Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 11 - You Against the Navajo

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 11 - You Against the Navajo
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A Trip to the Navajo

Time for a little ride. Just wait for a minute while Seeing Farther takes you along the river. He’ll point out the Navajo lookouts soon. There are about 4 lookouts on the left. Just start firing and help your brother take them out. One will rush to the canoe and try to get away. If you miss him, then your brother will probably get him. You need to focus on firing quickly though. Their rifles are very damaging and you have nowhere to hide. After the lookouts are dead you’ll go a bit further and spot his spirit guide. He’ll disembark at the village shortly. Go up the path and on the cliff to scout a route. Don’t shoot at anyone just yet

Don’t worry though, you’re not listening to Seeing Farther. This isn’t a sneaking mission. Go ahead and move down the path until the lookout spots you. Take him out and then shoot the three guards ahead. Move forward and look to the right. The Navajo will just keep coming from the village. Help your brother kill the first 8 or so that come out from by the tent. Then fall back to Seeing Farther and start moving up the hill. Keep moving. If you start to come under heavy fire, go to a rocky outcropping and fire back. Advance until you see the group of Navajo moving along the cliffs.

Turn and get ready to cover your escape. If you’re Ray, plant some dynamite on the rock. If you’re Thomas, then just cover him for a few seconds. You now only have to worry about the guys in front of you. Advance and shoot the 4 men to the right on the upper level. Just do a line of pistol shots and take them out. Move further up the path and just cut through the 5 men moving toward you. Then go up and around to the next camp. There are about 6 men up there. Take cover behind the big rock up ahead and start shooting them. The big rock provides good cover, so you should be safe. Go up to the camp and take out the few riflemen across the gap. You should then note that the bridge has been cut.

Reaching the Dam

Follow him down the path and over to the big tree. Help your brother push it over to bridge the gap. Cross it and move down into the river. There’s another ambush here. Get by a rock and start firing on the 4 men coming toward you. Help your brother and they should die quickly. Look to the upper right and move forward. You should be able to kill the sniper on the upper level.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - The Mountain Path is Lined with Danger

Advance further down the river and watch the left side. Start picking off the riflemen as they come into view. There are five up here lining the cliff. They should come into view one at a time. Advance to the dam to realize that it’s a bit too high for you. Turn up the cliff along with Seeing Farther and note the reinforcements coming to the shore.

Take up a position by the rock and start firing at the first four or so moving toward you. Advance to a sturdy tree and clear out the 3 men behind the log to the right. This is a great firing position for you. Advance and crouch behind it. Then just hang back and help your brother take out the surviving 6-8 men along the shore. Once the coast is clear, go to the star and get your next plan.

Advance up the path with your pistol out. 5 men rush out to form an ambush at the neck of the pass. Turn out and just blast them all before they get into position. Go further up to get to the camp at the dam. Take cover by the wood pile and snipe the few men inside the camp. Drop down the cliff to get to the dam. Turn to the left and look to the totems. Fire and kill the 2 or 3 men on the ground. Then turn to the upper left area and shoot a sniper on the rocks. Time for a bit of an explosion.

Breaching the Dam


Your part is fairly easy again.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Blowing up the Dam is Easy.  Escaping the Blast is Hard

Go to the far side and place the first stick of dynamite. Then hit the other 2 spots and leave. It should automatically fall to 30 seconds left when you step off of the dam. You can’t stay close though. If you hang back, then Thomas will be caught in the blast. Push forward. Crouch by the rocks for a minute. Nail the sniper on the upper left rocks and then charge forward to get clear in time to watch the fireworks.


Your part is simple if not easy. Wait for a minute by the rocks and snipe the enemies who show up. Be very careful of a sniper who sets up on the upper left. Then look forward to take out the men showing up by the totems. After the charges are placed, you have to push forward and get to the totems to be clear of the blast.

A Not So Sacred Place

Alright, just follow along with your brother and Seeing Farther. There shouldn’t be many enemies along the way. Just push forward and move across the stream to the star. Time to shed some blood in their sacred place. This dual concentration mode is probably the toughest in the game. Just keep firing and take out as many on your side as you can. Your brother will probably get one or two on his side. Turn in and take out any stragglers. Make sure you hit any bowmen on the raised sides.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Canoe to Canoe Combat at Its Finest

Go in and toward the medallion. Seeing Farther will climb up to grab it. Turn around and help your brother hold back the Navajo rushing the area. Just keep firing. I counted about 5 before Seeing Farther comes down. Turn to the left and move forward. Kill another 3 men guarding the canoes. Then jump onboard.

There are 2 canoes over to the left. They’ll be within pistol range soon, so you have a lot of options for which firepower to use. Pick off the 2 riflemen on each boat. Then nail the rower when he pulls out his gun. Shoot quickly, since you’re out in the open. Turn behind you and start firing at the second group of boats. Just fire at the 2 clusters to take them out. Turn to the front as you move down the river. Watch the left side and shoot each of the sharpshooters on the rocks. They come up one at a time, so just keep firing. It’s all over once you go over the waterfalls. Just ride it out.

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