Dead Space 2 Suits Guide & Walkthrough

Dead Space 2 Suits Guide & Walkthrough
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Game Overview

In the original Dead Space, Isaac was only adding armor to his suit during the game. Dead Space 2, on the other side, has a variety of different-looking suits that you can find when killing necromorphs in The Sprawl. Each of the suits has some benefits and specific attributes to them. Some are easy to find, and some are pretty hard. I’ll guide you through The Sprawl on our quest to find the 10 suits hidden in Dead Space 2.

  1. The Engineering Suit

Engineering Suit

Location: Chapter one - Beginning of the game

Attributes: Since it is the starting suit in the game, you get no extraordinary bonuses. The suit offers gives you only a 5% protection and 10 inventory slots.

  1. The Security Suit

dead-space-2-security-suit 300x239

Location: Chapter four

The Security suit is located in the security office storeroom. To enter the office, you’ll need to statis the slamming doors.

Attributes: This suit increases your pulse rifle damage by 5%, has 15 inventory slots and gives you a 10% bonus to armor

  1. The Vintage Suit

dead-space-2-vintage-suit 300x225

Location: Chapter eight

Early on in chapter 8 (after encountering the infector), you’ll find a supply room locked by a power node. Inside the room you’ll find a lot of goodies including the Vintage Suit schematic.

Attributes: In addition to making you look like a big daddy, it will give you a 10% discount in the store, 20 inventory slots and 10% armor.

  1. The Advanced Suit

dead-space-2-advanced-suit 300x207

Location: Chapter Eleven

Right after the zero gravity station sequence, go through the north locked door on the upper mining walkway. The room is on the opposite direction of the detonator mines trap. You will definitely need the Advance Suit for the final stages of the game.

Attributes: This one is pretty sweet. Your statis recharges 50% faster, you get 25 inventory slots and a good 20% bonus to armor.

Elite Suits ( New Game +)

Each of the following suits can only be found after you beat the game the first time. In fact, elite versions of each suit can be unlocked by playing in New Game +. Each of the elite suits are different from the original version and generally gives you better bonuses.

  1. The Elite Engineering Suit

Elite Engineering Suit

Location: Chapter one

In the room when you get your first suit, you’ll see the Elite Engineering Suit schematic just lying on the couch.

Attributes: This one gives you a 15% boost to medpacks, 25 inventory slots and 25% armor.

  1. The Riot Security Suit

riot security

Location: Available in the First Store

The Riot Security Suit is available to purchase at the first store you encounter.

Attributes: This suit gives Contact Beam a 10% bonus to damage, 25 inventory slots and 25% armor.

7)The Elite Vintage Suit

elite vintage

Location: Chapter six

The Elite Vintage Suit is located in the Transport Hub, where you have your first real encounter with the brute. On the left of the hub is a store with a mannequin wearing a Vintage Suit. The schematic of the Elite Vintage Suit is under it.

Attributes: This upgraded version of the Vintage Suit will give you a 15% discounts on purchases at the store, 25 inventory slots and 25% armor.

  1. The Elite Security Suit

Elite Security

Location: Chapter nine

The Elite Security Suit is located right when you exit the nice little tram half way into chapter 9. Near the exit you’ll see some breakable boxes. You’ll need to look over the railing near the boxes to find the Elite Security Suit schematic on the ground. Take your time to look carefully, it’s hidden in the dark!

Attributes: This cool Suit increases javelin damage by 15%, gives you 20 inventory slots and 25% armor**.**

  1. The Elite Advanced Suit

Elite Advanced Suit

Location: Chapter eleven

After you take the large elevator up, stay on it and take your time to explore and look the railings. You’ll eventually find the Advanced Elite Suit. If you thought the Advanced Suit was sweet, you’ll love this one!

Attributes: Your statis power will last 15% longer, you get a 10% damage bonus to all weapons, 25 inventory slots and 25% armor. Yes, you want this suit!

  1. The Artic Security Suit

Location: Available in the store after completing a New Gam

250px-Arctic RIG

e + on Zealot difficulty.

You get the suit after completing the game on the Zealot Hardness difficulty.

Attributes: This white suit offers you a 10% damage bonus to the flamethrower, 25 inventory slots and 25% armor.