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Champions Online Inventor guide
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An Inventive Champion

At one point the only way to utilize toys, gadgets and gizmos in Champions Online was to build a free-form character under the gadgeteering power structure. Cryptic has wisely taken the opportunity since the free-for-all conversion to add new archetypes for non-subscribers that utilize some of the more rare power structures and forms on the game. One of the newer archetypes in the game is The Inventor, a cash shop class that focuses on gadgeteering and science. You can find out the benefits, pros and cons of this class in this Champions Online Inventor guide.

A Bright Mind With Deadly Consequences

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The Inventor is a unique kind of character class in the world of MMOs simply because the archetype is not a standard DPS class, nor is it entirely a support class, and it’s certainly not a straight-forward tank. The one thing that makes the Inventor such a devastating class is that they have a lot of gimmicks and gadgets at their disposal, making them nearly effective for any situation depending on how their stats are built and what sort of powers are leveled.

The main two superstats of the Inventor are Intelligence and Presence, which is perfectly suitable for just about any situation. Intelligence will boost up MP while Presence will keep all the attention duly focused on the Inventor, which is perfect for taking out massive amounts of mobs or enemies using gadgets and toys.

Team Tactics And PvP

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The Inventor has a number of nifty abilities at his disposal, but the thing that truly makes him a force to be reckoned with is the summoned gadgets. These dangerous toys, robots and what have you are numerous and deadly, especially when combined with the self-heal capabilities.

When playing as a team, it would be wise to use the Inventor’s gadgets to off-tank if a tank is not present. Alternatively, if a tank is present you could easily use the Inventor as a multi-target DPS character, dealing moderate damage to a variety of mobs.

For PvP the Inventor can be somewhat cheating because if you summon a large mob to fight by your side it makes it almost nigh impossible to defeat the Inventor. Couple in the summons with the long range attacks and self-heals, and the Inventor is almost completely unstoppable when it comes to PvP.

Inventor Skill List

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Level 1 – Sonic Blaster: A basic energy building attack that has a special advantage that enables it to attack up to three enemies at once.

Level 1 – Experimental Blaster: A basic projectile attack that has a random chance to stun or confuse a target for a set amount of time. The higher the rank the higher the chance and the longer the effects will last.

Level 6 – Experimental Burst Ray: A high damage alternative to the Experimental Blaster, this device has a chance of casting an unforeseen effect on a target when overcharged. A special Cooling advantage is also available which helps dissipate the overheating effect.

Level 8 – Medical Nanites: A self and team heal effect that scales with the Presence superstat. The higher ranks heals you more and heals teammates more.

Level 11 – Attack Toys!: Summons an attack toy that can replicate up to four simultaneous duplicates at Rank 3. These summons can also fire rockets and throw fragmentation grenades.

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Level 11 – Munitions Bots: Players will have to choose between this skill and Attack Toys! At level 11. Munitions Bots are extremely dangerous and can be setup as flying mini-guns or stationary turrets. Upon defeat these bots will release AOE mines, greatly damaging whoever is nearby.

Level 14 – Energy Shield: A basic protection device that enables the Inventor to absorb damage when blocking. Grants up to 380% damage resistance at Rank 3 and is more effective than most other shields.

Level 17 – Bionic Shielding: An ally healing device that protects and recharges the health of a selected target. This skill is perfect for buffing up a tank when engaged in a boss fight or for helping teammates out during a vicious PvP bout.

Level 22 – Support Drones: Additional summons that enable the Inventor to either have the drones heal or attack. Their modes can be switched depending on the situation, making the Inventor even more deadly.

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Level 27 – Miniaturization Drive: A massive debuff skill that afflicts the target with reduced damage, reduced speed and has the ability to work in an AOE manner. An additional advantage allows you to grow in size as your target shrinks, basically adding insult to injury.

Level 32 – Sonic Device: This bonus buff enables additional damage on the next attack and slightly moderate damage when an AOE attack is used. No matter what attack is used, the target is stunned for a short time. A deafening solution advantage switches the roles, where AOE damage does 80% more than usual but single attacks only get a 20% damage buff.

Level 32 – Toxic Nanites: An alternative to Sonic Device at level 32 is the Toxic Nanites, these nasties buffs any subsequent attack with a toxic DoT effect, slowing chipping away health at a selected target. This buff does reduced damage when used in an AOE effect. An additional advantage is called Nerve Damage, which adds a snare effect to the Toxic Nanites.

Level 40 – Orbital Cannon: Much like the Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War, this orbital satellite blast sends foes scrambling for cover with massive particle damage. The only downside is that this skill must be fully charged to get the full effect.

If you still need help figuring out what class to play or what skills to use, be sure to check out Bright Hub’s Ultimate Guide to Champions Online.

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