Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 6 - Gangs and Robbers

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 6 - Gangs and Robbers
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It’s important to note that this chapter is completely optional. If you don’t want the money, then you can just jump on a horse and talk to your brother. You can then follow them out into the town and meet up with Jaurez to start the next chapter.

Kill Ramos

Reward: $100

Let’s start with a fairly simple one. Activate the mission and jump onto a nearby horse. Then just ride out to the left and follow the star. You should come across two men holding a woman hostage. Snipe them if you can before they spot you and attack.

Get to the fort and engage the guards. There should be one rifleman on each side of the gate and one or two guards who charge the locked gate and fire out with pistols. The next part depends on the brother.

Get close and use the pistol to take out a few guards. Ray gets to use some dynamite on the hard point to blow up the gate. Thomas needs to lasso the water tower to pull himself up and into the main yard.

Regardless, get inside and use the barrels for cover. Move forward and curve to the right. Kill the next group and get around to the marked building. Open the door and kill the two down here. Then go upstairs and open the door. Kill the next two and go outside to find Ramos making a quick exit. Use the doorway for cover and kill the four men covering Ramos’ escape. There’s no time limit, so take your time. Just use the pistol and take them out one at a time. Once they’re dead, get on the horse by the gate and chase after him.

There are two snipers along the escape route. Just gallop past them. Get to the cabin and stop by the rock. Crouch and use it for cover against the wave of gunfire. Pick off the four guys as they shoot through the doors and windows.

A duel starts when the fourth man dies. Win the duel and ride back to the store. You will probably see some settlers fighting three bandits. Help them out.

Stolen Property

Reward: $100 + roughly $50 in money bags at the end

Ride your horse over to the next star on the right. Save the two settlers from the two bandits, then ride over the desert road to the star. Get off your horse and go through a narrow entrance to the camp. Kill the four bandits around the fire. Move forward and shoot the rifleman on top of the closest rock. Take cover behind the next set of rocks and shoot the four other bandits spread throughout the camp.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Make Sure You Grab the Stolen Moneybags for Extra Loot

Go more to the right and kill the four men who come out into the grassy area. Then move forward and into the main camp. I think I saw about ten men here during the heat of the fight. You can either hang back behind cover and snipe or charge in with the pistols. Either way, just be very careful and pick them off one at a time. Make sure that you get the sniper on the upper left rock first. He’s pretty dangerous. The rest just use pistols. Keep firing and moving until you take out the entire group. Then move further to the right and into the last part of the camp. Grab the money bags around the fountain and then get ready for the fight. Move to the back part of the cave and try to nail their leader right off the bat. A solid shotgun blast from a fair distance was still enough to end it and bring about the duel. If you can’t hit him hard or fast enough, then rush back behind the fountain and slug it out with him until you wound him enough for the duel. Then just win the duel. This one actually seemed pretty easy to me. Just keep trying if you fail though. Backtrack through the camp and grab one of the horses on the way out. There’s a box of free explosives by the horses if need more.

When you leave the camp, four men come out from the rocks and ambush you. Get off of the horse and take cover by the rocks on the right. Pick off the two on the left and then lean out to shoot the other two. Ride back to the store once you’re done.

Cattle Rustlers

Reward: $200 + $1 for every live cow

Go out over the center and ride down the road. Be careful when you near the dead horse. A settler is pinned down by a sniper and a bandit. The sniper killed my horse with one shot, but I don’t believe it’s scripted. Get behind the rock with the settler and just shoot both of the two men. Grab one of their horses if he killed yours.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Your First Sight of the Cattle Rustlers in Chapter 6

Ride to the star and then follow it up to the cliff. Thomas should be able to snipe the rustler on the horse if you want a challenge. Otherwise, just ride down. Keep moving through the desert and watch out for a sniper. Thomas can pick him off. Ray just has to charge and scare him off. You’ll run into an ambush though. Jump off and get behind a rock.

Shoot the three men here and start moving forward carefully. The next turn is an ambush, too. Kill the one guy right in front of you and take cover by the big rock. Turn the corner and shoot the next five guys. You should be good at handling these situations by now. Just pick them off with whatever you have. Then rush into camp and get ready for the last big push.

You are technically supposed to protect the cows, but there isn’t much you can do. Take cover by any outcropping of rocks and just try to stay alive. Watch out for the occasional dynamite and focus on picking off each of the bandits as they come out. Then turn the corner and shoot the next few guys in the camp. Move forward and take out the last two guys who ambush you from the rocks. Get into the clearing for the last boss.

Take cover by a rock and just watch the rocks up top for the boss. When he steps out, put a bullet in him and try to wound him before he gets a shot off. He can do a lot of damage quickly. Just stick to cover, listen for his voice, and watch the rocks. After four hits, he’ll step down for a duel. Just take him out. Then just ride back to the store. I only spotted one bandit on the rode out.

The Aftermath

Once you’re done with the quests, there isn’t much else to do. Look at the weapons in the gun store. You might want to hold onto your money until chapter 8 though. There is a substantial bump in quality. If you aren’t having problems killing enemies quickly, then just give it a pass for now. Work your way over to your brother. Just talk to him and you’ll trigger a cutscene for the next mission.

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