Warhammer Online Engineer RvR Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies Page 1

Warhammer Online Engineer RvR Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies Page 1
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General Engineer Tips

As an engineer, your playstyle will be deciced mostly by your choice of mastery, but there are some things that are universal no matter what you play. Your turret is a significant portion of your DPS, so whenever possible, have it out. This works well when defending points, trying to hold a flag, or locking down a chokepoint, like the area near the artifact in Mourkain Temple. Favor the turret that your mastery benefits, but use what is best for the situation. Use your tactical abilities wisely - use barbed wire to slow down runners, or save your own, or stop a flag rush. Use Point Blank to remove dangerous enemies from the situation or buy your healers breathing room. Always have Flak Jacket on, unless you are too pressed for time to use it. And no matter which mastery you play, target enemies in this order: Healers, RDPS, MDPS, Tanks.

RvR Strategies: Path of the Grenadier


The path of the grenadier is arguably the engineer’s most powerful mastery. The combination of high damage AoE DoTs and a cheap, efficient AoE debuff means that you can rack up huge numbers. Throw frag grenade, acid bomb and sticky bomb on large groups of enemies and watch the damage tick. Use flash bomb to shut down healers and casters and fire bomb to finish them off. You will have to play up close to make the best use of your grenades, so make sure you know how to use addling shot, barbed wire and point blank to the best of your ability. Pick up the throwing arm tactic to give yourself a ranged edge and the extra powder tactic to increase your DPS. A good strategy with grenadier is to sneak around to the back so you can lay the hurt on destruction’s weaker healers and ranged DPS. Napalm is one of your best abilities - use it in chokepoint and watch your enemies suffer. It is also extremely useful in castle sieges. If you throw it onto the ram and combine it with the oil siege engine, you can lay waste to the besieging army with ease.

RvR Strategies: Path of the Rifleman

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As a rifleman, you don’t have the same awe-inspiring DPS as a grenadier, but you have much better single target DPS. Set up your Gun Turret as often as you can because it’s debuff increases your damage by reducing armor. Focus fire on the enemies' healers, throwing incendiary rounds and signal flare on them, then DPSing them down with gun shot (or Focused Fire if you have reached 40). Unshakeable focus almost guarantees you a kill, so use it as often as you can. You want to be as close to max range as you manage whenever possible, as this gives you the most leeway in escaping from approaching MDPS. Use the terrain to your advantage - take the high points, or hide behind obstacles, or in foliage, to give yourself an edge. You also have a few tricks up your sleeve to use in times of stress: use crack shot to disarm approaching MDPS, or Hip Shot (combined with the Stopping Power tactic) to knock them away. Snipe is absolutely fantastic for taking down fleeing enemies or low health casters - use it wisely.

RvR Strategies: Path of the Tinkerer


The tinkerer is the most support based engineer mastery, but it can be extremely powerful if used correctly. It has some of the best AoE abilities with flame turret and lightning rod, making the tinkerer an excellent flag defender, especially when combined with utility abilities like land mine and barbed wire. Bugman’s Best, while not a powerful ability, can provide a much needed boost when defending a keep or holding off a horde of enemies in a scenario (and help you farm renown). And once you have access to electromagnet, you become an even more powerful support career. If you have a group of Bright Wizards and healers with good communication, use electromagnet to pull destro together, and watch as your allies tear them to shreds. It is a fantastic way to end sieges and win scenarios.

Final Thoughts

The engineer is not the most powerful RDPS class, with less AoE and overall DPS than the Bright Wizard and less single target ability than the Shadow Hunter, but if played well, he can be easily as powerful as both. Use your AoE’s wisely, and pick your targets intelligently, and you will be one of the most valuable and useful members of your team.

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