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Champions Online Specialist Guide
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A Specialist At Kicking Butt And Taking Names

One of the most popular comic book characters out there is a certain masked madman known as Deadpool. This character is a mixture of deadly combinations, including having the ability to use swords, knives, short range guns and long range weapons. His lethal combo of various weapons makes him a unique kind of hero, which also easily makes him a fan-favorite. In Champions Online there is a hero archetype designed specifically for gamers who want to emulate Deadpool with their very own kind of hero and that archetype is called, The Specialist. You can find out more about this archetype and the pros and cons of playing it in this Champions Online Specialist guide for beginners.

The Role Of The Specialist

Talking to the citizens

Unlike The Soldier archetype in Champions Online, The Specialist doesn’t rely on long range attacks to get the job done. Instead, the multifaceted class allows players to mix and match their tactics with a number o f short and mid-ranged attacks that can be altered between swordplay, melee combat and munitions.

The highlight of the Specialist is in fast-attacks with a constant barrage of various pistol and sword combos that whittle down an opponent’s life. However, the downside to the Specialist is that they lack any real hard hitting attacks and they’ll need to rely on constantly staying on the move to make the most of their abilities.

Unfortunately, The Specialist is only available via the cash shop for non-subscribers. However, if you’re a Gold Member you can access the Specialist archetype for free.

R&D And Play Tactics

Useful devices in battle

Considering that the Specialist uses a mixture of melee and projectile style weapons, some players might be more inclined to pick up a research and development skill in the area of Arms. However, it would be more convenient to focus on science for all the sword buff benefits for the primary arms. In addition to this, Science also offers this archetype a nice array of shields that will be more than beneficial during PvP and heavy mob or boss fights.

Regarding the play-style of the Specialist, players should keep in mind that this class is more of a support DPS character and not a tank, a pure DPS or much of a crowd controller. It would be wise to focus upgrading Dexterity and Ego (just like The Soldier) to get the most out of the Specialist.

The Specialist Powers And Abilities

Level 1 – Gunslinger: A very basic energy building attack that shoots dual pistols at a target dealing up to 81/58 piercing damage at Rank 3. An additional advantage is Trick Shot which can hit another target within 30 feet and deal double damage if the target is Feared.

Shooting the gun

Level 1 - Blade Tempest: A whirling blade attack that deals slashing damage to any target directly in front of you. Advantages include Crippling Strikes to boost enemy agro, Accelerated Metabolism to gain extra energy and Crashing Crescendo, which boosts critical hit damage.

Level 6 – Two-Gun Mojo: A dual-pistol sustained attack that does rapid fire pistol damage. Additional advantages allow for extra damage for close range targets with Close The Gap. There’s also Nailed to the Ground, which works well in PvP, and Crippling Challenge which can break through defenses as well as draw agro.

Level 8 – Lightning Reflexes: A slotted passive that automatically stacks up dodging and blocking abilities. For every attack against you this passive stacks a buff that will eventually allow you to dodge to the following attack. This skill scales with super stats.

Level 11 – Bullet Beatdown: A Gun Kata attack similar to the movie Equilibrium that wears down enemies using the various forms of Gun Kata to do increasingly sustained crushing and piercing damage. This skill also roots and stuns enemies for a short period. An advantage called “Not Without Incident” enables players to use the Gun Kata as an AOE when surrounded by numerous opponents.

Charging up the powers

Level 11 – Storm’s Harvest: Players will have to choose between this skill and Bullet Beatdown at level 11. This is a close-range, melee sword version of Bullet Beatdown. An additional advantage is Red-Eye Dragon, which causes every attack of Storm’s Harvest to deal critical damage.

Level 14 – Parry: An effective skill that works in tandem with your block. When activated this skill allows you to block any incoming attack and return some of the damage of the attack back to the attacker. An advantage called Elusive Monk allows the player to attack while having increased dodge and blocking capabilities.

Level 17 – Eye of the Storm: This skill uses the swords to surround the character with whirring blades that deals damage to any enemy target within a 10 foot radius. Additional advantages includes Accelerated Metabolism and Blade Beyond the Veil, which dishes out extra damage to any melee attackers attacking you while the skill is sustained.

Level 22 – Form of the Tempest: This is an active form skill that requires a full charge. Any attacks or skill activations while this skill is being charged will cancel it out. When activated this form enables you to do increased melee damage. Additional ranks increases Focus and critical hit damage. Gifts of the Storm also enables team healing effects while Form of the Tempest is active.

Level 27 – Holdout Shot: Just like the name says, this skill does 100% damage a critical hit is achieved and does additional damage at higher ranks. Stim Pack enables you to quickly heal while using Holdout Shot. This skill only has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Ready for combat

Level 32 – Lock-n-Load: This is the exact same skill as that of The Soldier, allowing for increased damage from piercing or munitions based attacks for a short period of time. Additional ranks increases the damage and duration of Lock-n-Load.

Level 32 – Masterful Dodge: An alternative to Lock-N-Load, this skill enables you dodge most of any kind of attack while it is activated. This is labeled as an active defense skill that has a cooldown of 90 seconds. Additional advantages increases avoidance and resistance. Unfettered Strikes allows attacks to stack on you and increases the damage of return attacks for a short time against opponents.

Level 40 – Lead Tempest: A sustained AOE attack that can damage up to five opponents within a 50 foot range. This skill has additional advantages including Challenging Strikes, Accelerated Metabolism and Tread Softly, which increases dodge and avoidance while Lead Tempest is activated.

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