Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 8 - Defending the Farm and Killing a Gang

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 8 - Defending the Farm and Killing a Gang
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This one is just another set of missions for you to earn some extra money. There’s a superb classic rifle in the gun store for Thomas. That’s the best you can get, so it’s a good idea to earn a bit and see if you can buy it. There are also superb versions of all the early pistols and a prime volcanic gun. I suggest you go ahead and pick up one of the volcanic guns now. It’s one of the best pistols in the game. Some enemies will drop basic ones in the next mission though, so it isn’t that essential.

Killing Jim Peters

Reward: $100

Let’s start with the fairly boring one. It’s just a standard raid. If you aren’t good at these by now, then I’m not sure how you’re still alive. Jump on a horse and ride pretty far down the center lane. It’s a fairly boring ride. 4 lookouts jump out from behind rocky outcroppings. Just come to a stop and shoot them in the head. You should have a decent pistol by now.

Ride forward and down the long lane until you get to the fort. This is another standard entry. Ray blows open the door. Thomas lassos up into the fort. Snipe the guy on the windmill and then do what you have to do to get inside.

From that point on, it’s pretty simple. Get behind something and start clearing out the 2 yards. This first yard has about 8 men in it. There is a rifleman on the shack and on the distanct barn. Take them out and then start firing from cover to take out the rest. None of them are too well armed, so it’s not a real challenge.

Advance into the next yard. Kill the 2 men climbing onto the barn and get ready for a bit of a fight. The door should be open to the back area. It’s an ambush zone though. Advance carefully and kill the guard on the left. Then use the door for cover and kill the other 3 on the right. Advance to the barn. Kill the last man hiding by the entrance and get an early kill on the sniper looking out the upper window. Then go inside.

Kill the 2 men on the low level by firing at point blank range. Look up to kill any stragglers above. Go to the top to make sure and trigger the star. You can grab a rusty volcanic gun now if you want. It’s at the top. Go back down once you hear all the dogs howling. Jim Peters is waiting for you. Just kill him in the duel. You should be good at these easier duels by now. Ride back to the store. Go ahead and help the settler kill the 2 outlaws. Then just go back and get another mission.

Regulators Needed

Reward: $100

Take a long ride out to the farm. Keep an eye on the rocks to the left. 2 very accurate snipers pop up. Nail them both and continue to the farm. Ride up to Mr. Freeman near the dead gunslinger. This is actually a straightforward mission, so don’t worry to much. Snipes really is the bad guy.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Defending the Farm in Chapter 8 is Easy from the Balcony

Go into the house and up to the second balcony. Take cover and start firing at the raiders as they come up to the house. The first wave focuses on the front. Just keep shooting them down. If you start to take fire, duck and wait for a few seconds. Freeman is helping, so they should go back to shooting at him. Turn to the right to get part of the second wave. They’ll come from the right and the front for a brief bit. The next wave hits the left side. It’s signaled by a rifleman climbing onto the left barn. Turn and shoot him. Then kill the 4 men in the yard. That should be about it. Kill any stragglers and wait for the next mission. It’s time to rescue Rebecca.

Ride out and go to Snipes’ hideout. Get behind the rock at the front and use it for cover to kill the 5 men on the ground. Then advance and kill the next man on the left. Open the door and take out the man inside. Go up the steps and open the door to trigger the duel. Take out Snipes to wrap up the mission. Ride out to the store. Stop to help a settler kill 3 bandits, then go back and get your next mission.

Working on the Railroad

This is actually good practice for some future fights with the natives. Ride out along the road and stop to help a settler kill 2 armed natives. Then ride a little further to come to the railroad post. Report in with the foreman and just wait for a moment. The guard on the watchtower will open fire. After about 10 shots he’ll be hit with an arrow and fall. That’s your cue.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Defending the Railroad Requires a Keen Eye on the Forests

Get behind the central wood pile and just hold your ground. The other guards actually do help, so your experience will vary a bit. Just keep your eyes forward and pick them off as they climb over the fence. Watch the central rock and the barn to the right. Riflemen climb up a few times if they make it. Also watch your right side. They occasionally flank you. I counted about 10-15, but the other guards might have got some before I spotted them.

You’ll get a signal when this raid is over. You have to cross the bridge now. Carefully sprint down the center bridge. You naturally don’t want to fall off. When you make it to the other side, be very careful. Draw your weapons and watch the trees for more natives. They also start using bows, so you can’t just listen for the shots. Advance and kill any of the men on either side. There should just be 3 or 4. They are also facing away from you, so it’s really just shooting fish in a barrel. Get up to the next group of workers and get behind a wood pile again. Just repeat your last stand. Don’t let any riflemen set up on the rocks in front of you and watch out for arrows from the right. Other than that, just kill another 10 or 15 to finish the job. Run back across and grab a horse. Then just head back again.


You can now either ride back to the gun store or go down the fairly long valley to get to your brothers. Once you find them, talk to them and head toward the meeting. Use the climbing trick and then follow the narrow path up to the building on the cliff. You’ll get a cutscene when you come out into the sun and spot the large cabin.

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