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Dead Space Walkthrough, Chapter 2: Intensive Care

by: Barghest ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Stuck in the monster-ridden corridors of USG Ishimura? Worry not, this walkthrough will get you through the puzzling moments while not spoiling the storyline and feeling of dread.

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    Chapter 2: Intensive Care

    As soon as you exit the tram, walk towards the blind woman to your left and, after she has finished speaking, pick up the Kinesis Module. Now you can move things that are blocking your path: hold the right mouse button (aim), target the desired object and press F; move object with your mouse and release the right mouse button to drop it.

    To your left is the store; room to the right contains Small Med Pack. Remove the container blocking the corridor's entrance and walk forward. Pick up a Schematic. Now you can get a Flamethrower from the store. Open the large door and walk in.

    Listen to the message. Then pick up the credits from the floor and open the panel in the left section. There is also a Store and a Save Station in this room. Exit through the door near the Save Station. In the end of the corridor, there is a Stasis Recharge deviceRoom down the Main Lab , as well as some Line Racks near it. Use stasis on the broken door. Walk forward.

    Enter the Main Lab. There is an openable panel to the left. Walk to the right from the entrance and use the cargo lift. Walk towards the centre of the room (see the picture). There is a smaller room to the left with a breakable crate and some panels in it, a Stasis Recharge, a room with Video log in the middle section of the wall opposite to the cargo lift and an U-shaped corridor - it has two entrances,at the left and right of the same wall, respectively. The corridor leads to the restrooms; there is an Audio log and some ammo there.

    Once you have explored and collected everything, go through the door right besides the cargo lift. There is a Save Station there, as well as same openable panels. Continue moving forwards. At the end of the corridor, there is some ammo in the right corner. Enter the room. Pick up some more ammo and smash a crate. Use the cargo lift.

    Enter the door labeled "Return to Main Lab". In the second room, pick up the ammo and the Termite and listen to the message. There is a panel with a Power Node. Continue forwards. Enter the Main Lab again and walk through the door in front of you. Walk on until you reach the room with the Save Station and Store. Now enter the door labeled "Imaging Diagnostics Wing".Battery set in place 

    Walk through the corridor, pick up the ammo near the Stasis Recharge. Enter the door. There is an Upgrade bench and a text log in front of you. The door to the left can be opened with a Power Node. It contains some cash, a Large Med Pack, an audio log and a Gold Semiconductor that can be sold at the store for 3000 credits - see for yourself if it is worth a Power Node to you or not. Walk near the right wall and move the large cylindrical camera out of your way using kinesis. Enter the small unlocked room and grab a Node, ammo and Pulse rounds Schematic. Now head back and use kinesis on the battery to place it in the slot near the door (see the picture).

    Use the cargo lift. You can grab some Line Racks to your left using kinesis. Use kinesis again to move a platform to your left so that you can walk over the gap. There is a Stasis Recharge to your right. turn right from it and move the platform again. Continue forward. There is a Save Station. Shoot the plasma circuit and enter the door.

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    Chapter 2: Intensive Care, Continued

    Enter the door in front of you. Now you have come to your first vacuum area. The counter that appears on your back shows for how long you'll be able to breathe. It can be prolonged by using Oxygen Recharge and enlarged permanently by upgrading your RIG with Power Nodes. Walk forward and enter the room to your left. There is a panel. Proceed forwards. After another panel and some walking, enter the door. As soon as you leave the vacuum area, the oxygen counter disappears and Isaac is able to breathe normally.Zero-G jumping 

    Proceed through the round door. Use the Gravity Control panel. Welcome to your first zero gravity area! Target the place where you want to jump, currently the wall behind you, and press Ctrl. Jump or walk upwards until you reach a door. There is a crate to the left that can be shot. Using kinesis, grab a battery floating to your right and put it in the left, empty slot near the door. Jump upwards to the platform and enter the door. Grab some cash and open panels . Take the Shock Pad and proceed back.

    NOTE: The red cylindrical containers explode when shot.

    Proceed upwards. Exit the zero gravity area through the round door. Continue back through the route you came here previously, through the vacuum area and down with the cargo lift (remember about moving the platform with kinesis). Continue walking back until you reach Security Station - the room with the Store and Save Station again. Walk towards the broken object and plant the Termite. Enter the door.

    Take the video log and continue walking. Go through the door. Smash a crate to your left. Enter the Emergency Room. There is another crate and Oxygen Recharge. Behind it is a small separate section of the room containing a couple of panels. Grab a battery that's lying on the floor and insert it in a slot near the door labeled "ER Hallway A". Enter the door.

    Proceed through the corridor. There is a door to your right that can be opened with a Power Node. It contains lots of various ammo and a Line Rack schematic. Continue moving forwards. Pick up the audio log. to your right is a corridor with a dead end, where you can pick up a text log, Line Racks and smash some crates. There is also an Oxygen Recharge. Now enter the "Intensive Care Unit" door.

    Pick up another text log. Enter the Morgue (door besides the Save Station). Grab the audio log. Continue through the corridor. Enter the elevator, go down and through another door. Here you can find cash, ammo, a Small Med Pack, a Power Node, a text log, and, finally, Captain's RIG. Use the elevator near the smaller section of the room. Continue moving through the areas you previously came form, listen to another message and reach the Security Station. Proceed to the Tram Station and use the tram to get to Chapter 3.

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