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What is RvR Play In Warhammer Online?

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Curious what RvR stands for when it comes to the new MMO game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning? Well, here is your guide to RvR play.

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    RvR is Easy Cheese

    When it comes to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, RvR is one of the main ways that you will earn points, gain reputation, and add to your stash of loot since you can loot player corpses in this MMORPG. But, what if you aren't familiar with what RvR is? How do you do it? How do you play it? What do you get for it? Well, here is all you need to know about RvR play in Warhammer Online.

    RvR stands for Realm versus Realm play, which is basically PvP (player versus player) combat in the game itself. RvR play is only done against players of the opposing faction, such as the Oathbearers (Dwarves) and the Bloody Sun Boyz (Orcs); so basically good versus evil. Every zone has special areas that are designated for PvE and RvR combat, and right now the zones are about 80% PvE and 20% RvR in the Tier 1 zones, and it moves up to 20% PvE and 80% RvR play in the Tier 4 zones.

    Now, in other MMORPG games, RvR play means that an entire realm will battle against another entire realm, as normally a realm means one whole server or continent in the game. But, in WAR, RvR play is done both individually and as a realm, with the same types of honor, or renown, points and rewards system as in other MMORPG games. This makes WAR unique and a bit more interesting in the fact that you can solo RvR. So, in WAR, when you talk about RvR play, it means PvP (player versus player) play.

    For those who don't like to PvP, you can play WAR and actually not RvR. Or, if you are the opposite and you love PvP play, you can completely play the whole game without ever PvE playing. So, no matter what type of player you are, you can tailor your WAR gameplay to however you prefer to game. One of the fun things about playing RvR play in WAR, is that you can loot the player that you have killed for money and gear. Now, if you are the one killed, you do not lose any of your money or items. The loot is generated in the same way that it is when you PvE play. So, you aren't actually getting any of the other player's stuff, just random loot drops.

    To start RvR play, you have to go into one of the RvR areas in your Tier, or zone. When you go into that area, there will be a warning indicator that will tell you a timer has started and it will begin counting down. When the timer reaches "0", you are then flagged for RvR (PvP) play and you can now be attacked by enemy players; you can attack them as well. When you are ready to head back to the normal PvE areas, you simply head back and another timer will start. When that timer hits "0", you are then unflagged for RvR play.

    So, you can now freely move about without worrying that other players will attack you. This is done so that enemy players cannot cross the borders into other Tiers and gank you without warning or you being able to retaliate against them. Now, you can choose to remain in RvR status, which means that when enemy players choose to cross into your zones, you can RvR against them. But, those who are not flagged cannot be attacked.

    One funny thing about WAR is that when a higher level player enters a much lower level Tier to engage in RvR play, they are turned into a chicken or "chaos chicken" with only 1 hit point and one ability, which is to "peck" and that only does 1 damage to any player that they come across. This is to prevent higher level players ganking lower level players, which is not considered cool in any MMORPG game.