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    • Atlantica Beginners Guide Part 1
      Atlantica is a new free to play MMORPG that can look extremely intimidating to players just joining the MMO. This article will help to get you familiar with the MMO in such a way that you can just dive right in and start enjoying the game.
    • Atlantica Online Class Overview
      Decide on the best weapon for you to wield in Atlantica Online when selecting a class.
    • Atlantica Beginners Guide - Combat, Loot, and Experience
      In our last guide, I went over the basics of how to create your character, how to add mercenaries to your group, how to find and complete quests, and a little bit about how the combat system works. This part will finish up on the basics of the game so you can get in and play!
    • Atlantica Online - Introduction to Guilds
      Guilds can make or break any game, especially when it is an MMORPG. MMORPGs are known for their social environment and without the social interaction, MMORPG might not be as popular as they are. Joining a guild is a great way to meet new people and learn new things about the game.
    • Atlantica Online - Crafting Basics
      Crafting in Atlantica online can be a mysterious and complex process. Unlike other MMORPGs there is not a straight forward process. There are no patterns that drop from mobs and you are not restricted to one or two crafting professions.
    • Atlantica Online Class Guide: Swordsman
      One of the most versatile early mercenaries in Atlantica Online, the Swordsman is a heavy tanking class with some highly useful magical abilities. In this in-depth guide to the Swordsman class, we go into detail on how to craft a powerful Swordsman mercenary and use him to the best of your ability.
    • Atlantica Online PC Game Review
      Journey to the lost land of Atlantis in this massive multiplayer online game. Fans of Final Fantasy will love Atlantica Online. Search the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and other wonders of the world for clues. Battle alongside your crew of mercenaries to save the Earth.
    • Atlantica Online - Artilleryman Stats & Equipment
      What do the stats on the Artilleryman class in Atlantica Online tell us about the capabilities of the class? In this analysis of the Artilleryman's statistics, we'll give you a more complete understanding of the capabilities of this offensively powerful mercenary class. Equipment is also outlined.
    • Atlantica Online - Artilleryman - Class Overview
      The Artilleryman is a class uniquely suited to raining damage down upon the enemy formation in Atlantica Online, particularly as a main in some late game PvP builds. In this in-depth guide to the Artilleryman class, we give you the full report on using an Artilleryman to his fullest potential.
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