Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Raiding the Mine

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Raiding the Mine
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Finding Devlin

Well, this was the cinematic from the opening. Be ready for a one heck of a fight though. This is a real pain to describe. Just start moving down the ramp. Thomas is practically built for this early part. He’ll dominate even as an AI. If you’re Thomas, then just hang back and snipe as you move down the ramps. Curl around the ramp and kill the last 2 guards in the camp. Ray needs to be a bit more aggressive. Move down while Thomas keeps them suppressed. Get to close range and use the pistols on any survivors.

Go down the only path into the mine and wait for the 2 lookouts to run for cover in fear. It’s time for a real fight. Ray can dominate in the close quarters of the mining town thanks to his dual pistols and shotgun. Thomas is going to have some problems. Try to stick with your pistol or use the rifle like a shotgun at point blank range. Clear out the 12 or so guards in the town. There’s no real trick to this. Just move carefully from building to building, check corners, and stick close to your brother. You’ll have them cleared out in no time. There’s a neutral thug running a gun shop out of a wagon in the back right of the camp. There are some “prime” condition rifles for Thomas and a few good pistols. Stock up if you want Head up the mining path with your brother when you’re ready.

Just follow this linear path through the canyon until you get to the main town. Step in until Devlin comes out.

Chasing Devlin

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Killing Devlin’s Guards is Easy from the Right Cover

Once the conversation ends, get behind the wagon and shoot the 2 guards by the doors. Then take out the sharpshooter on each balcony and the rifleman who breaks the center window. Keep an eye on the balconies and advance when your brother gives you the all clear. Go up to the door to start a dual concentration mode. This is a pretty standard shootout. There are 3 thugs on the left and 1 on the right. Just gun them down and rush after Devlin. Kill the 1 thug guarding the steps and shoot the next 2 watching the hallway. There isn’t much cover here, so be quick. Kill another guard on the balcony and jump out the window. There’s a bit of a split here.

The Split - Thomas

Use the rope and swing over to the other side of the balcony. Drop down and approach the gate. Watch out for any guards that Ray might not get. The big tower falls down and blocks the gate. Talk to Ray through the wreckage and head off to your own path. Move into the canyon while Ray takes the low rode.

Go along the path and watch for the guards on the left. Get onto the scaffolding and pull out your rifle. Take cover and shoot the 2 guards firing at you from the scaffolding to the left. Then shoot the 2 guards on the ground. Take out the last guard on the middle level by the shack, if he comes out. Swing across the scaffolding to the next area. Rush forward and get behind the wood plank covering the rail. This is the best cover up here. Shoot the 2 guards on the other side of the canyon. Then take out the guard on the ground. Wait a moment to see if any stragglers are around. If it’s safe, swing across the gap in the scaffolding. Be very careful though. The rope barely carries you across. Make sure you are over it before you let go. Climb up the ledge and run down the path to the next mining area. You should see Devlin running away. Shoot the 3 guards he leaves behind and then move down along the path. There should be one heck of a grand entrance by Ray as you approach the mine exit.

The Split - Ray in the Mines

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Visibility Isn’t Great in the Mine, so Ray Will Have to Be Careful

Make sure that Thomas can get past you and then take out your pistols. You need to kill the 3 guys over by the explosives depot. Wait for the big tower to collapse as Thomas tries to unlock the gate. Talk to him to form your next plan. You get to clear out the mine path. Go forward and kick open the door to the gate. Take cover by the entrance to the mine and kill the 5 men guarding the entrance. There is plenty of cover here, so just take your time and pick them off with a pistol. Enter the mine.

Go in and grab some more dynamite from the explosives chest if you need it. Blow up either one of the blockades to get further into the mine. I suggest the one on the right, since it gives you a little bit more of a flanking path. Swing around and kill the 5 men on the scaffolding and clear your next area. Grab more dynamite from the nearby chest if you need it. Blow up the blockade and get further into the mine. Quickly kill the few guards around this area and watch for the large explosions. Once the bandits press the detonators, you have to run out as fast as you can. Sticking around too long will kill you. Chase after the 3 bandits and get out of the tunnel to reunite with Thomas.

Catching Devlin

Advance along the path slowly. Let your brother go ahead and come under sniper fire. They will stay behind to distract him while you go up the path. If you’re Thomas, then you should probably stop at the first gap in the rocks and snipe the sniper in the tower. If you’re Ray then you should go all the way to the top and shoot the sniper from the cover of the rocks. Go down the stairs and flank the guards in the raised section. Go forward until you come to the stairs and meet back up with your brother.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Killing The Sniper Isn’t That Hard Once You Flank Him

Go up and get behind the barrel. Shoot the 3 guards moving down to meet you. Go up another level and shoot the guard up here too. Advance forward into the canyon until you come to the next mining camp.

This is just one long gunfight and there isn’t a lot of specific instruction that I can give. Just remember to use cover and use your concentration mode to keep moving forward. You start out in the little camp area. Just shoot the first 5 guards and move into the main mining operation. Punch through this next ground area and look for the stairs up to the next level. Turn and look for a catwalk above you. Shoot the thug on top before he takes you out with dynamite, then get behind a crate and pick off the rest. Move forward a bit more to the higher level of the camp. There’s another 3 guys here. Take them out. Then move outside to the last grouping. Shoot the man in the tower on the left before he throws his dynamite. Then kill the next few guards and get into the next canyon. This should trigger the duel.

You just have to take out Devlin’s bodyguard. This actually isn’t too bad, and I personally thought it was a bit easier than the Rattler. Just keep your hand close to your gun and outdraw him. You should have a good understanding of it by now. Once the bodyguard is dead, you can just watch the last cutscene.

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