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Scenarios are just like instances and dungeons in other MMORPG games. These are specific areas in WAR that are objective based, like battlefields, but they are evenly matched between sides and are usually located in the specific RvR zones of each Tier. Scenarios are usually really fast-paced struggles and many of them can be running at the same time. Although there are 30 scenarios in the game at launch, there are plans for more as the game progresses, so with new expansions and patches, you can expect more of these special areas in RvR areas.

Each different scenario in the game has a different set of rules, including a time limit, the winning conditions, number of players from each side, and more. When one side wins the scenario, they will earn the maximum number of points for that specific area, even though the side that loses will also earn points as well.

When players get close to a scenario in an RvR zone, they are pulled out of the normal game and put into a “lobby”, or waiting area for the scenario. Once there are evenly matched groups for the scenario, then both sides are placed in the area and the scenario begins.

Now, players can enter into these scenarios when they either get close enough to one to go in, or by queuing the scenario window in their user interface for the game. You can also gather up a group of up to 6 people, and enter it that way, which is a great way to gain more points if you play with the same group or a group of friends that you are familiar with their skills and playing style. When you enter a group or yourself in the scenario window, when an opening comes up, you will be pulled from your current position and put into the scenario. And, when you have completed the scenario - you are transported back.

Warhammer Online Scenario Basics

Here are the basics for the scenarios in Warhammer Online:

  • They end after 15 or 20 minutes.
  • They are scored on a 500 point scale, and doing specific things, like killing enemy players will add to your realm’s score.
  • When one side has the majority of the points at the end of the scenario, they win. Or if a team gets to 500 points first, that team wins.
  • Scenarios all have a special resurrection timer, which will control how fast, or slow, you are able to come back unless one of the members of your group resurrects you.
  • These scenarios are designed to put you against other players on your level. Those that are lower level will get a good buff to help you out.

When you go into a scenario, the different realms will be identified by colors: red is Destruction, white is Neutral, and blue is Order. In the next part to this mini guide, we will go through skirmishes and what they are.

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