Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - We show you how to get PS3 trophies for this great Western PS3 shooter

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - We show you how to get PS3 trophies for this great Western PS3 shooter
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A Heaping of PS3 Trophies

You’ll strike it rich with Call of Juarez Bound in Blood, as the game offers a whopping 48 trophies, including a platinum. Get them all with our guide on how to get these sweet PS3 trophies for your favorite Western shooter.

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Bronze Trophies

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You can get four PS3 trophies just for completing the first four acts in Call of Juarez Bound in Blood. You can then get the Crowbait and Between Hay and Grass trophies by completing the game on easy and medium difficulties. When you complete the game on one of the harder difficulties, you’ll automatically get the trophies for the easier ones.

In Chapter 1, destroy all the rafts with the cannon before they land to get the D-Day trophy.

On Chapter II, don’t kill the cow to earn the Yankee Cow trophy.

Get the Mayhem trophy by killing 20 armed enemies from the stagecoach in Chapter III.

In Chapter IV, kill all the sharpshooters as Ray without help from Thomas for the Sharpshooter Distraction trophy. As Thomas, kill them all in 10 seconds for the Sharpshooter Destruction trophy.

While riding the lift in Chapter IX, destroy everything that is thrown at you for the Quite a Ride trophy.

In Chapter XI, kill all the indians during the canoe chase for the Rowing-Race Cheater trophy.

In Chapter XII, as Thomas, use only the bow through the entire level for the Man of the Hood trophy.

Finish one side quest for the Boy Scout trophy and all of them for the Shield of Hope trophy.

In concentration mode, kill seven people for Quick Hands. Kill all of the enemies in cooperative concentration mode for Frag Steal.

Blow up ten chickens with dynamite for the Arkansas Fried Rooster trophy. Shoot two dynamite sticks in mid air for Fireworks.

Shoot an enemy through a wall for the None Shall Hide trophy.

Kill five enemies with a chair for the Mad Carpenter trophy.

Mowing down thirty enemies with a moving gatling gun will get you the Vindicator trophy.

The following PS3 trophies can only be earned in ranked play in Call of Juarez Bound in Blood:

Earn the 99 Scalps trophy for getting 99 headshots. You can also get Pistol Expert, Rifle Expert, and Shotgun Expert by killing 250 people with each.

Kill four enemies between 12:00pm and 12:15pm local time for the High Noon trophy.

Kill five enemies while horseback for Drive-By.

Buy 20 second level and 10 third level upgrades for Well Invested.

Kill ten enemies as an invincible wanted for Unforgiven.

For Welcome to the Frontier, finish a full Wild West Legends game.

Win five rounds as an Outlaw and a Lawman for Crime Does Pay and Tin Star.

Play a full game with each class for Jack of all Trades.

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Silver PS3 Trophies

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You can get the Curly Wolf trophy by finishing the game on hard.

You’ll also get the Ray’s Story and Thomas' Story trophies for completing each chapter as both brothers.

Collect all the secrets in the game for Gotta Catch’em All.

Finish any chapter (except for VI and VIII) without getting hurt for Untouchable.

Collect a total of $200,000 for On the Right Track.

Play a full Wild West Legends game on each level for Been There, Done That.

Unlock all classes in Call of Juarez Bound in Blood in ranked only for Magnificent Thirteen.

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Gold PS3 Trophies

Want to earn even more gold in Call of Juarez Bound in Blood? Here are the Gold PS3 trophies that you can earn in game:

Earn the Old West Legend Trophy for completing the game on very hard.

Collect a total of $1,000,000 to get Goldrush!

Kill a total of 2,000 enemies for Forgiveth Me, Lord.

Finally, earn all of the trophies to unlock Ace of Spades, the platinum trophy.

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