Dead Space Chapter 4 Walkthrough: Obliteration Imminent

Dead Space Chapter 4 Walkthrough: Obliteration Imminent
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Chapter 4

Exit the tram and listen to the message. Open a couple of panels and grab a Small Med Pack from the waiting room. Proceed through the door. Walk the corridor and grab some ammo. In front of you is a store. After completing business there, turn left and enter the Main Atrium.

Explore the room. Near the right wall, there are two crates and an audio log; in the further left corner, you can find some Ripper ammo; more crates and Line Racks can be found further along the left wall. After collecting everything, take the ladder down behind

the USG Ishimura symbol. There is a Save Station; proceed down and use the cargo lift.

Grab a Level 3 Suit Schematic and proceed through the door. After listening to Hammond and grabbing some stuff from panels and crate, head back. Upon reaching the Main Atrium again, move forward.

TIP: to kill the beast, listen to Hammond’s advice - shoot it in the back! There is a yellow bulb that is a weak spot for the monster. Also, its arms can be shot off by hitting the weak spot near the shoulders. Using stasis helps a lot.

After the fight, proceed through the door the monster tore apart. Enter the Storage room, smash a crate and open some panels. There is also an upgrade bench here. Activate the elevator control. Now exit the room, come back to the Main Atrium and use the elevator to Ship Systems Level. Grab a video log.

Exit the elevator. There is a panel to your left; the room also contains two crates. Proceed forward. Another Save Station for you. Take the Contact Beam Schematic and continue walking. The small room in front of you contains two panels, a crate and Stasis Recharge. Exit the room and move to the right. Enter the door to Ship Systems.

Grab some ammo. Continue onwards, be careful and avoid stepping on the emanations coming out of floor. At the end of the small maze is a Stasis Recharge. Move the barrier out of the way and proceed further. To the left are some Ripper blades. Walk forward, slow the rampaging pipes with kinesis and activate the Power System console. Now proceed all the way back to the Main Atrium.

The Second Elevator

Enter the elevator on the opposite side of the elevator block (see the picture). Go down to level 1. Two crates and a Save Station await you. Enter the door. Another vacuum area! The small room labeled “MA Hall Storage” contains two panels and an upgrade bench and also allows you to take some breath of air and reset the oxygen counter.

Proceed through the corridor. One door, another, and you are in the Mining Administration Room. To your left is a smaller room containing two crates, a panel and a Power Node. Exit, turn left and enter MA Storage Room B for a panel. Now proceed onwards, to the opposite side - there is MA Storage Room C, openable with a Power Node, where you can get ammo, quite a bit of cash and a Gold Semiconductor, not counting some lootable panels.

Go on until you reach another Power System console. Activate it. Grab a Small Med Pack to your right and move back to the elevator you used to come down from Main Atrium. Use it to get to the Level 3.Proceed through the rooms containing a crate, Force Gun Schematic, some panels, an audio log and a Save station until you reach another Power System console in need of activation.

After listening to the message, exit through the door to Ship Exterior Access.

On your way through the corridor, enter the Storage Room 47 for some goodies (on your right). Then use the elevator and proceed further. Grab the Medium Air Can and go through the round door. As soon as you enter the second room, you shall face zero gravity, vacuum and meteorites constantly trying to crush you. Move from cover to cover, using the pause between meteor waves. The first cover also has an Oxygen Recharger embedded.

Cannon Shooting

Reach the round door at the opposite of the meteor area. There is a Ruby Semiconductor and a Save Station. Now activate the cannon’s manual override - a small console in the middle of the room - and use the cannon to shoot the asteroids before they hit the ship. If you are successful, Hammond will be able to activate automatic cannon control in time before ship gets too damaged.

After this is done, proceed back. Do not worry about meteors this time - the automated cannon now takes care of them. Move on, exit the vacuum area, listen to the message and use the elevator to return to areas you visited before. Use another elevator to return to Level 2 - the Main Atrium. From there, go to Tram Station. Use the tram to proceed to Chapter 5.

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