Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Chasing the Rattler

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Chasing the Rattler
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The Saloon and Onwards

Things start off with a good old saloon gunfight. The bar makes for great cover, so just stay behind here and shoot the 8 or so guys in the bar. Your brother usually helps a lot, so just try

to pick off as many as you can. Do keep an eye on the balcony though. The thugs up there are in a great position to get a few easy shots. Your brother tells you to move out when they are all dead. Go to the door for a dual concentration mode.

I usually mess up the concentration mode. This one doesn’t seem to matter as much though. The thugs are really spread out. Try to kill the 5 or 6 guys in the street. If you miss any, then use the doorway as cover and lean out into the street. Keep shooting to clear the street. The pistols work well. If you bought Ray a shotgun before, then it’s pretty good too. Thomas' rifle is naturally quite effective. Take out the 2 sharpshooters on the roof and move out into the street. Watch for 1 more sharpshooter on the next building on the right. Your vision shifts to show the Rattler dragging Marisa own the alley. That’s obviously your next target.

Chasing Marisa

Go down the alley and shoot the 4 men who run out to meet you at the boxes. Watch out for any lamps that they might throw. The fight doesn’t get easier if you are on fire. Take them out from the cover of the crates and move forward a bit more. Quickly turn to shoot the 2 sharpshooters on the roof. They do throw dynamite, so be careful and keep moving. Run forward or backward to escape any blasts. You do not want to get caught in a dynamite explosion while under fire from the other sharpshooter. Go up the stairs with Thomas once they’re dead. You’ll stop to scold William for following you. Just keep going once you regain control.

Do the climbing trick again. Have Thomas go up and pull Ray onto the scaffolds. Move over to the street and shoot the one guy behind the sandbags. Turn down the street and do some more shooting. Nothing too fancy here. There are just a few more guys. One usually drops a shotgun, so grab it if Ray doesn’t have one. Advance to the next star and scold William again. Go up the steps and poke your head out to draw some sniper fire to trigger the next event.


Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - You’ll Move Through These Streets Throughout Chapter 4

Things split off right here.


If you are Thomas, then jump up to the scaffolds. Work your way around the scaffolding to flank the snipers' perch. Use the rope to get up to the roof. Make sure your pistol is fully loaded before you go up. Shoot the three snipers in the back and drop back down to reunite with Ray.


Ray has it a bit more interesting. You are supposed to cover Thomas. This is quite difficult though. One shot was usually enough to kill me, so it was hard to stay out for long. I just leaned out from the wall with a pistol in hand and took one out at a time working from left to right. If you kill all three, then Thomas just stops and rejoins.

Rescuing Marisa

Go forward and get to the next square. The Rattler should come out and challenge you to a duel. This one is a big step up in difficulty from the marshal, so it might take you a few tries. Just make sure you keep your hand close to your gun and be ready for a very quick bell. Surprisingly, William is actually useful. Follow him into the alley to start moving toward the church. Kill the 4 or 5 guys guarding it. You should be good at using cover in these environments by now. Just watch out for lamps and use a box or wall for cover.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Taking Out These Thugs is Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Go to the next market area. Shoot the 3 guys near the center when you enter. There’s one more behind you and on the left. Shoot him as he runs out. Then take out the 2 thugs coming through the stone gates. Advance forward further to the next square. Keep an eye out for any more stragglers. There’s a gun shop over to the side if you want to upgrade a bit. There isn’t much good stuff in there though. The only really nice upgrade is the bow here. There’s not much for Ray unless you just need more dynamite.

Go ahead to the main street and swing around to the next alley. It’s just another repeat of the past few alleys. Kill the 4 thugs and advance to the next square and watch Marisa make a run for it. If you’re Thomas, then just snipe the three guys by the wagon. Ray will have to advance with his pistol suppressing the guys by the wagon. Turn and get into the Church to finally reunite with Marisa.

Go back and take up a position for the dual concentration mode. There are about 5 scattered men in the courtyard. Take out as many as you can and then just get ready for a long defense. Use the doorway for cover and shoot anyone that enters the courtyard. They mainly come over the right wall and the left wall. I counted about 8 more in the attack. Just stay behind cover and keep firing until you see the series of explosions below the gate. Just hang on and shoot the last fleeing thug while you wait for your new ally to come up to the gate.

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