Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 9 - An Daring Escape

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 9 - An Daring Escape
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A Grand Escape

Time for a fight with some old friends. Colonel Barnsby’s men are pretty strong, so don’t underestimate them. They have good weapons and are good shots. They also drop money bags with $20-25 in them, so loot whenever you can.

Once you’re untied, grab the chair. Wait off to the side. Charge the soldier who comes into the room and smack him with the chair. You will magically get all your weapons back as you leave, so don’t worry. Charge out and blow away the 2 soldiers to the right. Then examine your escape route.

Start moving down the steps. Don’t worry about your brothers. They’ll catch up. As a side note, Ray seems to move very slowly along the steps when the AI controls him. Be patient. Move down the steps and across the planks. Go down further and watch out for gunfire from the elevator. Move down further and take cover by the barrels. Pick off the few guards on the other side of the ravine. Cross the planks and go down the steps to the right to get back on the ground.

Approach the wooden doors and do a dual concentration mode. There are 4 men here, but you can probably only nail three. Take them out and shoot the last guy behind the barrels after it’s over. Turn to the left and get behind the barrels. Fire down the hall and take out the 3 men in the tunnel. Advance and take out the next few guards. Turn the corner again and shoot the last few men by the exit.

Step out and onto the planks. Go down to the drawbridge and shoot the 4 men on the other side who rush out. Thomas needs to go over and lower the drawbridge.

A Bridge Too Far


Go back up a level and lasso over to the post to the right of the bridge. Watch out for the 2 riflemen who run out to the left of the bridge. Pick them off if Ray can’t. Walk over to the bridge and pull the lever.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - You’ll Cover Thomas a Lot in Chapter 9


You have it easy. Just stand there and shoot the two men who come out below and to the left of the drawbridge.


Cross the bridge and go down another set of stairs. Shoot the two men on the other side and just keep going. Cross the planks and come to the next set of wooden doors. Do the dual concentration mode. There are 3 men you can shoot. Try to take them out. Charge in and kill the other 2 on the left side.

Do the climbing trick again. Thomas might need to use the lasso to get up, but it’s still the same trick. Go down the next tunnel and shoot the man waiting for you. Then press forward and go in guns blazing toward the exit. There are about 6 men spread out in the small area. Just shoot them as soon as they stand up. You can be pretty aggressive here and still not get hit much, so have fun.

Leave and go out onto the planks. Curve around until you get to the platform. Nail the 2 guys across from you and the last man below and to the left. It’s time for a little bit of a split.

An Elevator Escape


Thomas has to do a lot of jumping and climbing. Walk across the planks and then use a lasso on the tower to get up to the middle level. Walk out to the cliff and lasso the point above the top of the tower. Climb up and to the wood planks. Turn and help Ray kill the soldiers who rush out above you. Then go along the planks to the elevator. Lasso your way across and get onto the elevator. Then pull the lever to go down. Ray and William will get onboard.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Keep Firing as the Elevator Descends


Ray’s part is easy. Just stand on the raised part. Don’t even go across the planks. Keep a pistol out and watch Thomas climb. Shoot the 4 men who rush out on the upper part of the platform across from you. It takes them a few seconds to get into position, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Then just wait for Thomas to send the elevator down.


First rule of video gaming is that elevator rides aren’t peaceful. About halfway down you’ll come under dynamite attack. Turn upwards and look at the cliff. Just pull out a pistol or rifle and keep firing. Take out the barrels. They’re big and you have a bit of time. Your brother will help too. After about 7 barrels you’ll trigger a big explosion up top. Wait out the landslide and turn to face the platforms.

An Explosive Exit

Some more soldiers are waiting on the platforms. Try to pick them off now. Shoot 1 more guy as you reach the bottom and get off the elevator. Advance to the barrels and kill the few guards spread out on the platform. Be very careful though. Take cover and watch the wooden doors ahead. A crack team of 3 soldiers comes out during the fight. One has a heavy scoped rifle, one has a portable Gat

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Wielding a Portable Gatling is as Cool as it Looks

ling, and the other is just good with dual pistols. They can kill you very quickly. Stay behind cover and just pop out for a few seconds to lay into them. Rinse and repeat until you kill them and the few remaining guards around the platform. Either set of barrels near the elevator platform will work.

Ray should definitely grab the Gatling. I just left the scoped rifle there on my run with Thomas though. Either way, go down and into the shack on the floor. Do the dual concentration mode and try to take out as many of the 5 guys outside as you can. Fall back and use this door for cover though. Ray should pick the Gatling back up and just hammer away at everyone around here. Thomas should just lean out and pick people off. Once you kill another 6 or 7 men, jump onto a horse and ride away. Some snipers will start taking pop shots at you. Just break into a gallop and run away until your brother tells you that they stopped. Ride forward to the last star and end the chapter.

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