Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 13 - A Ride into a Ghost Town

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 13 - A Ride into a Ghost Town
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The Calm and the Storm

Ride into the ghost town. There’s a vendor conveniently placed on the outside of town. There’s the standard stuff along with some cool gear for Ray. There’s a superb shotgun here for about $500, which is a good weapon for Ray.

Go into the town and get off your horse. Step forward and keep moving until you hear O’Donnell. Turn the corner and get to the next house. Blast the guy on the balcony.


Break the front door and get inside. Blow away the 3 guys downstairs. Use the door for cover as always. Turn inside and go upstairs. Kill the guy at the top and turn again. Then turn and kill the last guy up top. Backtrack out and return to Thomas


You can’t break the door, so you have to lasso a post on the roof and pull yourself up and over the balcony. Do it quickly, since a gunman has the doorway covered. Shoot him and rush down the steps. Blow away the 3 men downstairs. The only apparent way out is to jump off the balcony, so do it and report back to Ray.

Finding Barnsby

Follow your brother over to the next area. Crouch down and start firing at the guys in front. Crouch by the wagon. Take out the guy to the left and circle around. Push forward into the next marked building. The door is already open. Turn in and just blow away the 4 guys on the bottom. The shotgun or any pistol should work. Go upstairs and repeat the trick. Use the doorway and the cabinet for cover. Then just blow all 4 away quickly.

Backtrack out and move toward the gunfire. Kill the few men on the ground until you approach the saloon and trigger the cutscene. It’s an ambush of course. But your brother has your back and gets the 3 men behind you. Just focus on killing the men on the saloon balcony. Pick off the 2 men on the right balcony. Turn and shoot the next 3 that pop up on the left rooftop. The pistol works fine at this range. Then start firing on the few men that pop up in the windows. Things split up for awhile.

Storming the Saloon


Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Taking out the Gunmen on the Roof Isn’t Too Hard

You can’t do anything about the dynamite. Stick close to the center crates to avoid the blast and focus on killing the men who come to the saloon upper windows. There should be about 4-6. Thomas should then be in the upper window. He’ll fire on the dynamite throwers and clear the path. Stay behind cover though, since a hidden Gatling opens up on you.

You can run now or wait for Thomas to come down and officially distract the Gatling. Just a wait a second until it’s not firing at you and then sprint out to the broken wagon. Curl around to the saloon entrance and look through the window. Start to climb through and shoot the gunner until he falls to the floor. Take cover behind the piano and start firing. You have to be aggressive, or else they’ll kill your brother. Take out the bartender and then fire quickly at the 5 men who came downstairs. Try to go upstairs only to be stopped by O’Donnell.


Thomas needs to snipe the dynamite throwers. Go to the marked spot on the left side of the building behind you. There’s a post you should be able to lasso. Pull yourself up and into the second level. Look out the window and shoot the 2 marked men on the rooftops.

Drop down and move to cover. Just wait for a minute. Ray should charge the doors and take out the gunner. Rush over to the marked spot by the doors to start a dual concentration mode. There are 5 men you have to hit. Just pick off as many as you can and then kill the stragglers.

Approach the stairs to get call by O’Donnell.

Vengeance is Mine

The duel is another step up in difficulty, but it isn’t too bad. Just stay focused and keep your hand close. You should be able to kill him after a few tries.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Killing O’Donnell in the Duel is Quite Satisfying

Drop down and move out into the street. Start walking and keep firing at the 3 men moving into position along the road. Push your way to the barn and take cover by the crate outside. Fire into the barn and kill the 4 men inside. Then turn around and go outside. Kill a few more men by the cabin and then get to the cemetery. Stick close to the tombstones and use them for cover against the Gatling. Creep forward carefully and wait until your brother draws away its fire until you make your final move. Go up to the final tombstone. The gunner should be in pistol range. Fire until he falls. Make sure you kill the other 2 soldiers in the front area though, otherwise they will try to jump onto the gun. Rush up and jump onto the Gatling. Turn it around and fire wildly into the church at the 4 soldiers inside. It should bring the ceiling down on them.

It’s time to finally get Barnsby. He’ll rush around the back area and throwing dynamite. Just fire at him a few time while he’s exposed. Then wait for your brother’s note to cut the bell loose. Fire at the bell and send it crashing down on top of Barnsby. Watch the cutscene and enjoy the end of the chapter.

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