiar to you, you are right - you’ve been here in Chapter 2.

The room to your left - I opened it with a Power Node in Chapter 2 - now has another openable panel. In front of you is an Upgrade Bench. Get to the other side of the room and use the cargo lift. Slow the moving platform to get over - try using stasis at the very moment the platform has reached the left end of it’s course. Now walk around the corner, use the Stasis Recharge and slow the platform once more. A Save Station! Now proceed through the door.

Turn right and enter another door. Use the cargo lift and go down. Grab the audio log. Use the door to Chemical Research Lab. To your right, there are three crates; to the left you can find a Power Node, cash and a Force Energy Schematic. Now use the computer console in the middle of the room. Grab the Chemical Capsule. Listen to the speech and fight the monster. After you defeat the creature for the first time and find out that you can’t kill it, just shoot it’s legs off and use stasis - that will slow the monster down.

Exit through the door. Go back through the Imaging Diagnostics Room. Continue moving back until you reach the Security Station again. After completing your business here with Store and Save Station, enter the door to Ishimura Clinic. Walk through the corridor and another door. Listen to another speech and enter the door to your right.

After some fighting (remember the tip about the immortal creature), a door to ER Hallway A opens. Before going through it, you can search the room for cash, two panels you could not open in Chapter 2, and various types of ammo.

After exiting through the door and grabbing more ammunition, walk the corridor. The small room to your right contains two panels. In the corner of the corridor there are also 2000 credits you can grab using kinesis. Continue moving, take the Gold Semiconductor in the left corner. Before entering the door, you can go to the dead end of the corridor to your right for some cash and ammo.

Dr. Mercer’s Office

Now enter the door to Intensive Care Unit. You can find some ammo here. Continue moving and find the Save Station. Turn around and enter Dr. Mercer’s Office. A Medium Air Can, ammo, audio log, cash, Gold Semiconductor and two crates await you. Now use the computer console. Take the Chemical Capsule W/DNA. The whole area becomes airless now.

Exit the room and head back. One Oxygen Recharge is at the dead end of the corridor mentioned previously; another one is in the large room after the corridor. Run back to the Security Station and use the life support console in the small separate area of the room to stop the air from flowing away. Use the Store and Save Station if necessary and enter the door to Imaging Diagnostics Wing once more. Move through the familiar areas until you reach the cargo lift; do not use it - instead enter the door to Chemical Research.

Proceed to Chemical Research Lab. Use the computer console and take the Poison Capsule. Exit through the door to your right. Another right turn will lead you to some crates; then turn around and reach the Save Station. Loot the panels and proceed to the Cryogenics Lab.

Now is your chance to deal with the annoying regenerating creep for good. Just shoot the legs off and trick it to move into chamber in the middle of the room; use stasis, then run up to the smaller separate room where the doctor was and use the console there. The small section also contains a Power Node, 1000 credits and ammo; more ammo and some crates as well as Stasis Recharge are located at the bigger hall.

Now proceed through the door to secondary Tram Station. There are 2400 credits in the waiting room. Now enter the tram and use it to complete this short but bloody chapter.

Further chapters will be covered in series titled “Dead Space Walkthrough Part 2”

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