Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - Fighting Your Way into Town

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - Fighting Your Way into Town
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The Fight to the Jail

Ride into town along the long path. Get off your horse when your brother does and then do the climbing trick to get both of you up to the top of the shack. Drop down and move forward carefully.

It’s an ambush. Rush forward and get behind the central barrels. There are about 4 men on the top of the drug emporium and another 4 on the jail. They pop up one at a time though, so just stay behind cover and keep knocking them down. Advance with your brother to see that the door is locked and barred. Go back to the window and note that a horse could pull off the bars. Grab a horse from the little stable by the emporium and ride it over for a cutscene.

Go through the window and get ready for a dual concentration scene. There are 4 men in a tight space. It should be easy to nail them all. Go forward and open the door with your pistol drawn. Shoot the 2 men behind it and go into the stairwell. Try to open the door to find that it’s locked. Go upstairs and shoot the guard at the top. Then turn the corner into the next room. Lean around the door’s edge and pick off the deputy inside. Go forward more and open the next door. Lean around again to pick off the 2 guys inside. Grab the keys and go back to the cell. Open it to see that the gun runner isn’t here. Go back out and watch the right window. Shoot the 2 men coming in through your old entrance and then go out. A Gatling gun is covering the street though. Go down the next alley.

Reaching The Water Tower

Thomas needs to get to that water tower, but it doesn’t matter for now. Whoever you are, just push forward from barrel to barrel. Keep shooting the gunmen who come out from the barn and saloon. Watch your right side to make sure that they don’t flank you around the wagon.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Covering Thomas as He Climbs is Surprisingly Easy

Go forward and to the shack. Wait for your brother and do the climbing trick again to get on top of it. Drop down and go to the locked gate.


Thomas needs to go around and use the lasso to get up to the balcony. Then just get up to the ledge and help Ray snipe the men on the rooftops. Drop down and open the gate when it’s safe.


You have to cover Thomas. Pull out your dual pistols and watch the rooftops above the gate. Most of them will be on the right rooftop. 1 or 2 come off of the left. One comes out on your side of the gate at point blank range. Just watch for them and keep firing until Thomas jumps down and opens the gate for you.


Advance and go to cover. You need to keep moving. Follow your brother through the gap in the buildings and start shooting at the men in the explosives depot. Keep firing. After you pick a few off, the whole thing will explode and fall off of the cliff. Go through the ruins, but don’t fall off the narrow ledge.

Go forward and wait for the sharpshooters’ gunfire. You will need to take them out, regardless of which brother you are. If you’re Thomas, then look out at the run down building in front of the water tower. Snipe the 3 sharpshooters. If you’re Ray, then advance when Thomas tells you to go. Go up to the buildings on the left and peek out from cover. You should be able to line up a shoot on all 3 of the sharpshooters inside. Pick them off and advance again.

Shoot the fleeing bandits and charge into the next yard. Crouch behind a hay bale and start picking off the 6 men in the yard. Just keep firing and work through them. It is time to finally climb the water tower.


Just use your lasso to start climbing. At the second tier, you’ll come under fire. Turn out and snipe the 4 riflemen on the rooftops. 2 are across from you. 2 are down the street.


You have to cover Thomas. The same rules apply though. Wait for him to get to the second level and trigger the riflemen. Start shooting at the 2 directly across from him. Then wait for the next 2 to pop up at the building down the street to the right. Pick them off and wait for Thomas’ report.

The Gatling and the Charge

4 men come out from the starred location down the street. Start shooting. One opens up a door. Kill him and go through that door. Go through the first floor and wait by the damaged door. Ray can kick it open.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - The Action is All Around You After You Capture the Gatling

You’re right by the Gatling gun. Thomas will wait by the window. Ray kicks open the door and ambushes it. Nothing really changes though. Just pop out and start shooting. Kill the gunner and take out the two close guards. Wait for the speeding wagon to pass and then jump onto the Gatling gun. Use it to fire down the street and kill the 10 guards who should be moving toward you. The only trick is watching the barrels to the right. If someone takes up a position there, just turn and fire. You’ll get a notice when you’re done. Move carefully down the street and watch for any stragglers.

For this part, you split a little bit. When the civilian runs across the street, they spring an ambush. Take out the 2 riflemen on the roofs and then get the other few gunmen in the streets. Thomas gets to go to the left balcony to snipe the enemies. Ray needs to advance along the street with him. Move to the next ambush point and stay on the right side by the barrels. Watch for the speeding wagon coming down the street. Shoot into the back to kill the 2 gunmen inside. Then start working on the next big group down the street. Just keep firing along with Thomas to clear the 6 or 7 out of the streets.

Advance further and finally get within sight of the saloon. Shoot the gunman on the roof and start firing on the 2 men in town. Get to the saloon once the area is clear. Time for one huge ambush

A Daring Rescue

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Getting to the Barn is Still One Large Fight

Take cover by the wagon. For point of reference, the saloon is in front of you. The first 3 pop up on the left, so pick them off. Then take out the 2 on top of the saloon. Turn and shoot the 2 or 3 behind you. Your brother will actually be a lot of help, so just try to stay alive. Then just keep watch. They’ll pop up on these three rooftops and occasionally along the street to the right. The wagon blows up soon as they throw barrels of dynamite over. Just fall back until the 2 explosions pass. Then just keep your head on a swivel and wait for the saloon doors to open. Another 10 or so are instead. 6 should pour out, so just open up on them with whatever ammo you have left. Then go inside and pick off the stragglers. Go upstairs and kill the man at the top of the stairs. Then take out the next 2 guarding the hallway. Open the door and take out the 2 remaining guards by your prisoner. Talk to the bandaged man to finally free him.

Time for another duel though. Head out of the saloon and kill the Pinkerton agent. There’s nothing too special about this one. Just outdraw him and land a clean shot. It wasn’t any more difficult than the last batch.

Go up the street. Kill the men at the blockade and wait. You can do the climbing trick twice to get up there yourself. As you move forward, 2 men rush out of the door ahead of you. Shoot them and the rifleman on the roof when he pops up. Move forward across the planks and shoot the next 3 riflemen on the opposite rooftop. Go across the roof to kill another gunman. Then go a bit further to take out the last. Drop down with your brother and go a bit further. Kill the man who runs out an then realize that they’ve got another Gatling. Go back and up the stairs to the balcony. Go into the next room and flank the Gatling gunner. Kill him and pick off as many as you can from this position. Then go back out to the balcony and fire from behind the cover of the sign. Try to take out the 7 men inside the barn. Once they’re cleared out, drop down and go forward with your brother. Take out any stragglers and go into the barn for a cutscene.

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