Chapter 1, Dead Space 2 Walkthrough: Focus Is On Gameplay Without Spoilers

Chapter 1, Dead Space 2 Walkthrough: Focus Is On Gameplay Without Spoilers
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I believe many PC gamers were waiting for the next installment in Dead Space series - the first one was a great game, and left us wanting for more. Well, our hopes came to fruition, and here is Dead Space 2, as gritty, as challenging and entertaining as the first episode, while arguably even more elegant and well-constructed.

It might happen that you have an obstacle, a confusing puzzle, or other things holding you back in your journey to the end of this survival horror tale, that’s why these series of walkthroughs exist - to help you enjoy the game.

So read on, and let no Necromorph stand in your way!

Chapter 1

Getting To Safety

As soon as you are able to move, get out of the room. Turn left, hold Shift to run, dodge the monsters and get to the exit labeled “Outer Hall” at the the far end of the second room. Don’t stop running! As soon as you get out of the corridor, turn left, run forward, then right, continue moving, toss a Necromorph off you, and the door behind you shall close. Now you can take your breath and move on. Reach your first Save Station, save and exit through the door.

Continue moving through corridors, enter the pathway labeled “Secure Area” and proceed further. Go upstairs and enter the door to Observation Room. Go on, walk around the obstacles from either side and exit through the unlocked door. Continue moving.

Getting Free

Sudden Help

After the encounter with the crazy patient, open the cabinet. Congratulations! Now you have a little bit more health and at least some flashlight to aid you in the perpetual darkness. Exit through the door and listen to the video message. Proceed moving. Enter the elevator and go down. Exit and proceed through the maze.

Reach the second save point and enter the door. Proceed onwards, reach the maintenance shaft and crawl through. Listen to the audio message, and activate the console next to the patient. Now you have got your Kinesis ability. NOTE : it’s quite effective to throw sharp poles and even clawed body parts at your enemies, thus conserving ammo.

Arming Yourself

Finally Armed

Break the glass at any end of the wall. Exit and go forward, use the elevator. NOTE: always smash the corpses of the Necromorphs you kill, as they may contain ammo and health. Walk down the ladder to the left and open the box. Now go to the other side, grabbing a Small Med Pack on the way, and open the box there. Now walk up and exit through the door.

Stomp the box and the corpse for loot. Do the same with the next corpse and enter the door labeled “Intensive Care”. Open the box in the room to your right. Now enter the room with the patient and use the console. After adding a plasma cutter to your arsenal, proceed onwards. Grab the ammo and open the box in the next room. Go through the door and listen to the audio message.

Continuing to Fight for Survival

Continue moving and reach the next Save Point. Enter the door and go to your right, pick up some credits in the small room to your

Smashed Vending Machine

left. Go on and pick up some ammo near the corpse in the middle. Now turn around and walk forward until you reach a small door to your right. Smash the box, pick up the ammo and proceed through the next door.

More ammo and a box for you here. Continue moving, The room in front of you has a box and another ammo supply. Turn back and go left. Enter the door labeled “Upper Lobby”. Enter the hall, grab some cash to your left and go down through the stairs at either side of the room. Pick up more ammo, a Small Health Pack in a smashed drink wending machine, and a Power Node.

Learning to Freeze

Listen to the conversation. Enter the left door to Administration and pick up a Text Log. There is some ammo behind the desk. Proceed onwards through the large door. Reach your third Save Station. Enter the next

The Console

room and hack the console to get yourself a Stasis Module. There is another Text Log to your right as well as Stasis Recharge at both sides of the room.

Activate the console in the middle of the room. Freeze the door with stasis, go through, pick up ammo to your left and turn right. Enter the next door. The large room to your left contains a Power Node and two boxes. Go on and enter the elevator.

There is a box near the balloons, and a Text Log and a Power Node behind the desk to the right. Enter the corridor labeled “Patient Rooms East Wing”. Another ammo and the next door to go through… Shoot the triangle-shaped switch to stop the breach. Enter the room to your left. Here is a Save Station, a box containing a Power Node, and a Store. I recommend to buy yourself some armor there.

The Big One

Proceed through the next door. Walk through the vacuum area. The boss is easily defeated by putting him

Maintenance Shaft

(her?) into stasis, shooting the arms in yellow weak spots and finishing the process by shooting the tentacle in the same manner. If you run out of energy, there is a Stasis Recharge to the left. Walk around the room and smash all the boxes.

Proceed through the door and walk down. Pick up some ammo and credits. Use Kinesis to open the lid to the shaft and crawl in. Pick up the Audio Log. This concludes Chapter 1.

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