Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 10 - A Peaceful Ride in the Forest

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 10 - A Peaceful Ride in the Forest
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An Early Ride

Okay, time for a bit of a walk. Before you go, you can stop at the wagon to buy some guns. I strongly suggest you get the superb volcano gun. It only costs about $450, so it’s a great buy. There’s also some rifles, dynamite, and bows. I grabbed a heavy rifle for Ray to give him some range.

When you’re ready, go up the green slope and do the climbing trick to get both of you up to the next level. Then walk up to the star and look over the edge. Weeping rock is easy to see, so walk back to give Juarez the news. Wait for your brother to jump onto Juarez’s wagon, and then get onto the free horse in back.

Ride along with the wagons as their escort. You’ll stop in a moment when one of the guards sees an Indian. Ride into the woods to the star to report that it’s just a bird. Rejoin and ride until they spot a real Indian on the arch. Move into the river and jump off. Take a spot by the wagon to help push it free. You’ll come under attack quickly though. Shoot the first native down river. Then turn and kill the next one across the river. Focus on taking out the men who come off of the rocks across the river. Keep firing at any movement. After about 6 die, the group of sharpshooters will be in position on the rocks above you.

Go down the river with your guns drawn. Shoot the few men on the banks and then turn down the narrow green path. Curve up the ledge while your brother watches your back. There are five sharpshooters up here. Start from the left and just keep firing. You should be able to take half of them out before they even turn around. Drop down to meet back up with Juarez.

Jump onto the free horse and ride out after Marisa and William. You have to split up though.

Another Rescue


You have to chase after William. Ride up to the left and jump off. Shoot the 4 natives in the back and rush down the short slope to meet William. Move forward with him and note that the wagon’s stolen. Charge up the right slope after Thomas. Shoot the 4 natives to the left and then just keep running. There’s another group of about 6 natives here. Most of them are facing away from you, so see if you can’t kill about 3 before they even turn around. Go up the slope to meet back up with Thomas and Marisa.


Thomas has it a bit shorter. You just need to charge up the right slope and shot the few natives up here in the back. Then just keep moving forward with your eyes on each side of the tree line. Natives will step out to attack with some regularity. Just keep taking them out. Shoot the last grouping on the second small slope and then catch up to Marisa. Ray and William will catch up in a minute.

A Quick Reunion

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Crossing the River in Chapter 9 is a Real Pain

Charge down the slope and stop at the ambush in the rocks. Take cover and help your brother pick off a few of the bowmen. Push further down the slope until you curve around and see the wagon. Pick off any stragglers from the attack and wait for Juarez to stop shooting at you. Approach him and get your next mission. You get to raid a large Comanche camp now.

Ride out and along the main path with your brother. Keep going until the ambush by the river. Shoot the 2 men to the left and then start clearing the river. Shoot the rifleman on the rock and then just search the riverbank. Slowly move out and start crossing the river. I counted about 8 in the river. Help your brother pick them off and just move along slowly. Check the rocks and you’ll be fine. The wagon will catch up as you finish.

Wait for your brother to cross with the wagon and then ride ahead with him until you make it to the camp.

Getting the Guns


Thomas gets to do some more lassoing and jumping to make it up to the rocks above the camp. Once you get there, you just comfortably snipe the natives in the camp. Help your brother kill all 8 of them and then climb down or backtrack to the camp.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - The Gatling Gun Makes This Part Pretty Boring


Just move into the camp. Shoot the two furthest lookouts and then stick to the rocks on the left. If you slowly advance along the rocks, then you can just keep them all in front of you. If you manage that, then it’s a piece of cake. Finish off the last few in the camp to win.


Jump onto the Gatling gun in the wagon. You knew that you’d eventually get to fire it. Then just wait for the riders to show up. This is actually pretty easy. Just shoot in the general direction of their horses to thin them out. They shouldn’t even be able to get close enough to fire. After a short trip, you’ll pass into Apache territory and be home free.

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