Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 3 Walkthrough - Getting to the Stagecoach

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Chapter 3 Walkthrough - Getting to the Stagecoach
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A Duel with the Marshal

This is your first duel, so the game will walk you through it. You might as well get good at them now though. The secret is to manage the two contradicting aspects. You need to keep your opponent centered in the middle of the screen. If they aren’t in the middle, then you won’t even be aiming at them when you draw. Move carefully as your opponent moves.

Your other objective is to keep your hand close to your gun. The best way to do this is to move your hand all the way to the left so that it’s right at your side. Then ease it downward until the gun is about in line with your fingertips. You know that you’ve gone as far as you can go if his hand starts twitching and he curls his fingers. Any further and he’ll pull it away completely and you’ll have to start again. The only real challenge is that the hand drifts as you move, so you’ll have to keep pulling it left as you correct your position.

When the bell rings, move your hand straight down and wait until the crosshairs are over your target. They will move automatically up and over your opponent. Any shot will kill them as long as it hits.

Avoiding the Mob

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Just The First of Many Doors That Ray Must Kick Down

Run straight into the saloon. Your brother will cover you. Get inside and take up a position by the piano. Turn around and shoot the few men who should be firing in through the left window. The pistol is fine for this range. When they set the right side on fire, fall back up the steps and get into the only open room. Wait for your brothers. Go ahead and grab the normal quickshooter here on the desk. It’s probably better than whatever rusty gun you’ve got. Also grab the moneybag off of the chair. It’s usually got a good bit of cash. Once everyone is in the room, you need to kick open the door. If you’re Ray, then go ahead and do it. If you’re Thomas, just walk around for a second until Ray does it.

Go down into the streets and walk along the path with your brothers. There aren’t any enemies here, so don’t worry. There’s a gun shop at the end of the path if you want to upgrade your weapons. If you’re playing as Ray, then I suggest getting some more dynamite and upgrading your pistols. If you’re playing as Thomas, then upgrade your pistols. I don’t think it’s worth the money to get a slightly better rifle right now. Head back out when you’re ready.

Go outside and note that it’s a dead end. Thomas needs to climb up the two stacked boxes along with William and give Ray a boost. Act appropriately for your character. Ray has to kick in the next door. Again, either do it or wait according to your character. There is a secret in the chest in the corner. Open it and grab it while you wait for your brothers to go through the window. Climb out after them and look at the stagecoach.

Stealing the Stagecoach

Your role depends slightly on just who you’re playing.


Ray has a simple task. You just need to go over to the left side of the balcony and shoot all the guys in this corner of the street. Just keep them distracted so that Thomas can grab the stagecoach. There are about 5 guys in the left area and one or two on the street by the stagecoach. Keep them pinned down and wait for Thomas to pull the stagecoach up. Jump down and jump in once he pulls it over.


Your part is also pretty simple. You just have to run out and grab the stagecoach. Ray should keep most of the other guys pinned down, but don’t trust him to keep you alive on the harder difficulties. Lean out and make sure that you shoot the guy across the street by the stagecoach. Then jump down and kill the guy under the balcony. Move out toward the alley covering the stagecoach. Lean out and help Ray finish off the guys here. Jump onto the stage coach to let the scripting take care of everything else. Keep an eye out for any new enemies though.

A Scenic Ride Through Town

You will be riding shotgun for this stagecoach ride and your brother will have the reins. You have an infinite amount of pistol ammo, so don’t hold back. Don’t worry about getting everyone during the stagecoach ride. They aren’t much of a threat, even on hard. Just try to pick a few of them off as you go.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - The Stagecoach Ride Gets Quite Bumpy After Awhile

Two guys will rush out to ambush you in the first corner. Try to take them out. As you approach the barn ahead, a wagon rolls out to block your path. On easier levels, you might not need to jump out just yet. On hard, you’re a sitting duck. Jump out and get to the cover of the boxes. Pick off the five thugs shooting from behind the blockade. It should be no problem if you use cover. Ray needs to try and push the wagon. If you’re Ray, then run up to the red spot and try to push it. No luck. One guy opens the doors of the barn and walks in, so shoot him. Then fall back to the stagecoach. Shoot the two or three guys coming up from behind the barn. Jump back into the stagecoach when you can.

It will swing around and take you for a bit of a ride. Try to pick off a few guys at the next blockade to save yourself a bit of health, but don’t worry too much. You turn off the road and go down the side alley. A concentration section comes ahead. Just nail both of the guys. It shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Ride on through the cattle pen and into the dead end. Try to take out the few guys who rush around the corner, and then hang on for another bumpy ride.

Once you crash into the store, shoot the cashier before he kills you. Ride out onto the main street and hang on. You’ll enter a concentration mode for the next two streets. Try to take out as many of the guys as you can. It doesn’t really matter though, since you will just outrun any survivors. Your brother will slow down and have you get into the carriage of the stagecoach at this point.

A Final Stagecoach Escape

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - The Stagecoach Escape is Easy if The Riders Show Up

Alright, this is actually an easy end to the level. Let’s figure out what your problem might be first. Are you being killed in the carriage by mysterious gunfire at the second turn without a rider in sight? If so, then you are suffering from a nasty bug. For whatever reason, the riders just don’t show up like they’re supposed to if you have set the graphical settings high. Go into the menu, go to the video section of the settings, hit the “Best Performance” button to set everything to the lowest level except your resolution. Then restart the game and reload your level. The riders should actually pull into range of the stagecoach now. No more mysterious deaths while you wait in the carriage. If this still doesn’t work, then play as Ray and wait until after the first turn. Then throw short-fused dynamite out the right side and pray it records a kill. Alternate sides and pray that you can outlast the invisible riders.

The actual fight is easy if it works right. Just turn to the right and shoot the first two riders. If you are Ray, then this is really easy thanks to the auto aim on his dual pistols and his option for dynamite. Thomas’ hunting rifle is pretty good though, so you won’t have much trouble either way. Just aim at the rider or the horse to kill the first two riders on the right. Then get the next two. They usually come up on the left. Then you should have another steady group approaching on the right. They start to really build in numbers. Keep firing to prevent 6 or more bunching up on the right side. Dynamite on a short fuse works well here. Then just keep picking off the stragglers to finish the level. When you see dynamite explosions, you’re home free.

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