The Walktrough to Third Chapter of Dead Space, Course Correction

The Walktrough to Third Chapter of Dead Space, Course Correction
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Chapter 3: Course Correction

Exit the tram and listen to the message. There is an openable box to your left. The small room also contains a panel. Now exit through the doorway. Walk through the corridor until you reach Control Room. There are some panels, a Save Station, a text log and a store. Exit through the door to the right of the Save Station.

Walk down the stairs. In the room to your left, there are two panels, an audio log and Flame Fuel schematic. Continue froward and grab a text log. Straight in front of you is an upgrade bench. Exit through the door. To your left is a room with Small Med Pack. Walk to the right, open a panel and smash a crate, as well as grabbing some cash. Continue through the corridor.

Ignore the gondola for now and walk to the left. A panel there! Walk up. Use kinesis and pull down the lever. Now come back and pull the gondola towards you. Enter and use it. After exiting the gondola, smash the crate to your right. Walk to the left. Open a panel, grab an audio log. Before going up the stairs, explore the room right behind you; it has a Power Node and some cash.

Walk up the stairs and forward until you reach the wall. Turn left. There is a panel in front of you, as well as smaller room to the right that contains a Stasis Pack. Now exit the small room and walk forward, then take a right turn. A Save Station! Then walk to the right and grab a Ripper schematic. Pull a lever down (it’s to your left).

Now go back to the gondola. Use it to get over to the other side. Walk forward and take the stairs up. Continue upwards. Grab the Small Med Pack. Continue up and enter the door. Walk through the next door and enter the control room. As you remember, there is a Save Station and Store. After completing your business here, enter the elevator to the Centrifuge.

Open all the panels and proceed to the next room. The U-shaped corridor contains some more panels, ammo and an upgrade bench. Now enter the Decontamination room and activate the blue panel. Enter the door in front of you when it unlocks, explore a panel and continue to Centrifuge.

Take the corridor to the left first. At the end of it, there is a Power Node and some cash. Now turn around and go forward, grabbing some ammo and a Gold Semiconductor on your way. Enter the round door at the end of the corridor. A Save Station and a Medium Air Can awaits you. Proceed forward to a zero gravity area.

Jump down to the Centrifuge. Attach both clucthes; this can be done by first slowing them using stasis, then moving them to the Centrifuge with kinesis. There is a Stasis Recharge near the fleshy part of wall, if you run out of stasis energy. Now jump up to the wall left of the fleshy part, right where the Stasis Recharge is, then down to the ramp. Walk to the control panel and activate the Centrifuge.

The Centrifuge

Now the gravity returns, area becomes airless and your oxygen counter shows up. Turn around and use the cargo lift. Walk forward.Watch the Centrifuge spin! Don’t get crushed. Walk to the right, opposite of the spin direction, moving from one small compartment - out of the device’s reach - to another. The second compartment contains an Oxygen Recharge. Continue until you reach a cargo lift. Go up, walk the ramp, open the panel and exit through the round door.

There is a Save Station and another round door.

NOTE: To defeat the tentacle, shoot the yellow bulb in the middle of it.

Continue through the corridor, then enter the door to Decontamination. Walk through the chamber. Move on and take the elevator to Control Room. Listen to the message and proceed further. Now you are in the Control room again and can save your game and use the Store. Exit the room through the round door; its to the right from the path to elevator, just around the corner.

Once again you are in zero gravity vacuum area. Grab the floating ammo and Air Can. Jump on the piece of platform slightly up in

The Fleshy Area

front of you, then to the round-shaped corridor. Enter the door and continue forward. Grab the Medium Med Pack schematic and open a panel. Proceed through the corridor. Enter the fleshy area. To your right, there is another room containing some panels, a text log and a Power Node. Go to the room opposite to this one, grab ammo, an audio log and open a panel. Exit the room; to your left there is a cargo lift; use it.

Take the path to the right. After getting to the opposite side, enter the small room; there is a crate and a panel. To the left of the room there is another cargo lift; use it. Once on the lowest floor, slow the moving door with kinesis and proceed through. Move on through the corridor.

Reach the Save Station. Go through the door left of it. In the large room, there is a crate to the left and a ramp up to your right leading to another two crates, as well as a Medium Air Pack near the left wall and some ammo in the left corner and a small room in the right corner containing a panel.

Now use the computer in the centre of the room. Now exit the Engine Room (a save station!) and proceed through the door labeled “To Control Room”. To your left is a crate and a panel. Go to the right then. Enter the door labeled “To Engine Room” and smash a crate. Continue forward. Enter the door; now you are back in the Control Room. Proceed to the tram station; use the tram to finish this chapter and move on to the next.

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