Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 2 Walkthrough - Killing in the Cornfields

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 2 Walkthrough - Killing in the Cornfields
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Lighting a Fire Under You

It’s time for your training on Thomas and training for the basics of the teamwork in this game. Start moving along the road and enjoy

Thomas’ fancy shooting. You get to try out his concentration mode on the next group of vultures. Not much to it really. Just keep pulling the mouse back. Try it again on the three soldiers who come to investigate. Make sure you pick up one of their rifles. Thomas is an expert marksman. Move toward the burning barn and snipe the two soldiers outside. Run forward with Ray to Mr. Johnson’s house.

Grab a bucket of water from the spot near the well. Splash the water on the door to put out the fire. Try to open the door. Ray will have to run up and break it open. Wait for Mr. Johnson to recover and run off. Step up to his stable to get your training in the dual concentration mode. It’s just a cow though. You can shoot it if you want, but there’s no real benefit. Just get used to the feel of it. You’ll use this mode a lot.

The Union Firing Line

Jump up onto the next level and give Ray a boost. Wait for him to break up the wood scrap and then drop down through the opening onto the floor. Look out to see the Union soldiers shooting at a fleeing Mr. Johnson. Move up along the left side and take cover by the wagon. Use your rifle from this cover to pick off at least 5 of the Union soldiers. Move along the houses and shoot at the stragglers. There are usually 2 groups of 2 soldiers left. The rifle isn’t that effective at close range, so be careful and stick close to Ray.

You can take the time to explore the houses. There are several money bags inside along with 2 secrets. You usually just go in through the roofs or shoot out a window. The reward is fairly inconsequential though, since the minor cash doesn’t give you much toward a real upgrade.

When you’re ready, go back along the main road and find Mr. Johnson’s body. Wait a second for the Gatling gun to open fire on Thomas and Ray. Jump over the fence and follow Ray into the cornfield. Stick close and wait for him to stop and tell you to flank the Gatling. There’s going to be a problem though.

Fun in the Cornfield

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - The Cornfield Has a Surprisingly Good Sniper’s Perch

You need to take out the six Union soldiers before they find Ray. This isn’t much of a time limit though. I got lost for 2 minutes on my first successful run, so I wouldn’t worry about them actually finding him before you take them out.

Move along the left side and stay crouched. The real secret is that you don’t have to stay crouched. You can safely pop up for a second to see where the soldiers are. If you duck down fast enough, then they won’t hit you with the volley. This is crucial for finding the left flank of the horseshoe of soldiers.

Once you make it to the soldier on the left, go over and behind him slightly. Use the auto aimed knives to take him out. They usually die in one hit, but be ready to throw more if they don’t die. Just roll up the line. If you stay crouched, then they shouldn’t see you. Once the last one dies, Ray will jump up to figure out the next part.

Walk with him until the soldiers set the field on fire. Follow Ray’s advice and run up to the big tree. Grab the coil of rope on the ground by the dead soldier. Look at the tree to spot a little red attachment circle through the two big branches. Throw your rope and pull yourself up and into the tree. Take out your rifle and aim at the star. Hold it steady until the crosshair turns red and the Gatling gunner is in your sights. Take the shot. Jump down and run up to the gunner’s position with Ray.

A Long Trip Home

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - The Union Soldiers Eventually Run Away from the Shooting Gallery

Another 4 soldiers are in the field with about 6 on the road. Push forward alongside Ray and try to shoot the men in the field as quickly as possible. You need to get up to the rocks. That’s the only cover in the field. Ray should help a lot actually. Once the men in the field are dead, run to the Gatling gun and turn it on the men by the road. They should start running away soon. Feel free to shoot them in the back. Leave the gun and jump onto the left horse while Ray takes the right. Then ride down the road to your farm. Your horse always dies as you approach the gate, so be ready to be tossed off. Try to shoot the 3 gate guards as you approach. Once they’re dead, go up to the gate with Ray and get ready for one last real push.

You have to clear out this one lone path. The little markers and the trees make great cover. Just use them and your concentration mode to push through the 10 soldiers taking up positions along the line. The only real tricky part is that one usually runs down the right side behind the trees. He can ambush you if you aren’t careful. Other than that, just keep picking off soldiers and advance to the fountain square.

Go forward and take up a position by the gate to survive the first cannon shot. You need to clear out the guards and neutralize the cannon before you can go further. Rush forward after the first shot and get to the fountain. Aim at the cannon and shoot the gunner. Then kill the other 2 men on the porch to permanently silence that cannon. The roof snipers and the guard in the window respawn. Just try to kill them all quickly and rush to the doors with Ray. Use the dual concentration mode and shoot the 5 men inside. There are 3 on the right and 2 on the left. They are perfectly lined up too. It should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Take Back Your Home

Go upstairs but do it backwards. Shoot the two men watching the steps. They aren’t too accurate, but they are still a threat at this range. The pistol should work. Approach the main door to hear the Union soldier’s threat. Ray will open up a side room so that you can flank them. Go through it and carefully jump up to the windowsill. Use the rope on the little rail above you and pull yourself over to the balcony. Drop down and take a position by the door. There are 4 men inside for this dual concentration mode. There are 2 men on each side, you have plenty of time, and they are lined up. Shoot each one of them to trigger the cutscene with William.

Blowing Up A Ferry

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Taking Out Half the Union Army By Yourself

Drop out the back of the house with Ray and William. Go through the yard until a cannonball explodes near you. Rush to the stone fence and take a position where you can lean out. Take out the soldier manning the cannon and then start picking off the 4 or 5 other soldiers left. Rush forward and man the center cannon by the Gatling gun. Turn it around and start firing at the Union ferry coming down the river. Just keep shooting cannonballs into the side until it wrecks. I counted 8 shots, but I think it may also be partially time based.

Once it wrecks, jump onto the Gatling gun to your right. Ray should be using the one of the left. Start shooting all the waves of soldiers that are coming out of the wreck. Keep an eye on the ones in the water. If they make it to shore, then they can flank you. The men on the dock should just take up cover at the end and shoot at Ray. Go ahead and gun them down when you have the chance. Usually after about 3 waves they’ll stop coming and you’ll officially complete the level.

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