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Champions Online Devastator guide
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Devastation Like No Other

It’s not easy being a big, bad, hammer wielding hero. Well, actually it is easy being that kind of hero, you just have to pay a few Atari points or subscribe to Champions Online to gain access to one of the newer archetypes that Cryptic added to their free-to-play superhero MMORPG, Champions Online. Gamers who enjoy wielding massive weapons and destroying everything in their wake, just like Conan the Barbarian, Kull the Conqueror or Thor the god of thunder, then you’ll find everything you need to know about being just like those heroes with this Champions Online Devastator guide.

Bring On The Devastation

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The Devastator class focuses entirely on wiping out foes using large slashing, clubbing or crushing weapons. If you enjoy taking out lots of mobs with sweeping strikes and deadly blows then you’ll be right at home with the Devastator.

Of course, the main superstats of the Devastator are recovery (for quick energy regain) and strength (for unleashing massive amounts of damage). Some of you might be questioning what the difference between this archetype and the Behemoth. Well, the Behemoth’s main focus is on absorbing damage and dishing it out in equal amounts. The Devastator, alternatively, can take a licking and keep on ticking but can deal far more damage to many more enemies in a shorter period of time than the Behemoth, making him perfect for mob fights.

Tactics And Roles

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The primary role of the Devastator is to go in and generally wreck havoc on opponents. The main focus of the Devastator is to work as a primary DPS and a secondary tank. With the right stats, buffs and equipment it’s possible to use this archetype as a primary but that role is better suited for the Behemoth.

Arms or Science would also be a beneficial research and development skill to attain given that from Arms you can use sticky grenades to keep PvP opponents from making use of their flying abilities and in Science you can use the shields to help absorb damage.

Devastator Skills

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Level 1 – Bludgeon: A basic energy building attack that also manages to dish out some massive damage to single opponents. One advantage that’s worth getting adds a 15% chance to disorientate an opponent for a brief period of time.

Level 1 – Cleave: A basic damage dealing attack that strikes anyone in front of you. Additional advantages include Challenging Strikes to raise threat as well as Accelerated Metabolism to increase energy regeneration.

Level 6 – Eruption: Batter up! This devastating attack (pun intended) knocks a single target high up into the air. This is similar to the Slobberknocker attack from the Behemoth, which knocks targets high into the air. An additional Advantage is called Magma Burst, which adds an explosive fiery attack to the weapon-style uppercut.

Level 8 – Unstoppable: Increases all physical attacks significantly and grants a small bonus buff for damage absorption. This skill scales with your superstats.

Level 11 – Decimate: A lunging striking attack that propels you toward the target to deal crushing damage. This attack has a chance to disorient the target if executed from more than 20 feet out.

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Level 14 – Guard: This is just like the Behemoth’s defense, enabling the Devastator to defend against attacks with a 300% damage reduction bonus. This is an active passive that works in conjunction with the block.

Level 17 – Skewer: A powerful forward thrusting attack that skewers all enemies within a straight line. This attack is essential for PvE players. An additional advantage includes increasing the damage of Skewer by 25%.

Level 17 – Skullcrusher: A PvP centric move that attacks all targets in a straight line in front of you and subsequently knocks them down. This is perfect when facing off against other melee characters or projectile opponents. This skill does less damage than Skewer but the knockdown effect is worth it during PvP.

Level 22 – Arc of Ruin: A disorienting critical physical strike that deals massive damage to a target and disorientates them. An additional advantage includes No Quarter, which weakens the target’s resistance to physical damage by 10%.

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Level 27 – Aggressor: Increases all melee damage attacks and every subsequent attack has a chance to ignite aggression.

Level 32 – Vicious Descent: Just like the name suggest, you leap high into the air and smash the target with a devastating blow. If additional enemies are within the target area of this attack they will also sustain massive damage, too. An additional advantage called Relentless enables Vicious Descent to knockdown all nearby targets.

Level 32 – Earth Splitter: An alternative to Vicious Descent, this attack sends fiery projectile damage to all enemies within your line of sight and knocks them up in the air briefly. Good for PvE, as opposed to Vicious Descent which is primarily for PvP.

Level 40 – Brimstone: Thor would be proud of this move right here. Holding up your weapon to the heavens, a powerful, unearthly elemental attack charges your weapon as you bear down its righteous fury on all nearby opponents. This is the reason you will want to become a Devastator. An additional advantage enables AOE, DOT fire to surround the area in which Brimstone was used.

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