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Warhammer Online: Grinding Areas Pt 4: Tier 3 Zones for the Oathbearers and the Bloody Sun Boyz

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

When it comes to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the Tier 3 zones have some great grinding areas as well for higher level players. Here is your grinding guide to the Tier 3 zones for the Oathbearers and the Bloody Sun Boyz.

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    Tier 3 = Black Fire Pass (The Oathbearers Zone)

    For the Oathbearers, this is your third tier zone, and it sits where the Black Mountains and the World's Edge Mountains meet. This is a snowy valley that is really the only pass between the Empire and the southern lands. Since it is so important to the travel of both the Empire and the Destruction forces, there are constant battles here.

    Because this is a tier 3 area, and such an important one for both sides, there are tons of areas here where you will have both quests and grinding opportunities.

    There is an Orc camp here, where you will do a few quests and you can always grind for some great xp and loot.

    • Orc Camp - here you'll find all the Greenskins that you could possibly want to grind upon for good loot. While they are squishy mobs, and you can easily wipe most of them, especially on the outskirts of the camp, make sure that you are extremely careful or a pretty higher rank, such as from 25+, to hit the inner workings of the camp.
    • Abandoned mines near Hindleburg - this are is riddled with mobs, both squishy and a bit harder. You'll find some of the harder mobs will drop better loot, and you will also find that some of the mobs here will give you some great xp as well.
    • Iceridge Forest - there are tons of mobs here, and you will find groups of Gors (Beastmen mobs) that are great grinding material.
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    Tier 3 = Badlands (The Bloody Sun Boyz Zone)

    The third zone for the Bloody Sun Boyz is the Badlands. This area is in the southern area of the world and next to the Marshes of Madness. Here, players will find a dry rocky are that is pretty much dirt and dust. Since this area was also once part of the Mourkain empire, there are plenty of ruins and areas here where players can find, and grind on, some living and undead mobs.

    There are plenty of tribes of Greenskins and Goblins here, so there are plenty of places to rest and restock before you head back out to grind some in the great areas here. The Badlands is probably one of the best grinding areas for the Bloody Sun Boyz.

    • Throughout the tier – all over the area, players will find tons of the following mobs that they can easily grind on: ghouls, Chaos Hounds, and ogres. The ghouls and the ogres are great to grind on for those who love loot and money, and the Chaos Hounds are good grinding for those who want meat and other loot along with their xp. All of these three mobs are found throughout the area, and there are plenty of them to grind upon.
    • Mount Gunbad – this mountain is where you can find numerous mobs of Night Goblins to grind on here that are great squishy mobs that drop money and loot. Here, you'll also find a high level dungeon for PvE players.
    • Tar Pools – here is a great place to grind on squishy mobs that will drop money and loot.
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    Tier 3 Maps for the Oathbearers and the Bloody Sun Boyz

    Black Fire Pass - Oathbarers Tier 3 ZoneBadlands - Bloody Sun Boyz Tier 3 Zone

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