Champions Online The Void Guide

Champions Online The Void Guide
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Enter The Void

For gamers who enjoy playing as the darker side of the hero spectrum, there are a number of archetypes and powers available in Champions Online that will fit right into that category. Outside of Free-Form hero creation there are two specific dark-side archetypes, one for free-to-play users and the other for either cash shop buyers or gold subscribers. The first class is the Grimoire, which is more of a stationary buff class and the other is The Void, which focuses more on AOE debuffs and extensive crowd control and PvP demoralization. The latter can only be purchased from the cash shop or is free if you’re a Gold subscriber. You can find out exactly what this evil-esque archetype has to offer in this Champions Online The Void guide for beginners.

The Role Of The Void

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As mentioned, The Void’s main purpose and hero characteristic falls in line with debuffs, entrapments and rooting. Players who enjoy tormenting their opponents with life-draining powers and entanglements to prevent them from moving will thoroughly enjoy what The Void has to offer. This class is actually closer to the traditional black magic Mage class found in most other MMORPGs, so gamers will probably be right at home playing as The Void.

When it comes to the super stats players will have Endurance and Constitution to work with, which, as you know, is ideal for tanking. However, for The Void these stats help sustain magic buffs and also enable the use of dishing out additional damage over a longer period of time.

R&D And Team Tactics

Research and development

The Void is a tricky class to pinpoint when it comes to attaching an R&D trait to them. Usually it’s easy pickings when it comes to Research and Development for an archetype or free-form character based on the kind of character that it is, however with The Void the class can vary somewhat based on the play-style of the user. Arms would be ideal as a stationary defensive type character, where-as Mysticism would be perfect for added summons and offensive inventions that would help boost damage and dark magic abilities.

The role of The Void in solo play is quite obvious: drain and pummel until dead or weakened. However, in team-based play The Void’s role is a little less obvious unless you know exactly how you should approach group scenarios. For the most part, if you plan on grouping often then it would be wise to amp up the debuff skills and rooting abilities in order to allow teammates to finish off paralyzed or slowed opponents. For solo play, focusing on energy draining and amped up damage would be an essential route for any player who wants to be a force to be reckoned with.

The Void Powers And Abilities

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Level 1 – Shadow Bolt: A dangerous energy building attack. An additional advantage includes Despondency, which makes every attack increase the chance of inflicting Fear on an opponent.

Level 1 – Shadow Blast: A direct damage projectile attack that has a chance to inflict Fear on an opponent. Additional advantages includes Accelerated Metabolism, Crippling Strike and Psychotic Break, which pushes the target into full Psychosis, inflicting periodic dimensional damage.

Level 6 – Shadow Embrace: A sustained energy attack that has a chance to inflict Fear per every pulse. Deals up to 253 Dimensional Damage points per every 0.5 seconds at Rank 3. Additional Advantages include Dark Displacement which has a chance to knock down opponents, while Fatal Allure has a chance to forcefully pull opponents toward you while knocking them down.

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Level 8 – Shadow Form: This is sustained Form ability. It reduces your visibility to opponents, generates energy from Dimensional attacks and increases damage to all Dimensional abilities inflicted on enemies. This skill also reduces threat to all nearby foes.

Level 11 – Grasping Shadows: An AOE paralyzation attack that paralyzes all nearby opponents within a 50 foot radius and also inflicts Fear on all opponents who are paralyzed. Additional ranks increases the amount of time opponents are paralyzed, along with Unyielding Agony, which adds a DOT effect to Grasping Shadows.

Level 14 – Ebon Void: A damage resistance ability that siphons incoming enemy attacks into another dimension. As long as the attacks are blocked the damage is mitigated into the other dimension. The advantage Voracious Darkness enables the Void to last longer and absorb an additional 10% of damage per every stack of enemy damage that’s blocked.

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Level 17 – Void Horror: Enables players to summon a Void Horror summoned pet that deals dimensional damage to opponents, the more the skill is charged the allows for a fully controllable void horror. Maintained control of the pet reduces energy at a rapid rate. When dispersed, the Horror deals explosive dimensional damage to nearby enemies and knocks them back.

Level 17 – Ebon Rift: Creates a dimensional rift gate near a target, which deals continual damage to all nearby targets. The rift also slows down all nearby targets and draws them in closer, doing additional damage the closer they get. Players will have to choose between this skill and Void Horror at level 17. This skill is better for team PvP and group play, while Void Horror is better for single play.

Level 22 – Spirit Reverberation: An active passive buff that allows players to feed off the fear of opponents. Any opponent Feared will increase your energy when they are attacked.

Level 27 – Shadow Shroud: A short damage buff that increases all damage for a short duration. Additional ranks will increase the duration of this effect.

Level 32 – Lifedrain: Exactly as it sounds. This useful skill completely drains the life from an opponent when sustained and feeds their life into you. An additional advantage turns this skill into an AOE attack that drains life out of all nearby enemies.

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Level 32 – Summon Shadows: Vicious shadows reach out of the ground to attack all nearby foes. Additional ranks increase the damage that the shadows do to your opponents. Players will have to choose between this skill and Lifedrain at Level 32.

Level 40 – Ebon Ruin: A Tier 3 power that that does massive Dimensional damage, and has an additional advantage to reduce a target’s resistance to Paranormal, Dimensional and Darkness powers. This is a scaled ability and at Rank 3 it can do an initial 1.9k points worth of damage to an opponent.

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