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Warhammer Online: Grinding Areas Pt 2: Tier 1 Zones for the Oathbearers and the Bloody Sun Boyz

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

When it comes to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the Tier 1 zones can be easy to grind in if you know where to go. This part will tell you where to go and give you a map to show you how to get there.

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    Tier 1 = Ekrund (The Oathbearers Zone)

    As an Oathbearer, your starting tier, or zone, is Ekrund. In Ekrund, your ranks (levels) will be from 1-11. This area is full of mines and caverns, and is an extremely important outpost for the Oathbearers, as the Bloody Sun Boyz have overtaken the nearby Mount Bloodhorn and have been trying to move into Ekrund and take over this zone as well. So, your primary quests and objectives will be to help defend the Ekrund against the orcs and other mobs. But, aside from these quests, there are several areas that will be great for you to grind in to help you level and get some loot that you can sell for cash.

    • Goldfist's Hole - this is the largest sinkhole in Ekrund, located in the southwestern corner of the zone, and an area that still draws the Dwarves to it in search of gold and gems. There are tons of squishy mobs around here that will drop decent loot for the level that you are on. You will want to make sure that you pay attention while you are grinding here though, as you can easily aggro too many mobs without meaning to and find yourself overwhelmed. It is really easy to grind here and up your level while you are doing quests. Around the hole, you'll be grinding on Greenskins, which can be orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, snotlings, or gnoblars. This race of mob in the game are a barbaric group that bother all of the civilized cultures, not just the Dwarves.
    • Tomb o'the Ancients - this series of Dwarven burial chambers is located to the extreme south in Ekrund. There are many mobs to grind here, but you need to be extremely careful as you do so or be a bit higher level than when you grind here, such as around rank 7-9. Here you will find more wonderful Greenskins, as well as ghosts and spirits.
    • Greenskin area - this is to the very east of the zone and there are tons of Greenskins here to grind on. You will find that from rank 5 on up, you can grind here and easily level quickly with some good loot to show for it.
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    Tier 1 = Mt. Bloodhorn (The Bloody Sun Boyz Zone)

    Mount Bloodhorn is the Tier 1 zone, or starting zone, for the Orcs and the Goblins who fight against the Oathbearers in Warhammer. The mountain itself sits in the Dragonback Mountains and is a massive mountain that is clearly distinct from the others around it. There are several Greenskin tribes that make up the Waaagh!, and these tribes have recently gathered all over the slopes of the mountain, and built their camps here to begin to build themselves up. On the mountain is where they build their war machines and train the squigs. In this first tier for the Bloody Sun Boyz, there are several good grinding areas:

    • Sharpthorn Forest - this area is filled with mobs called Dryads which are spirits of the forest. There are also some other great squishy mobs here that make for easy grinding and easy xp.
    • Bloodhammer Falls – there is an area to the west of the falls that is filled with mobs that are great for grinding for xp. They do drop some loot, but since this is a starting tier, it's not very good.
    • Snotwood – this is also a great grinding area for squishy animal mobs. And, up to the north of Snotwood, you will also find some great xp grinding mobs as well.
    • Old Sharpthorn Rock Mine – this is an ok grinding area, there are some good mobs here but you need to be careful until you are about level 8 or so.
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    Labeled Maps For Both Tier 1 Zones

    Ekrund (Oathbearers Tier 1 Zone)Mt. Bloodhorn (Bloody Sun Boyz Tier 1 Zone)

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