Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 14 - Thomas' Horse Gathering Adventure

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 14 - Thomas' Horse Gathering Adventure
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Thomas - Getting Inside

You have to start out as Thomas for this part of the night raid. It is possible to do a lot of this stealthily with the bow and knives, but I didn’t feel like doing that. It plays out the same, anyway. The enemies are too random for much planning once you get inside.

Move forward and snipe both of the perimeter guards on the wall. Then use the lasso to climb up to the crates. Hide by these crates and start sniping the men in the yard. Try to kill about 8. They tend to be focused on the left side, but don’t forget the men by the barn area. Once the area looks fairly clear, drop down and pull out your pistol. Everyone should be in short range for the rest of the chapter. Just run and gun your way to the marked barn. There should only be 1 or 2 gunslingers left. Get inside and hit the checkpoint.

Thomas - Gather the Horses

You now have to gather up 3 horses. Start by getting the one by itself on the right side of the fort. Pass by the destroyed double doors. There is a penultimate gun store outside with all the best pistols, rifles, and shotguns. I suggest that you buy a volcanic gun if you don’t have one for Thomas. You’ll need the firepower and quick reloading.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Gathering the Horses Depends on Constant Movement and Steady Fire

Just follow this short path to the star. I can’t offer much advice here since the enemies spawn out of tents along the route and behind you. Just stay alert and watch for gunfire. They shouldn’t ever manage to gang up on you, so just turn and fire when they come out. The volcanic gun makes short work of them. Get to this first horse and rush it back. You’ll just run into one or 2 gunslingers. Just ignore the riflemen firing at you as you mount up. You’ll be out of range in a few seconds. Take it back to the barn.

Time for 2 more horses. They are both on the other side. Just push further in again and basically rinse and repeat what you just did. There are no real challenges. There are just stragglers around the area. Stick to cover and stay mobile. You risk running out of ammo if you stay around and fight the endless spawns. Get these last 2 horses in roughly the same style. There’s no real strategy to it. Just keep your eyes open and watch out for new spawns on the way back.

After your third trip, the gang will surround you and set the barn on fire. Grab a bucket and throw some water on both doors. Then pull out your pistol and open the door. There are 6 men outside. Keep your back to the door and clear out the right side first. Then lean out and pick off the stragglers on the left. The last challenge for Thomas is the duel. This is a big step up in difficulty. He doesn’t draw that fast, but he moves a lot. Just remember to keep your hand from drifting too far away. Outdraw Juarez’s man and watch the cutscene. It’s time for Ray to do his Thing.

Ray - A Long Rescue

Ray is going do a lot of room clearing for the time being. Draw your shotgun or the dual pistols and open the first door. Don’t worry if your guns are bad. The enemies will drop really good stuff. Shoot the man in the room and kill the second bandit who charges into the room. Advance and open the next door. There’s a man right in front of you, one behind the grate, and one to the left. Take them all out with pistol fire. Turn to the right and go forward along with William. The stairs to the left are a dead end, so ignore them.

Go through this area and kill the 2 men hiding behind the crates. Turn into the big room to the right. Move from pillar to pillar and gun the guards down. Turn the next corner and gun down the 2 men guarding this short staircase. Move a bit further and take out the last man guarding the steps.

Go up to the big double doors. Pull out your dual pistols and make sure they’re fully loaded. Break open the doors and shoot the 3 men standing in front of you. Then pick off the man in back. Break open the door in back and ignore the steps. Open up the big door once William is in position. Duck back immediately to not be shot full of holes by the small army out there. Wait for William to close the door, then follow him out. Go back into the last area and shoot the 3 men coming in the double doors you just kicked in. Go through the door they opened to get back into the dungeon.

Walk down and shoot the one man in back by the cell. As you approach the stairs with William, you should start taking fire. Spin around and take out both men. Go down and into the room right before the cell. You need to drop some dynamite right on top of the grate and run into a corner. There’s a crate full of explosives in the room if you need more. Drop down into the sewers after William.

Ray - A Little Bath

Advance through the flooded tunnels and back around to the wine cellar. Curve around and quickly shoot both of the men at the back. Try to hurry, otherwise one may throw some dynamite. Turn into that tunnel and be ready to run right into 4 men in the tunnel. Just fire as fast as you can to take them all out. Fall back if you have to, but make sure that you at least get the front 2 on your first try.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Ray Will Have to Keep Juarez’s Men Pinned to Win the Fight

Go forward and shoot the one man waiting by the rocks. Then get the next man at the crossing. Turn to the left at the fork in the road. Take out the man at the end of the tunnel and follow the path forward. Just keep going forward. Watch out for the last man. You’re almost out when you see the lantern over the ammo crate. Go into the water caverns and find Juarez. Take up a position behind a rock and hope for the best.

Fire on the men who come out of the main entrance. I counted about 5. Keep an eye out for Juarez’s dynamite. He usually aims to the left, but it depends a bit on luck. If you want, you can throw some of your own dynamite into the tunnel to help pull him out. Hopefully you stringed together a concentration mode when you kill his bodyguards. When Juarez comes out, trigger it and pump him full of rounds. If that’s not an option, then just keep firing manually. He’ll come down for a duel after a few hits.

The duel with Juarez is really tough. It will probably take you a few tries. He does a lot of little movements that can really throw you off. The area is also tight, so little movements make a big difference when it comes to aiming. He also fires from the hip, so you have even less time off of the draw. Just keep trying. You know the basics, so just keep at it until he goes down. Once he’s dead, follow William out and let him boost you up. Then go out the tunnel to find the way out of the cave.

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