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Warhammer Online: Grinding Areas Pt 3: Tier 2 Zones for the Oathbearers and the Bloody Sun Boyz

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

When it comes to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the Tier 2 zones are great for grinding in. Here is your grinding guide to the Tier 2 zones for the Oathbearers and the Bloody Sun Boyz.

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    Tier 2 = Barak Varr (The Oathbearers Zone)

    The second tier zone for the Oathbearers is Barak Varr. This is a Dwarf fortress and major Dwarf seaport from the Old World and covers levels 12 – 21. The area is located at the eastern point of the Black Gulf, and is lined with lighthouses that help the Dwarven ships make their way along the choppy seas to the Sea Gate, where they can sail smoothly into the Great Cove.

    The Great Cove provides haven for the Dwarven ships and merchants that dare to sail the Black Gulf. In the Great Cove, the awesome Dwarven Ironclads are built and players will see these everywhere in the Cove. You will find that you can get many quests to defend the harbor here and those who sail among it.

    • Bar Dawazbak - this are is the Dwarf head gate that sits at the entrance to the Great Cove. Here, you will not only find quests to help rid the area of the Greenskins that have invaded and are trying to besiege the port, but you will find some awesome grinding around the cliffs as well. There are Greenskins all over here, and they are easy kills. Just make sure that you don't aggro too much here, as the area is concentrated with them and you can easily aggro too many.
    • Black Gulf Lighthouse - while you will do several quests here, the concentration of both Greenskins and animal mobs here are great to grind on while you quest. While this area is not quite as full as others, it is a great area to grind in as you quest your way up toward rank 21.
    • Hammerhead Lagoon - yet another area in this zone that is filled with Greenskins and other mobs that are loyal to the orcs. You will find plenty to grind on here as well, although I would not recommend staying here too long, as right now the respawn rate is a bit slow.
    • Bitterleaf Forest - while you won't do too many quests here right now, it is always good to explore this area and grind a bit. There are a ton of animal mobs here that are easy kills and will bring in some good loot that you can sell to vendors for cash.
    • Greenskin Camp - this camp of Greenskins backs up to the Marshes of Madness, so the concentration of Greenskins here is great. You don't really want to hit this area to grind in until you are over rank 18, and even then keep a close eye on your back as the Greenskins spawn pretty quick here.
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    Tier 2 = The Marshes of Madness (The Bloody Sun Boyz Zone)

    The second tier for the Bloody Sun Boyz is the Marshes of Madness. This area is filled with stinky swamps as well as lots of fog that covers that ground. Here is also where the vampires live as well as some weird, but great, creatures for grinding on. This area backs up against the Dragonback Mountains as well as the desert and all of the water from both areas drains here. In the very southern part of the tier is where the lone tower sits where the vampire lord, Kadon, has reawakened and is starting to rebuild his vampire army. There are some good places here in tier two for you to grind in as well.

    • Vampire tower – it is here where you will not only do some quests, but there are plenty of undead vampires for you to grind on as well. The area is littered with mobs and is a great place to grind.
    • Bittersand Swamp – there are River Trolls that inhabit the waters of the swamp and you can easily find pockets of them all over the zone to grind on. They have a pretty good respawn rate, so it's easy to grind them.
    • Mines – toward the northern areas of the zone, there are mines where there are pockets of Dwarves that are trying to mine the Galbaraz, or Oathgold. This is a good place to grind and get some loot as well.
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    Tier 2 Zone Maps For The Oathbearers And The Bloody Sun Boyz

    Barak Varr - Oathbearers Tier 2 ZoneMarshes of Madness - Bloody Sun Boyz Tier 2 Zone

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