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Warhammer Online: Tier 2 Scenarios

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In Tier 2, there are three scenarios that you can enter as well to enjoy some RvR action in Warhammer Online. Here you'll find the basics of these scenarios that you need to know.

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    Stonetroll Crossing

    This Tier 2 scenario is a 12 vs 12 King of the Hill scenario where each side will be trying to get to the central flag. But, not only are you fighting those of the opposing faction, you'll also be fighting against the stone trolls who are really not happy that there are other people in their lands. So, you will have boulders thrown at you, all the time, and when you least expect it. In the scenario, there are several tall pillars that you can hide behind or stand on top of and get people as they go by. The main objective of this scenario is to capture the main flag, and then to take the three other objectives around you. If you have a good team that you are working with, this is one of the best places to earn experience points. You can safely earn over 10,000 experience points in about 6-7 minutes if everyone is working together well.

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    Mourkain Temple

    This Tier 2 scenario is played in the Marshes of Madness and is a Murder Ball scenario. You will be fighting the opposing forces in partially sunken ruins of an old temple for the control of a magical artifact that is in the very middle of the temple. The side that can keep control of the artifact the longest in the scenario wins, and each side will receive 3 points for every 5 seconds that their side has control of the artifact. This is a 15 minute scenario and holds about 10-20 players per side.

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    Phoenix Gate

    This is another capture the flag scenario that offers 15 minutes of RvR fun for any Tier 2 toon you might have. Basically, you get the flag and carry it hom to gain your victory points, and kill other players along the way of course! While there isn't that much good experience earned in this scenario, there are some good Renown points – 600 to be exact. This scenario is 15 minutes as well and holds from 10-20 players.

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