Walkthrough to Dead Space: Chapter 1

Walkthrough to Dead Space: Chapter 1
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So, Mr. Isaac Clarke, here you are - on a routine job finding a mining ship named USG Ishimura and repairing the communications blackout problem…. Sounds easy and boring, eh? Well, to spice things up, your girlfriend Nicole also resides on the faulty vessel, and one of the reasons for your coming was a quite cryptic message from her…

Dead Space, in my opinion, is a great third person horror game, one of the best in last couple of years. I suggest you to play it at night, alone and with lights off and a good sound system on. And if you ever get stuck, refer to this walkthrough - it should be comprehensible and helpful without spoiling too much of the story or the suspense…

Chapter 1: New Arrivals

NOTE: The blue tube on your back is your health indicator.

NOTE: In combat, you may either aim (Right Mouse) and shoot (Left Mouse), or simply press Left Mouse, which will execute a melee attack. The Melee attack is quite weak and should only be used to push back an opponent that is too close. Space performs a boot stomp, which is a strong, if rather situational, attack and also your crate breaking move.

NOTE: If you do not understand where to go next, press Ctrl and you shall see a faint blue line pointing in the right direction.

Turn around and walk forward. To your right is the exit; to the left - a small room containing a Small Med Pack. After exiting the shuttle, turn right and walk towards the door. Unlock the door by using a panel left to the left of it. Open the door and walk through.

Walk forwards and enter the small cabin. Use the computer. After the monster appears near you, run through the door on your right. Don’t stop until you reach an elevator. Enter it and use the elevator button.

Exit the elevator. Walk towards the dead person and pick up your first weapon from the table. There are two crates near the table that you can open. Smash the green boxes near the opposite wall as well. Walk towards the glowing door, shoot the plasma circuit and enter the corridor. Walk till you reach the next door, enter it.

Pick up the Small Med Pak and walk left: there should be some credits in the rubble. Now turn around and walk towards the other corridor. Pick up the audio log. Open the door.

Walk straight until you receive a message. Listen to it, then walk towards the door on the left. There are two panels you can open. Continue through the door.

Walk to the left, smash the crate, pick up ammo. There is a save station you can use to save your progress, and a Med Pack and some credits near it. Pick up the audio log to the left and walk back to the right corridor.

Walk down and enter the door. To the left, there are some credits. Walk right, smash the box, and pick up the Stasis Module. Aim at the moving door and press C. Walk through the

Stasis display

slowed door.

NOTE: Now you have a half-circle shaped blue indicator on your back, as well. It represents your Stasis Module’s amount of energy. Stasis Module can be used for slowing down anything from your enemies to moving environment parts.

Walk up and pick up the Stasis Pack. There is another save station in front of you. Walk to the right and pick some credits. On your way back, enter the small room to the right; there is a Small Med Pack in the right part of the room and some ammo in the left section. Exit the room, walk past the save station. There is a smashable crate to your right. Continue to the only accessible door.

Use the control panel, slow down the moving mechanical part, walk over to the right, use another control panel, freeze this part as well, walk to the centre and use the console. Open the panel to the right, pick up the Small Med Pack and the audio log,

There is a stasis recharger opposite the main console. Now, walk back, notice the panel in the wall? Open it and take a Power Node, you will need that later. Exit the room. Walk down the corridor, towards the moving door. Slow it and walk through. Continue going back, enter the door, walk up, turn right and walk until you reach a save station. Save (if you wish) and continue until you reach an elevator. Enter it.

Exit the elevator. Smash the crate. It doesn’t matter currently - you can walk either to the left or to the right. Before entering the elevator, walk down, there is another panel containing a Small Med Pack and a smashable crate. Now you can enter the elevator. Pick up the Stasis Pack, Maintenance Bay key, ammo and a text log. Walk back to the elevator. There is another panel to the right and a crate to the left. Now enter the elevator and move down.

Walk to the right, up and enter the bay. Open all of the panels you can and pick up the stuff. There is an Upgrade Bench, a device that looks like a printer, use that to spend power nodes and upgrade your gear. Pick up the data board from the table. Now walk back and enter the Cargo Hallway elevator.

Exit the elevator. Walk forward, and you shall reach the save station. Continue moving, turn right and enter the Cargo Hallway. On the opposite wall, there is a panel you can open. Turn left and insert the data board in it’s rightful place. Walk towards the big blue control panel and use it. Listen to the message and walk out through the door to the Flight Lounge. Continue walking and enter the next door. Proceed until you reach an elevator. Enter and use it.

Exit the elevator and move through the corridor in front of you. Walk until you reach the Flight Lounge door. Enter it. You’ll find yourself in the small cabin where the first monster attacked. Go to the larger room. There is a crate and a save station. Go towards the large door that you entered in the beginning of the game. There is a crate on the left. Near the door, on your right, there are shelves containing a Small Med Pack and some credits. Walk through the door.

Move to your shuttle, to the left there is the flight deck you started the game in. Walk up and use the blue panel. Exit the shuttle. After listening to the message, proceed back. Enter

Tram station

the Flight Lounge. To the left from the save station is a door that can be opened now.

In the corridor, open the crates. now move to the right, through the door. In the right (Men) toilet there is a Large Med Pack. Go back and enter the elevator to Train Station.

Exit the elevator. To your right there is a store where you can spend your hard-earned credits to buy new weapons, suits, ammo, Med Packs and Power Nodes. There is also an Upgrade Bench to the left. After shopping and tinkering with your gear, you can enter the tram.

Chapter 1 complete! Don’t worry, it will get harder than this one….

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